Opening the door Kay stepped into the room, looking around she quickly took in the fixtures and fittings. This will do she thought, better then she had expected.
She had been to plenty of hotel rooms but never a Travel-lodge, why she thought they would be any worse then the others she had no idea.
Kay stepped further into the room looking for items and areas of the room she could use.
Good solid chair, nice large flat seat. Her eyes continue to take in the room, to her right was a dressing table come desk, the chair in front of it, a large double bed to her left, headboard set away from the wall, good. Decent section of wall without anything on it or by it. On the opposite wall a door, must be the on-suite. This will do she thought as she placed a little black bag at the end of the bed.
Kay suddenly realised that something was missing, of course, the client. He did say in this last email that a key would be left at reception and she was to let herself in. He didn’t say whether he would be in the room already or be along later.
Moving to the full length mirror to the right of the dressing table Kay took a good look at herself.
She always liked her figure, five foot eight, weight you never ask a lady that, she thought with a smile. Hair, dyed of course, Mahogany, she loved the colour, mysterious. Smoothing down her red skirt she looked at her white blouse, not to tight but enough to show her breasts and the cream lacy bra underneath. Yes, still looking good at 40, her smile grew bigger. Yes looking good.
Suddenly the door to the on suite bathroom opened, turning round Kay came face to face with the client.
He was about six feet two tall, receding hair, beard. She stopped, that’s new she thought, he didn’t have a beard in this profile image, but that’s alright, I like it.
Her eyes moved over the rest of him, black business suite, brown shoes, white shirt and a purple silk tie.
The client took a step towards her extending his hand, she took it in hers, firm yet soft. They shook hands.
“John.” He said with a smile.
“Kay.” She replied smiling back.
He held onto her hand a fraction longer than was appropriate, then with a little squeeze realised it.
She suddenly felt a tingling sensation in her pussy. Shit, she thought. Never had that before when meeting client.
The feeling left her as quickly as it had appeared. But it’s a feeling she would get again very soon and more as the evening wore on.
“Can I get you a drink?” John asked.
“Yes please.” She replied.
“Red wine alright?” He said as he lightly brushed past her.
The tingling appeared again, this time stronger. Fuck, get a grip, she almost shouted that last thought out loud.
“Yes please.” She said trying to get a hold of herself.
“The money is in the envelope on the left hand bedside table.” He said matter of factly as he poured out two large glasses of wine.
“Thought we’d get the business part of it out the way first.” He continued as he turned to face her with the glasses in his hand. “One hundred pounds in twenty pound notes, as per your instructions.”
Kay picked up the envelope, returning to the end of the bed she placed the envelope into her bag.
Straightening up she found herself looking into his eyes. Blue, had not noticed that before.
“Here.” He said holding out a glass towards her.
“Thank you.” She replied taking the glass from his hand. As she did so his index finger slid down her fingers as she pull away.
She nearly screamed as the tingling sensation double in intensity. What the fuck is wrong with me? she thought to herself. For fuck sake get a hold of yourself.
Quickly she took a large sip of wine, trying to get her thoughts together.
They stood in silence sipping their wine, neither of them speaking, each left to their own thoughts.
Eventually John broke the silence.
“How long have you got? You said in your email that you possible had to leave early.” John looked at her over his glass as he took another sip of wine.
Kay’s mind was still spinning after the feelings she had just had, the last one had just about subsided.
“No, that’s alright.” She replied, struggling to get her thoughts together.
“You are mine for as long as you can bare it.” She said, with more confidence. That’s better, she thought. I’m in control here, and that’s the way it’s going to be.
John nodded, turned and placed his now finished glass of wine on the dressing table. He started to remove his jacket and placed it carefully on the bed, next he removed his tie.
Kay was, for some reason watching him as he undressed, she never did take much notice of her clients, but some how she could not tear her gaze away from him.
She found herself looking at this back, must work out, she thought, looking at his toned shoulders as he removed his shirt and placed it on top of the jacket and tie.
Kay quickly looked away her cheeks flushed. Must be the wine, she thought as she bent down to retrieve her bag and placed it on the bed. Come on get a grip, she said to herself as she looked in her bag, for what she had no idea, but it allowed her time to calm down. This isn’t happening to me, I must get a hold of myself, some wine that might help.
“Can I have another glass of wine?” she asked as she hurriedly finished her drink.
“Sure.” He said turning round to face her, his belt and trousers now undone.
John moved towards her and took the wine glass from her. She braced herself for the touch and resulting sensation, nothing happen, something happen, he didn’t touch her, not even slightly.
Kay just stood there. Why had he not touched me this time, or did I imagine it the first time, no he had touch me before, it was subtle but he did touch me. She could not get her head round this.
Before she had time to collect her thoughts John was standing in front of her with a glass in his hand.
Kay hesitated before she took the glass from him, making sure her hand was nowhere near his.
“Thank you.” she said taking a step backwards so there was no way he could accidentally touch her, if that is what had happen.
She hurriedly drank the wine then placed the glass on the bedside table, as she turned round John had finished undressing, and was standing in front of her.
Kay’s eyes quickly took him in, running down his body. Yes, he works out, not to much but likes to keep fit, at some point he’s been on holiday, hint of a tan.
She stopped as her eyes fell on his cock. Shaved. Never had a client who was completely shaved, some where trimmed others very hairy, but, well, looks nice.
John smiled at her as her eyes returned to his.
Was she blushing, not sure but it felt like she was. She quickly looked in the tall mirror to the right of him. No, face isn’t red, must be the wine, should know your limit Kay. She smiled as she look at him.
“Ready?” she asked.
“Yes.” he replied.
“You said in your correspondence that you liked to be spanked, shall we start with across my knees?”
“Yes.” he replied.
Kay open her mouth to continued but stopped. Did his cock just move then, grow slightly? For a moment she was transfixed on it. It felt like an age before she managed to pull herself together and return her gaze back to John.
“Ok.” she said. “I will just get the chair.”
Kay moved towards the chair, she suddenly realised that it was behind him, which meant she had to get past him, and he made no sign of moving either. He’s bound to move she thought as she continued to walk towards him. Go on move, shit he isn’t. Fuck, now what?
Just as she reached him, he step slightly to one side, did he plan it, if so he’s fucking good she thought as her left hand brushed his cock as she passed him.
She felt her pussy explode, the sensation was huge this time, her heart beat faster, her breath became in rapid bursts. She stopped, not knowing what to do next. Think. Her breathing slowed, better, her heart wasn’t beating as fast, good, but between her legs…
This can not be happening to me, she was losing it she knew she had to gain control.
Kay span around and in her best scolding teachers voice, she said. “Sir has been a bad boy today, a very bad boy, and we all know what bad boys get, don’t we?”
“Spanked.” John shouted.
“Yes, they do.” Kay said as she sat down. She was now looking squarely at his cock, which was growing, not a lot, but it was getting bigger.
Kay had never been a situation like this before, her other clients never got aroused, it wasn’t for that, that they used her services. They liked to be spanked, thats it. Nothing more. But this one…Shit.
Looking up Kay saw that he was smiling, this made the situation worse. He’s fucking enjoying this!
“Come here, Now!” she almost scream the words at him.
“Across my knee this instance.” she emphasised this by slapping her thighs.
John walked towards her, his cock moving up and down with every step. Stopping beside her, he lay across her knees.
“This bottom needs to be spanked don’t you think?” she said caressing his buttocks in a circular motion with her hand.
“Yes.” He replied, his breathing starting to get heavy. She could feel his heart beat pulsating through her legs. That’s not the only thing she could feel on her legs. His cock twitched as she caressed his buttocks and as it did so it lightly brushed against her lower leg. Her pussy was now on fire.
Her hand came down on his buttocks with a sharp slap. He let out a cry, not of pain but satisfaction. She hit him again. The same response. She repeat this five more times. Again the same response.
She stopped and again caressed his now slightly redden buttocks.
“That’s better.” she purred.
“I have been a very naughty boy.” John panted.
She hit him again, five more times, increasing the strength each time. His buttocks growing redder with each hit.
“Again.” John said excitement raising in his voice.
“No. Not yet.” She replied, squeezing each buttock in turn.
“Don’t stop.” he said, pushing his buttocks higher.
Five more sharp slaps followed this time in quick succession.
John moaned and wiggled his body with a mixture of pleasure and pain. His buttocks a deep red.
Kay looked at her handy work, no pun intended, she smiled to herself, control well and truly restored.
Suddenly he stood up and straddled her, his cock now fully erect, its head glistening, before she had time to react he placed his hands either side of her head, she opened her mouth to protest, as she did so he plunged his cock into her open mouth. She gagged as it hit the back of her throat. Instinctively her hands came up to his hips as she tried to push him away. He held on to head keeping his cock her mouth, still not releasing her. Her mind was exploding with anger and excitement. I can’t take it much long she thought, as her body started to convulse.
Suddenly he withdrew his cock from her mouth.
Gasping for breath she relaxed her arms. She felt his cock rubbing against her face, wet with her saliva, she stuck out her tongue and licked his smooth balls as he continued to rub his cock against her face, she could feel it’s heat on her cheeks.
All sense of control was gone, she had surrender herself to him and to whatever came next.
Before long his cock was back in her mouth, gently this time.
Her hands moved slowly up his legs to his warm buttocks, where they came to rest, lightly touching him as he rhythmically moved his cock in and out her mouth.
Her body quivered with excitement, her heart beating faster, drawing breath on each outward stroke of his cock. She open her yes and looked up him, he was smiling at her, his breathing increasing with every stroke.
With one last long thrust into her mouth, he slowly withdrew his cock, again rubbing it over her face. Stepping back he pushed her legs apart making her shirt ride up her legs revealing her wet knickers. Kneeling in-between her legs he lightly caressed her pussy through her wet knickers. She let out a soft low moan.
“Nice.” he said as he pressed his thumb lightly on her clit sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body.
He moved his hand away from her now throbbing and engorged pussy, then with both hands he slowly unbutton her blouse, sliding his hands inside, caressing her, running his soft hands up and down her back, then returning to cup first one breast then the other. Gentle he squeezed her breasts, the thumb of each hand rubbing against her now erect nipples underneath her bra. Each touch of his hands made her moan, any part of her he touched, made her moan.
Fuck he’s good.
Kay had never felt this aware of her body before, its as if she could feel every inch of her skin, every muscle, every strand of her hair come alive at his touch. Wave upon wave of exhilarating pleasure coursed through her, as she sank into an euphoric state.
Eventually she became aware that he was no longer touching her breasts, but that her knickers were being pulled to one side revealing her wet pussy. She opened her legs wide in anticipation of what was to follow. She slid her bottom to the edge of the chair and felt him adjust his body as he lowered his head between her legs. She felt his beard and his warm breath on her right leg as he kissed her on the inside of her thigh, moving higher with each kiss.
He paused.
“Don’t stop.” she moaned.
Time seem to stop as she waited the inevitable explosion of pleasure to engulf her.
Then lightly, ever so lightly he kisses her wet pussy, sucking on her lips, she arched her back as his tongue began to explore inside her.
She was being taken to place no other man had taken her to before, a place only she could experience, it was her place and hers alone.
Suddenly she felt her legs tremble uncontrollably, going into spasms of exhilaration, of pure ecstasy, her pussy juice was flowing from her like wine from a bottle, he was drinking it up as if his life depended on it.
His breath was some how soothing on her hot pussy, his tongue flicking around the edge of her clit toying with it, a slight touch here then moving away, back again but never long enough, how she want him to just fucking lick it.
Then he did.
Not only did he lick it, he put his lips around it and sucked it, sucked on it hard, his tongue flicked it from inside his mouth sending wave upon wave of ecstasy coursing through body.
Her moans where now getting louder and this seem to urge him on, the more he sucked her clit the louder she moaned, as if the two actions were compatible.
Moan. Suck. Moan. Suck.
Not thinking it could not get any better and not wanting it to stop, she thrust her pussy upwards into his face placing her hands on the chair to get better leverage, his tongue entered her on each upward thrust deep inside. She quicken the thrusts, as her breathing increased her breast raising and falling with each breath.
With out warning, she had a feeling, an intense sensation like nothing she had ever experienced before, she knew she was coming, she knew what an orgasm felt like, she had had plenty of those, but this was coming from deeper inside her, it wasn’t localised to her clit and inner pussy wall, but was coming from deep inside, a pressure so intense that her whole body started to shake.
The pressure was so great it felt like she was going to pee. Not know, for fuck sake not now.
As if he knew what was happening to her, John increased the pressure on her clit, sucking harder and harder, it was as if he was inside her head, feeling exactly what she was feeling when suddenly she had the most intense orgasm she had ever had.
Her body exploded.
She screamed with the intensely of the orgasm as hot fluid squirted out of her, thrusting her pussy into his face as wave upon wave of pulsating tremors coursed through her body until final she collapse back into the chair shaking uncontrollable, every fibre of her being burned.
She sat there, her body twitched and shuddered as the orgasm slowly subsided, leaving her exhausted and spent.
Slowly she opened her eyes to find John kneeling in front of her, stroking his hard cock, up and down, up and down.
The head of his cock was glistening, occasionally he would stop on the up stroke and rub his thumb over the tip of his cock, then continue, up, down, up down.
He continued in this fashion for a while before standing up, cock in hand still masturbating. Stepping towards her he stood in front of her stroking his cock back and forth, his breathing quickening with ever stroke.
Had she noticed it before, may be not, but now it was close she saw that he was circumcised. Not that made any difference, but being shaved as well seem to fit with not having a foreskin, it looked right somehow. God her thoughts were all over place, here I am after a massive orgasm weighing up the pros and cons of a circumcised cock.
Pulling herself to gave she sat up in the chair and leaned forward to kiss the head of his cock on the down stroke, letting his hand knock against her chin on the up stroke. She stayed like that, moving ever close until on the down stroke she put his head into her mouth. John groan.
She placed her hands on his hips and pulled him towards her so his cock was now fully in her control. She slowly moved her head backwards and forwards, stopping to occasionally lick the head, mimicking what he had been doing with this hand.
It felt so good in her mouth, sometimes she would close her jaws on the up stroke so her teeth would gentle glide up his cock, this produced more moaning from him.
She increased the tempo, his moans echoing her thrusts on his cock, deeper she took him in her mouth, now plying pressure on his cock with mouth, occasionally she would stop and suck his balls, then run her tongue up the shaft of his cock until it fell into her mouth again, and suck him again.
Kay was building up a rhythm with out even knowing it, a rhythm that was skilful in how it mimicked John’s own technique when he masturbated, his moans were getting deeper, she could feel his cock twitch in her mouth. He’s coming, he’s going to come in my mouth. She increased the tempo, deeper longer thrusts with mouth. His cock twitching more and more, until suddenly, he pulled his cock out of her mouth, it bounced up and down as it was ejected from her mouth, wet with her saliva. He stepped backwards out of reach, panting, controlling his breathing.
“Not yet.” he said with a smile. “Not yet.” he repeated.
“Not yet?’ Kay said, annoyed and confused that he had not come in her mouth and why did he pull out just when he was about to come. For fuck sake whats wrong with him?
“I’m not ready yet.” he replied.
“Stand up.” She obeyed without even thinking about it.
“Undress.” he said moving round to the bed and lying on it facing her, his cock sticking up as if to say fuck you.
Kay started to remove her clothes, out of the corner of her eye she could see him masturbating.

Turning to place her blouse on the chair she noticed the wet patch on it. How did that get…., shit was that me?
For a brief second she found herself looking down at the chair, John in-between her legs at the moment of her orgasm, then it was gone. Shaking her head as if to clear her thoughts she placed her blouse over the back of the chair. She move her hands up to remove her bra.
“No.” John said, “Leave the bra and knickers on.”
Hands trembling she obeyed, stepping out of her shoes and then slipping off her skirt, both of which she left on the floor.
“Face me.” John said still playing with his cock.
Kay turned to face him. Fucking lying there cock in hand, who does he think he is?
John looked her up and down all the while stroking his cock. Must love doing that, his hand never leaves it, she thought, her pussy starting to throb.
After a while he told to get on the bed and crawl towards him.
She climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees and crawled towards him as he stroked his cock.
“Suck it.” he said pushing his cock towards her slightly open mouth.
She obeyed, hungrily taking it in her mouth, determined to make him come.
After while he grasped her head in his hands pulling his cock out of her mouth.
What the fuck. Now what does he want?
Looking into her eyes she could see he was on fire, wanting to fuck her.
Yes, she screamed to herself, fuck me.. Now!
He pushed her up into a kneeling position, then knelt in front of her, his right hand moved round the back of her, running his hands along the back of her bra, she could feel his fingers tracing an outline around the catch. She started to move her arms so she could take the bra off for him, but the look in his eyes said otherwise. Then it was off, her bra, in one twist of his thumb and finger he had the bra off.
Her breasts falling free, the bra slid from her and was tossed to one side.
Taking a breast in each hand he kissed first one then other, kissing, licking, squeezing, massaging, licking her nipples, then sucking them.
Her mind was burning, her pussy wet, no not wet, dripping, down her leg.
His left hand moved slowly down her side, over her stomach, towards her wet knickers. Plunging his hand inside her knickers his hand passing over her pussy several times, then a finger inside, then two, three…
Then she was on her back, her knickers being pulled off, looking up she saw him devouring her with his eyes, as he finally saw her naked, exposed, on fire.. Wet!
She squirmed on the bed, thrusting her hips upwards, her hands moving to her pussy, parting her lips, inviting him in.
He need no invitation, placing his hands either side of her shoulders, looking into her eyes, he slowly lowered his body, his cock touching the top of her pussy, he adjusted his position ever so slightly as his cock slide down her open pussy lips until it was in the right position.
He stopped.
She raised her hips trying to get him to fuck her, but as she did this, he moved his cock out of the way, when she dropped her hips, he, as one with her, followed her down, his cock just hovering at the entrance to her pussy.
She waited.
He shifted his body again, and she felt the end of his cock enter her, just the tip, nothing more. Her body was aching, from frustration and pleasure the two meeting to make her dizzy, her head was swimming.
Then she felt him slowly slide his cock inside her, very slowly. It was like a snake sliding into a hole, it seem to take forever before she felt his body touch hers. There he stayed, inside her for a beat then just as slowly as he had entered her, he pulled out again.

This he repeat several times, but each time sliding his cock into her pussy a fraction faster than the last time. Before long he was plunging deeper and faster into her, pushing her into the bed, his breathing getting quicker, laboured. She felt herself being carried along on wave upon wave of pure delight, her pussy swollen, her clit now so sensitive that every time he pressed against it she felt pleasure and pain mixed together, not wanting him to touch it but at the sometime she did want it. She was so aroused that she didn’t at first register that she had had an orgasm, not a deep orgasm like the one she had before, but a short sharp intense peak of pleasure, she knew those, those she got from rubbing her clit, those were short lived but great. She could have those as many times as she would allow herself. Thats what was happening now, his body pressing against her body in combination with his cock deep inside her was producing small intense orgasm after orgasm. She didn’t want him to stop, but it was getting sore, her clit was aching, getting over stimulated.
He seemed to sense this, perhaps it was the way she was moving her body, or the tonal quality of her moans, but how ever he knew, his thrusting wasn’t so deep now, more deliberate, precise. Loving, almost.
This continued for several more minutes. Shifting his weight he with drew his cock from her pussy and started rubbing it backwards and forwards over her pussy lips. Because of the slight upward stance of his cock, he never touched her clit. He was breathing heavily, sometimes holding his breath, she felt his body clench then release.
He was trying not to come.
Thats it.
He is so close that in his desire to make it last longer he was still stimulating her, but not wanting to let go.
As his breathing slowed she felt him again enter her, softer this time, deliberate strokes, not as penetrating as before, but satisfying all the same.
He repeated this several times until suddenly he stopped inside.
Had he come, it didn’t feel like it. His breathing was controlled.
He lay on top of her, embracing her.
“Rollover on to your front.” He whispered to her as he with drew his cock from inside her.
She rolled over not sure what to expect next.
Is that what he had in mind?
Shifting his weight back onto of her, he effortlessly slid his cock inside her pussy.
Not anal.
Was she disappointed?
Not sure.
Using his legs to close hers, so his legs were on the outside of hers, he started to plunge deeper and deeper into her.
It was as if he was doing press ups.
But the penetration was so deep she felt another orgasm building up, similar to the first one.
In this position he was able to fuck her deeper then if he was on top, and at the same time avoid stimulating her clit.
Faster and faster he plunged into her, slapping against her buttocks, this increased the pleasure, it was like being spanked.
The thrusting was becoming frenzied, animalistic even. Faster he pounded her, breathing heavy, pounding, pounding.
He was now moaning uncontrollable as if in pain, this only heighten her arousal, this combined with the deep penetrating thrusting of his cock inside her, she knew he was building up to come.
This seem to stimulate her more, until her legs started to tremble, her body shaking, breathing deeper, she was coming.
He was coming.
As one, they reached a state of pure ecstasy, their bodies in unison giving way to waves of pleasure.
She felt his load explode inside her at the same she exploded, her juice running down her leg seating into the bed sheet.
Final, exhausted, he fell onto of her, his weight pressing down on her doubling the pleasure.
She could feel his cock shrink inside her as if his life force was slipping away, until it slowly slipped out of her.
He ruled off her and lay on his back breathing deeply.
She could not move.
Her body felt heavy, full.
She became aware of someone laying beside her, stroking her back, warm against her cold back. Turning her head she saw John looking at her, she blinked several times.
“Good morning.” he said kissing her on the lips.
“Good morning.” she replied with a smile.
Moving her body to face him she said.
“What was in the envelope?”
“Tissue paper. It was the only thing I could find.” he replied stroking her hair.
“Nice touch with the money.” she said kissing him on the lips.
“Thought about it on the way over.” he said. “Add to the realism.”
“Yes it did.”
They embraced, holding each other tight, pressing against each other, kissing.
She felt his cock start to grow against her stomach, she smiled, holding him tighter……