Michael had not been living in his new house for long before he and Cass had a regular routine, she would come round once or twice a week and generally stay over at the weekend, when they made the most of their time together, snuggling and spending plenty of time in his new double bed. Cass would make him lazy brunches and sometimes they would go back to bed and spend the afternoon exploring each other’s bodies, oblivious to the world outside.  If it was Saturday night, both of them liked curling up together on the sofa in front of a film or detective show, sipping wine between kisses and cuddles.

It was one such evening that Cass discovered an important rule in Michael’s house. A rule that she had not been expecting, but one which she didn’t truthfully mind. They were stretched out together along the length of the sofa, Cass lying alongside Michael, who had his arms round her, red wine and a half eaten box of chocolates on the coffee table beside them. “Murder in Mayfair” was on, a series of complex murder stories set in the poshest parts of London. Cass, who could never follow such programmes, found herself confused with the number of characters and plotlines. To her, everyone looked similar and it was making no sense. She piped up every so often to check with Michael what was happening. Was she the same woman as they just saw? Was that the murder victim’s friend? Why was the detective not have to queue when he went up the Shard? Michael started by giving brief, but civil answers. He squeezed Cass a couple of times to hint to her she should be quiet, but she didn’t pick up on it. By the third or fourth interruption, he became noticeably grumpy.
“What is it?” she asked, “have I said something wrong?”
“You keep talking,” he said. She made a noise of disapproval and dug him in the ribs. Michael took Cass’s hand and gripped it firmly, preventing any further digs.
“But I don’t understand it!” she complained, wriggling to get free. She was talking over what the detective was saying.
“Cass,” Michael said in a low, level tone. “Please stop talking over the programme. I can’t hear what they’re saying.”
“But I can’t follow it!” she whined.
Michael twisted her round next to him and gave her bottom a light tap.
“If you don’t be quiet, young lady, you’ll be in big trouble.” She opened her mouth to talk again but he leaned forward and kissed her hard on the lips, diffusing the tension. Cass kissed back and stopped talking.

They watched in silence for a while but it was when a third body was discovered in the tea rooms of the Ritz that Cass got really confused and asked Michael who the victim was. She clearly hadn’t been listening, as they had just said.
“Cass,” Michael said impatiently. “You can ask me things in the break but do not talk during the programme!”
“Oh Michael, it’s just tv!” she groaned. But this time he smacked her bottom quite hard and left it stinging.
“Any more of that and you will be across my knee, do you understand?”
Cass nodded, not daring to speak, but actually quite excited by Michael’s threat of a spanking. She felt herself getting aroused and then it was impossible to focus on the programme.  She started stroking Michael’s leg, to turn him on, but he was trying to watch his programme, his favourite in fact, and she would have to wait. They’d been making love all afternoon so he was sure she could hold on a while longer. Her hand reached higher up his inner thigh. He took hold of it tightly and held it still. She tutted and made a noise. The break came on.
“Right, Cass!” Michael turned all his attention towards her now that the programme was not on. “You’ve been asking for my attention. Well, now you’re going to get it!”
Cass thought he meant a few kisses, a quick cuddle. But Michael had other ideas.
“Stand up!” She stood, uncertainly. With a quick movement, Michael put his hand behind her back at her waist and with his other hand took her arm, then he pulled her over his lap and she found herself staring at the floor, bum over his legs and her feet kicked out behind her.
“What’s going on!?” she squealed, but at the same time knowing full well he was going to spank her.
“I told you Cass that I will not tolerate you speaking throughout the programme when I’m watching it. I warned you that if you did it again, you would be over my knee. You did. So here you are.”
She made a noise of protest but in fact her pussy was already wet.
Michael held her down with one hand on her back and with the other he gave her a sharp smack on her bottom, over her dress. Cass squealed in mock outrage. Michael smacked her again. This time the smack stung and she let out a gasp of actual surprise. Then more smacks, first on one cheek, then the other, left, right, left, until Michael had a good rhythm going and Cass felt her cheeks getting warm and stinging. She squirmed a little to dispel the sting. Michael shifted so that his leg was over her calves, to hold her still and peeled back her dress to reveal her lacy knickers. The spanking began anew.
“This will teach you,” he said. “Naughty girls who talk over my programme get their bottoms spanked.”
She grumbled into the floor, something about it not being fair, and so Michael gave her a few hard slaps in response. Then as suddenly as it had begun, the spanking ceased. The programme was back on.

“Right, get up quickly and let me watch my programme,” Michael said, helping Cass to her feet.
“Go straight up to bed my girl.” She opened her mouth to protest. “I won’t have you talking over the rest of it. Get up there and wait for me. I’ll be up when this has finished to give you a proper spanking, do you understand?”
She looked at him open mouthed, but her pussy was wet and she knew that however much she protested it was obvious that she enjoyed being spanked. She couldn’t help it. It might be a proper punishment for talking, but it was one that she somehow enjoyed. Realising that she could not win this time, she nodded, bent quickly to kiss Michael on the cheek, and then went upstairs to bed.

There was at least half an hour before Michael’s programme finished but she was really turned on now. Cass could not wait to get spanked again and to make love afterwards. She took out the tablet and turned it on. Snuggling down into bed, she found her favourite spanking website and settled down, hand on her pussy, to watch some girls getting their bottoms turned pink. She was enjoying one immensely and was touching herself, when to her surprise Michael came into the bedroom. Guiltily, her hand shot up above the bedclothes and she tried to close the webpage. But Michael had heard what sort of clip she was watching when he opened the door, smacks are unmistakeable. He looked in disbelief at her.
“Cass!” he chided, “I told you to go to bed, not to go and look at that! Give me it!” He took the tablet from her hand.
“Right, get out of bed. You’re in such trouble tonight, young lady.”
Cass was aching to be over his knee now and she obediently stood up and waited for him to get into position. Michael sat and pulled her across him, so her top half was resting on the bed. This time he pulled up her nightdress so that her bare bottom was on show and after a brief rub of her beautiful bottom, he began spanking. Cass cried out, as the smacks fell on bare skin and stung immediately. They made a loud noise that echoed round the room and Michael soon built up to an intensity that had her ouching and gasping. As much as it turned her on, she had to concentrate on not crying out as Michael spanked hard and she was feeling the pain building. Her bottom was getting hot now and she knew it would be going from white to pink, something which both of them found very erotic when they watched spanking videos together. Cass was reaching her tolerance, she found that because she hadn’t been spanked for a while, she could not take much. But Michael was just getting into his swing and he gave her a dozen or more smacks that made her cry out with each one. Her pussy was swollen and dripping, and he must have been able to feel it wet against his legs. With one loud and stinging slap, he finished his spanking and hauled her to her feet.
“Get into bed!” he commanded. “I will be back up at eleven after my programme. I haven’t finished with you yet, Cass.”
These last words sent a shiver or a thrill through Cass, she wasn’t sure which. She desperately wanted to touch herself, but she also knew if she did that, she would not want to be spanked more if she made herself come. She needed to keep herself on the edge and to wait for his touch, which was a hundred times more erotic than her own.  She lay down and waited for him to come back.

Cass must have dozed a little because the next thing she knew Michael was coming through the door, programme finished, looking seriously at her. She watched him as he took off his clothes and got ready for bed.
“Am I still in trouble?” she asked, hoping that he hadn’t gone off the idea of continuing her spanking.
“Oh yes,” he said, to her relief, “Big time.  The spanking you got earlier was for disturbing my programme. This time I’m going to spank you for disobeying me instead of going straight to bed.” Cass had butterflies as she saw him pick up her large, flat backed hairbrush from the dresser. Michael sat on the bed and patted his legs.
“Come on, Cass. Over you go.” She obeyed, wordlessly, her pussy already making the inside of her thighs wet. As she lay draped over his lap, Michael put a hand between her legs and felt her wetness.
“Oh, you are ready for this aren’t you?” She agreed. “I’ll be seeing to that after I’ve seen to this badly behaved bottom.” And with that promise he whacked her suddenly with the hairbrush. Cass shrieked and tried to sit up. Michael held her down firmly with one hand and raised the other one holding the brush. Another whack and she shrieked again, the impact was loud and stung, and then an ache started deep in the muscle. Whack! It echoed so loudly she wondered if the neighbours would hear. Whack! Michael was getting into his stride, treating each buttock fairly and spanking each one in turn. He focussed everything on the spanking and began increasing the rate of the smacks. Cass breathed heavily as she concentrated on the pain building in her bottom, the heat grew and the ache intensified and she didn’t know how long she would be able to bear this. Michael kept on, whacking the flat wooden brush on to her tender skin. The colour was changing from pink to red and he loved to see it that colour, it was so arousing, his cock was standing hard away from his body, Cass could feel it pushing against her side. The spanking increased. It got harder and faster. She took a breath in.
“Oh please, no!” she begged Michael, it was hurting. Michael knew that if he didn’t spank Cass just that little bit harder than she could bear, it would not have any effect and she would be disobedient the next time. He paused briefly to rub circulation back into the red cheeks, then went at it again, in a regular rhythm, right then left, right, left, all the time watching Cass’s skin deepen in colour and feeling her reaction to the level of pain. Cass was beginning to struggle a little, moving her body to dispel the sting. He knew she was nearing her limit. Just a little bit more, just a little, carefully controlled, to push her beyond her limit and to make her recognise her wrongdoing.
The brush came down, hard, loud, on her burning bottom.
“Please, Michael, it’s too much!” but he knew, and she knew, he would not stop until he was ready and this was the final, crucial end to the spanking that would teach her that he was in charge and that she was not. She gripped his leg in a bid to stop him but he had one final flurry to deliver, the hardest whacks to take yet, slowly, deliberately, ten hard whacks on each buttock that produced yells of complaint from Cass as she endured the end of her spanking.

Michael put down the brush and took time in rubbing and stroking her beautiful backside, feeling the heat come off it and admiring it as it glowed red. Her breathing quietened as the smarting gave way to burning heat and Cass felt she had been put in her place for her behaviour.  She had a real sense of what was and was not acceptable in Michael’s house; she knew now without any doubt that disrupting his programmes and showing disobedience to his instructions were not allowed. Her burning bottom told her that. She found it all very arousing.
Michael helped Cass up into a sitting position and he tenderly stroked her hair and kissed her. Despite feeling subdued, Cass desperately wanted Michael’s touch and she kissed him passionately, wanting to make love to him. She put down a hand and stroked his beautiful hard cock. He held it there, wanting her to touch and stroke him. He put a hand down and started playing with her very wet pussy, so wet it had made his thighs wet as she had lain there. His touch made her moan with delight as his fingers played with her swollen, aroused clit. They sat like that for a while, playing with each other and getting more and more aroused, until they could wait no longer and Michael lifted her up to a standing position, and then made her kneel on the floor in front of him, between his legs. She obeyed, as if in a trance and he pushed her head towards his swollen cock. She opened her mouth and took it in, gagging a little as he pushed roughly so she took more of it.
“Relax,” he ordered, “take it all.” And although it was big and filled her throat and mouth, Michael pushed his cock steadily down her throat. Cass put up her hands and pushed at his thighs to slow him down but Michael was having none of that. He pulled free of her mouth for a second and picked up his tie, deftly looping it round her wrists and tying her hands together in front of her. Cass tried to protest but in the next second his cock was back in her mouth, and now Michael was standing as he pulled Cass’s head towards him and shoved his cock down her throat as far as he could. She was making coughing and gagging noises but he was not concerned about that, this was about his pleasure and she was there to provide it. He would see to that. He wanted to fuck her mouth and he would do so, no matter what. With firm, decisive movements, he gripped her head between his hands and moved it quickly backwards and forwards along his cock, so that he was using her head to fuck him. More coughing, gagging noises of discomfort. But Cass couldn’t protest with her hands tied together and her mouth more than full. Michael kept on. He alternated with keeping her head still and moving his cock in and out of her mouth, slowly at first then faster and faster. Cass spluttered and tried to move away but he prevented that. This was too good to stop. Changing position, he stood her up and lay her back on the bed. She shuffled back as best she could with her hands tied and, although her mouth was free now, said nothing, just looked up in awe at the smooth, toned body that was in charge of hers, staring at the big hard cock that was coming towards her mouth again. Michael knelt either side of her body and pushed his cock into her willing mouth, lying down over her face and fucking her mouth as she lay there helpless. That felt good but he could not see her face and wanted to see her reaction. He got off the bed and pulled her towards him by the shoulders, so that her head hung off the bed backwards, upside down.  Cass shuffled until she was comfortable and then, standing by the bedside, Michael put his cock back in her upside down mouth. He lent forward, supporting himself on the bed, and started fucking her again. This was good, her throat opened up this way, the angle was good, he could go in deep. Cass meanwhile was choking a little and spluttering as spit ran down her face and towards her eyes. But she did not complain because by now she recognised, she was there for one thing, his pleasure. Her pleasure would come later if at all because she had forfeited it tonight. He had taught her a lesson this evening and he hoped she had learned it because he was not going to put up with disobedience and disrespect in future. This mouth fucking would show her that he could use her for his pleasure whenever he chose. Cass was struggling to take his cock but he was so enjoying this, she would take every inch, he would make her. As she gagged he felt himself coming and pulled back, so that his cum spurted over her face and hair.

He sat down, satisfied and gave Cass a little time to recover and released her hands. She looked at him closely, silently. He wiped her face and then kissed her.
“Fantastic,” he exclaimed. “Now. What next?!”
Given that she was usually treated to mind-blowing orgasms from Michael, Cass hoped he would lick or touch her clit. But in fact Michael was on a mission this evening and needed to satisfy himself again. He had had a tough week, a stressful week and needed to release his pent up energy by fucking Cass again, hard.
He led Cass over to the bedroom chair. Cass wondered what he was going to do.
“I’m not quite ready to fuck you again yet,” he said unexpectedly. “But I am going to make sure you’re there ready for when I want you.” And with that, he stood Cass at the back of the chair and pushed her forward so that she was bent double at the waist, face over the seat, in an inverted        V-shape. He placed each hand at the front edge of the seat and each leg next to the back legs of the chair.  Michael took some pairs of tights from the drawer. He secured Cass’s wrists, one to each chair leg. Then he tied her ankles to the back legs of the chair. Cass was stretched out over the chair, bottom out.
“Perfect,” he said, feeling Cass’s wet pussy. She thrilled at the touch, wanting him to keep touching her there, to make her come.
“I’m going to go and catch up on some telly now, love,” he said, as he pulled on a dressing gown. “I’ll be back up later to have a little play, ok? Will you be all right here?” He laughed, teasingly, as he touched her again fleetingly and went downstairs.

Cass was aghast. He was teasing her! He had touched her swollen clit only to leave her again and let her wait for him. This was so unfair! She wanted him so much. She could not wait. She called out. He did not answer. She called again, this time more angrily. There was no reply. Just the sound of some gunfight on the telly. She tutted to herself and tried to wriggle free of the bonds, but it was no good. She was secured tightly across the chair, her bum out behind her just wet and ready for him when he came back upstairs. She allowed herself a smile. This was some way to treat her! Like a fuck toy. Cass realised it was making her extremely wet to be treated this way. With no respect and dignity, she was just being used to fuck. She felt the extreme wetness of her pussy start trickling down her thigh. Who am I kidding? she thought. This is so horny. She relaxed and resigned herself to her wait, knowing that when Michael did come up and fuck her she would explode at his touch.

A few minutes later, she heard Michael coming upstairs. “That was quick!” she smiled to herself. He couldn’t wait. But in fact, Michael had had an idea. He took something out of a drawer and suddenly Cass felt a cold, hard object nudging at her bottom. Michael had put generous amounts of lubrication on it and slipped what felt like a plastic butt plug up her arse. Cass gasped in surprise and partly humiliation. But in fact the feeling was not an unpleasant one and as she relaxed, she got used to the strange sensation. It made her feel, if it was possible, even more turned on and her pussy juices kept on coming.  Michael gave her bottom a pat and then went back downstairs.

A whole hour later Michael turned off the telly downstairs and came up to see Cass. He pushed open the door and took a minute to survey the picture. A fine sight. A lovely lady, all his, bent double and secured tightly over a chair. His for the taking. Couldn’t get away if she wanted to. He knew she had no wish to get away. He moved closely and started stroking her. Her smooth, pink bottom, still a bit coloured from the evening’s earlier spanking. A pussy so wet it was dripping down her legs. Tits hanging loose in front of her. He lent round and kissed her lips. So tasty. Dropping to his knees, he started licking and teasing her clit. Her whole body tensed and trembled, moans loud and intense escaped her lips. Just one flick of his tongue sent her into shudders of passion. He drew away from her. She moaned for more. But Michael was too horny to spend time licking her, he wanted his fun. He wanted her to know she was his to fuck and tease and use as he pleased and he was ready to fuck her. He took off his clothes, stroked his hard cock and pushed it inside her. Cass gasped with delight. She loved the feeling of having Michael inside her body, his large, thick cock filling her pussy. She grabbed hold of the side of the chair as he began moving back and forwards to fuck her. He started off slow, holding her tits in both hands, but soon the urge to fuck hard overtook him and he began thrusting in deeper and deeper, pulling her towards him with each thrust, reaching down to touch her clit which made Cass call out in pleasure, her clit dripping with juice, so sensitive to touch, she convulsed and trembled under his touch, desperate for this for so long.  Michael felt the need to fuck her hard and thrust hard and fast into her, feeling her hot spanked bottom against his body, remembering the butt plug that was giving her extra pleasure, wanting to fuck her so hard she would feel utterly helpless and belonging only to him. She screamed in pleasure as he fucked her and finally he came with a groan delightful to hear, and collapsed breathless over her.

When some strength returned and his knees no longer felt weak, Michael released Cass, removed her butt plug, untied her arms and legs and carried her over to the bed. They both got in and hugged close together to warm up under the covers. Both were beyond the need for words, for anything. Cass started giggling from the relief and pleasure, on an endorphin high and Michael did too. They held each other closely, her head nestled against him, until both fell into a warm and dreamless sleep.