Arriving at the station, the train from Palermo had made good time making up for the wait Katie had had getting through customs. She always hated that part of a holiday, Airports. But she had arrived at her destination, the ancient city of Agrigento on the southern coast of Sicily. Stepping out of the air-conditioned train she felt the heat of the mid day sun hit her. She had been to hot countries before so this was not new to her. Walking quickly across the station concourse she made her way to the exit, pulling her travel suitcase behind her, her trusty travel suitcase, almost a friend you might say. They had been together since her first trip abroad, Spain. God that was a nightmare. How long ago was that? Almost 15 years ago. She vowed after that experience never to travel in a group, she liked her own company doing her own thing, seeing what she want to see. Since then her suitcase had been her only traveling companion.

Moving through the cool station then out into the sun shine she stopped to get her bearings. She always had good sense of direction, she only had to look at a map once and she was able to imprint it on her mind. She disliked walking around constantly referring to a map when she could be looking around her, thats the point of a holiday isn’t it? Looking at the sites. As if to prove the point a couple walked past her heading towards the city centre, the man leading the way, head down consulting a map, a women trailing behind, already feeling the heat.

“Why cant we get a taxi?“ she implored stopping to fan herself with a guide book.

“Because were on holiday, and this is part of the adventure.” the man replied with out looking back and striding off towards Via delle Torri the main street that ran passed the station.

The woman glanced across at Katie who smiled and shrugged her shoulders, the woman smiled back, her face red, beads of sweat running down it. Wiping her face she collected her own travel suitcase and head off after the man.

Bet she wished she only had her suitcase as her travelling companion, she thought, turning in the same direction and following them.

Crossing the road she made her way up a flight of steps emerging onto Via Cesare Battisti, looking across the street she could see the Via deli Angeli, at the top of this street come lane was her B&B.

After a brisk five minute walk, mostly up hill, made easier due to the riposo (siesta), and thankfully mostly in the shade of the buildings that line the street, Katie arrived at her destination that will be her base for the next two weeks.

Hotel Kerkert it said on the wall, not listed on TripAdvisor, but thats OK, all she need was a bed to sleep in and a shower, as most of the time she would be out exploring this ancient city, especially the “Valley of the Temples”, “Vaddi di li Tempri” as the Sicilians call it.

Pushing open the door she passed into a small court yard, refreshing cool out of the midday sun. In the centre there stood a small fountain bubbling away, around this was positioned four small tables with three or four chairs at each, in the far left hand corner was a bar, closed at the moment, opposite this was a door marked private, in both English and Sicilian. Directly in front of her was another door with a sign saying “Reception”. Weaving her way passed the tables and chairs she headed for the door.

Drawing near to the door she saw a note pinned to it, it read..

“Cari Miss Katie Collier,

mi dispiace di non essere qui quando arrivate ma ho messo voi nella sala 12 attico guardando oltre la Pizza Fratelli Rosselli.

La camera è aprire la chiave sul tavolo.

Io ci tornerò più tardi.

La signora Catarina Giuffrida,”

From the little Italian she knew, she ascertained that her Room was number 12 on the top floor, the key was in the room and the owner Catarina Giuffrida would be back later.

Not a problem she thought to herself, opening the door and stepped into the corridor behind. She waited while her eyes adjusted to the dim light, then seeing a staircase she made her way up two flights of stairs, her travelling companion bumping along behind her. At the top of the stairs was a small corridor running left to right, off each section of the corridor were three rooms. On the wall was a sign with odd numbers on the left and even numbers on the right, she turned right and headed down the corridor towards room 12.

Entering the room she found it clean, airy and cool. It was sparsely furnished, with a bed, bedside table with a lamp on it, a single cupboard, next to that a shuttered window, desk and a chair against the wall opposite the bed. In the corner, to the left of the door was a wet area with a shower and a sink, no big deal she thought, no one is going to see me taking a shower.

Katie step off the chair leaving her travelling companion on top of the cupboard, funny to think that this is as far as it gets when they go on holidays. Stupid, really, its just a travel case.

Putting the chair under the desk she turned to look at the room.

Everything squared away.

She looked at watch.


Riposo wont be over for a few more hours, so the shops wont be open, the bar in the courtyard certainly wont be open.

Then she remember the bottle of wine she had bought at the airport, impulse buy.

Looking around the room she searched for a glass, don’t remember seeing one.

She moved towards the shower and sink in the corner. There was a glass on the sink.

Picking it up she inspected it, clean.

Now where did she put the bottle?

Of course, in the side compartment of her travel case.

Returning the chair once again under the desk, she opened the wine, thank god for screw top lids she thought pouring the wine into the glass.

“Cheers.” she said raising the glass to the room.

“Here’s to two weeks of exploration.” rising the glass to her lips and taking a sip.

The wine tasted good, fruity and smooth.

She took several more sips as she moved towards the window. Opening the shutters she pushed  open the window, blinking at the bright sun light. The window looked out over the Pizza Fratelli Rosselli. Surrounded on three sides by buildings, mostly shops, restaurants and bars on street level with apartments above. Directly opposite her was a Roman Victory arch, erected in 210 BC after the second Punic Wars. Will defiantly take a closer look at that tomorrow she thought.

Raising the glass to her lips she noticed it was empty. Moving away from the window she wondered back to the desk and poured herself another glass of wine.

Back at the window she just stood there looking out across the city spread out before her as she sipped the wine.

Leaning out the window she looked to her right to see if she could get a glimpse of the Valley of the Temples.

No such luck.

Stepping back into the room she suddenly felt light headed.

Must be the wine and the hours of travelling she thought finishing of the wine in the glass.

Placing the glass on the desk she removed her T-shirt and dropped it on to the back of the chair.

No bra. She never felt the need to wear a bra in this heat, she liked to feel a breeze under her arms the way it moved around her breasts cooling them.

She cupped her breasts in her hands, foundling them, her nipples growing erect. Suddenly she felt horny, must be the wine.

She moved her right hand over her stomach and slipped it into her shorts and felt her pussy through her knickers.

She stood like that for a while, eyes closed, her left hand alternating between her breasts as she caressed her pussy through her knickers, rubbing her clit.

She noticed her knickers getting wet, stopping she opened her shorts and let them drop to the floor, her knickers followed. Stepping out of them she walked bare foot across the room towards the shower.

Turning on the shower she adjusted the temperature until it was just right, luke warm, she didn’t want it to hot, not it this heat, but not cold. Cool.

Stepping under the water she stood there letting it fall over her, cooling her, soothing her.

Picking up the shower gel she squeezed a small amount into her hand and started to run her hands over body.

Lathering herself all over paying particular attention to her pussy, as before she massaged her breasts while playing with her pussy. Her wet pussy.

Slowly she brought herself close to an orgasm, her legs trembled as the pressure built up radiating from her clit.

Wanting to orgasm lying down she rinsed off what was left of the lather, turned off the shower and after drying herself, moved to the bed.

Lying down on the cool sheets she felt relaxed her pussy still tingling and wet, her nipples erect. Closing her eyes she placed her right hand on her pussy, moving her finger slowly over her clit, then two fingers either side of it, rubbing it from both sides. Slow the tingling increased as did her breathing. She moved her other hand over her stomach and rubbed herself just above her clit, pulling her skin backwards exposing her clit, she lightly touched it sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

As she reached her orgasm she plunged a finger into her dripping pussy, with the other hand she rubbed her clit, intensifying the pressure building up inside her. She plunged her finger deeper into her pussy arching her back as she did so, rubbing her clit harder until she was engulfed in an orgasm of pure delight making her shake uncontrollable.

As the last vestiges of her orgasm subsided she rolled over on to her side and slipped into a peaceful sleep.


Katie awoke to a cool breeze on her body from the open window and noise raising from the street below.

Stretching, she opened her eyes and for a second wondered where she was. Oh course, on holiday. Sitting up in bed she realised she was naked, and remembering how she came to be naked she felt a slight twinge in her pussy.

Leave that until later she thought.

Smiling to her self she walked across the room to the cupboard and selected some clean clothes.

She had just finished dressing when there was a knock at the door.

Opening it she came face to face with Signora Giuffrida.

She was in her late forties, with olive skin, black hair and hazel brown eyes. Dressed comfortable for the season but elegantly as only Sicilian women knows how.

“Ciao.” she said

“Ciao.” Katie replied.

“Signora Catarina Giuffrida.” the woman said holding out her hand. “Prega di chiamare me Catarina”. She added, her voice had the sound of a 30 a day smoker, husky but alluring.

Katie shock her hand.

“Mi dispiace io non ero qui quando siete arrivati.” Catarina said.

Katie had to think. Dispiace was similar to susca, sorry. She was sorry, for what? Quango siete, when you..

Of course she was sorry she wasn’t here when I arrived.

“Va bene.” Katie replied.

“Perhaps you like if I speak English?” Catarina asked.

Thank god, Katie thought to herself, yes please.

“Thank you. My Italian isn’t good enough to hold a conversation for to long.” Katie said sheepishly.

“Va bene.” she replied.

Katie smiled.

“I hope the room is good.” Catarina continued. “We hav a small ristorante and bar downstairs, if you want to eat.”

“Thank you, I will come down now. Sentirsi affamato.” Katie said, remembering she hadn’t eaten since this morning in the airport.

Following Catarina into the courtyard she saw that most of the tables were full. Must be the other guests she thought as she scanned the courtyard.

A couple in their forties with their daughter, last family holiday before she goes of to Uni, done that she said with a shiver. Young couple in their twenties, have eyes only for themselves. A couple in their late sixties, final holiday perhaps. Sitting with them was another couple in their forties not talking to each other but seem to be sharing the table. At the last table sat a man in his fifties, tall good looking, tanned, with an air of self assured authority. His had the only empty seat.

Catarina gestured to the empty seat as she made her way over to the table with couple and their daughter.

Katie stopped next to the empty chair and said “Do you mind?”

The man looked up from his notes, smiling he said, “No not at all me my guest.”

He rose slightly as Katie pulled out the chair and sat down.

A Gentleman, she thought looking at him more closely.

Nice face, blue eyes, receding hair line and a beard. He again was comfortably dressed for the time of year. Not at all what she would have imagined a man of his age would wear, but elegant in an understated way.

“Robert.” he said extending a hand towards her.

“Katie.” she said taking his hand, his lovely long fingered hand. Soft. She felt a tingle.

“Pleased to meet you.” he said releasing her hand.

“Like wise.” She replied shifting in her chair as the tingling in her pussy receded.

Were did that come from she thought, must be left over from before. She dismissed the thought entirely. But it wouldn’t be long before she was having more of them.

“On holiday?” he asked putting is notes on the table and giving her his full attention.

“Yes.” she said. “Sort off.” she continued. “I am about to take up my first post, as an archaeological researcher at the University of Durham.”

“Really.” he said leaning a little closer to her. “What field?”

“The affect of Greek and Roman settlements on the indigenous populations of the mediterranean  between 500BC and 600AD.” she replied.

“Fascinating.” He said, and he was, she could tell.

“So you will be working for Professor Clarkson?” he said.

She was taken a back, she had only heard about Professor Clarkson when she went for the interview, only then did she know that he was the leading figure in that field of study.

She smiled at him, thinking what to say. Finally she said. “Yes. But how do you know that. Not that I’m working for him. But that.. he was in charge of that project?”

It was his turn to smile.

“He’s a very dear friend of mine. I worked with him for a number of years when I first graduated in 1990. He was just starting on his study into that very same field.” he said.

“I try and keep up with how it is progressing.” he continued. “Now I have the perfect opportunity, and from his new assistant. He did mention that he was looking for one the last time we meet.”

“Well, here I am.” she said and immediately regretted saying it. What a twat she thought.

“Yes.” he said. The way he said that one word, sent a shiver through her and set off a series of twinges that made her pussy wet.

Fuck! She thought. Must calm down.

Thankfully Catarina come over with a menu and note pad.

“Would like to look at the menu?” she asked passing it to Katie.

“Thank you.” she replied taking it from her.

“La signorina Giuffrida avrò la speciale casa per favore, e una bottiglia del vostro vino migliore. Grazie.” Robert said, his Italian almost prefect.

“English here please Roberto.” Catarina said pushing an imaginary stray hair from her face.

Katie watched this and wondered if Robert and Catarina were doing it. No reason not to she thought, they were perfect for each other..

“For you Katie?” Catarina asked breaking her thoughts.

Katie quickly looked the menu over. Thankfully in English as well as Italian but she new what she was looking for.

Before leaving England, she had visited her local Italian restaurant and asked to try some Sicilian dishes. Her favourite was Caponata, it was incredible and completely vegan dish made with eggplants, tomatoes and vinegar: a true bittersweet Sicilian flavour, she also choose the Insalata Pantesca a sweet potato salad with Busiate and Pesto Trapanese a typical pasta dish of the region.

“Excellent choice.” Robert said as Catarina left with their order.

“Thank you.” she said sipping from a glass of cold water a waiter had just left.

She looked up to see Robert looking at her, studying her almost. She felt her face redden.

“Sorry.” Robert said noticing her flushed cheeks.

“You said you were taking up your first post. You seem a little older then twenty five. I don’t want to sound rube.” he said almost regretting his choice of words.

“Thats alright.” she replied easing his embarrassment. “I came a little late, you might say, to studying archaeology. I worked in a bank for about fifteen years before I realised it wasn’t what I really want to do. I have always had a love for ancient greek and roman civilisations. After a lot of soul searching, and at the age of thirty five I decided to enrol on a OU course, and one thing lead to another, and four years later here I am.”

Robert seemed to choke on this water.

“Sorry did I say something wrong?” Katie asked.

“No. I thought you were about thirty.” he said. This time it was his turn to have flushed cheeks.

“Why, thank you.” she replied in her best lady like voice. They both laughed.

He had a wonderful laugh and his face lit up into a beautiful smile. She felt another twinge.

My god. She suddenly realised that she found Robert intensely attractive. Her pussy was becoming quite wet. She had never had this kind of reaction from talking to a man before, normally it would take a lot of foreplay and stimulation from the man to get this wet.

What was it about him that turned her on so much?

During the meal Katie learned that Robert was on a fact finding tour of Scilly from the University of Colombia in New York, looking at the environmental impact of tourism on monuments.

Pouring out a third glass of wine for Katie and his fourth, Robert continue his narrative.

“The quality of the environment, both natural and man-made, is essential to tourism. However tourism’s relationship with the environment is complex.”

Katie was inthralled with what Robert was saying, she was hanging onto his every word, she felt like a school kid again with a crush.

“It involves many activities that can have adverse environmental effects. On the other hand…” he said taking a drink from his glass.

“Tourism has the potential to create beneficial effects on the environment by contributing to environmental protection and conservation.”

Katie had never felt this entranced before, it was if she was looking down a lens the wrong way, everything else around Robert was blurred, all she could see was his beautiful face.

She almost didn’t notice Catarina standing beside her. She was looking at her in a strange way as  if Katie had said something outrageous. Was she jealous of me for having Robert’s undivided attention?

“Did you enjoy your meal?” Catarina asked coldly.

“Yes.” they said together with out looking at her.

They both laughed at that.

Once Catarina had left and the waiter had cleared the table Katie relaxed. She felt suddenly tense when ever anyone came near them, not wanting this time with Robert to be interrupted. Silly she thought, as I have only just met him, but she wanted him at this moment to herself.

“What plans have you for tomorrow?” he asked, breaking in to her thoughts.

“Nothing really, just going to get my bearings.” She lied. Having studied the city street plan for days she could walk around the city blindfolded. It seem the right thing to say. And it got the reply she hoped for.

“I could help. If you don’t mind. I have been here for a few days and I think I have got my bearings, as you say.” Robert winked when he said bearings. She was sure her chair was wet. Thank goodness I wore the black shorts tonight she thought. She dare not look at her crotch to see if her wetness was visible, in a lighter coloured pair of shorts she was sure it would be.

“That would be lovely.” She said, her speech becoming slightly slurred from the wine.

“It would be my pleasure.” he said finishing off his wine.

I bet it would be, you beautiful man. I bet that wouldn’t be all you’d pleasure either she thought. Bet you would like to pleasure this body as well.

Fuck, she was horny as hell. Must be the wine. Never had that effect before, usual made her sleepy, not horny as fuck.

Robert looked at his watch and said.

“Well, if you will excuse me I have some notes to write up and probably a few emails to get through before I go to bed.”

“Of course.” she said, hoping she didn’t sound to disappointed.

“I have been up since six this morning and I think I have had to much wine as well. So, If you don’t mind I will excuse myself.” She winked when she said that.

“Of course. Feel free to excuse yourself, as long as I can walk you to your room.” he said.

“That would be delightful.” she said not moving.

“Shall we?” Robert said gathering his notes together and standing up.

Shall we what? Go to my room and let you fuck me? Of course lets go…

“Yes.” she said standing up and adjusting her shorts and with a quick look to make sure she was ok, she pushed her chair under the table and started to walk towards the door that led to the upper floor.

Catarina stopped her before she had gotten far.

“Miss Collier.” she said rather brusquely Katie thought. “Your bill.”

Shit, in her excitement to get upstair she had forgotten to pay for her meal.

“My treat.” she heard Robert say behind her. “To welcome you to Agrigento. Catarina please put everything on my room.”

Katie to turned to protest to see Catarina turn on her heels and walk towards the bar.

“I think something or one has upset La signorina Giuffrida.” he said walking up to her and stopping next to her, his arm brushed against hers.

She trembled, her legs twitched as she felt a trickle run down the inside of her thigh. She needed to get to her room quick before she exploded.

Katie moved towards the door Robert quickly over took her and held the door open, she passed through quickly not wanting to stop. She barley managed to say thank you, but he didn’t seem to notice as he caught up with as she ascended the stairs.

They walked up side by side neither of them talking, each in their own thoughts.

Eventually they stopped on the top floor.

“Thank you for a lovely evening Miss Collier.” Robert said turning to face her.

“No, thank you.” she said.

They stood staring at each other, neither spoke, just looking.

Robert broke the silence.

“Well. I’m this way.” he said pointing down the left hand corridor.

“I’m this way.” Katie said motioning in the opposite direction.

“Number 12.” She said with out realising what she had said before it was to late.

“Number 13.” he replied.

“Good night Katie. Sleep well.” he said turning to go.

“Good night Robert.” she said as he walked down the corridor.

She watched him for a few seconds before turning and walking towards her room.

She stopped at her door key in hand, forcing herself not to take one last look down the corridor to see if he was still there.

She couldn’t help it, she had to look. She was glad she did, because he was looking right back her.

He turned away as he put the key to his room in the lock, turned the key and open the room, and with one last look at her he disappeared out of sight into his room.

Katie open her door and walked in closing it quietly behind her.

Taking off her clothes she fell onto her bed. Lying there she played the entire evening over again in her head, reliving every wonderfully moment as she slowly fingered her wet clit imagining Robert’s slender fingers touching her. Placing a finger inside her wet pussy she felt an orgasm building up, rubbing her clit with her other hand she plunged two fingers into her pussy as deep as she could, arching her back as the first wave hit her. Rubbing her clit harder and faster she felt another wave then another roll over her, as the orgasm radiated from her pussy cross her stomach, she letting out a stifled scream of delight.

She lay there bathed in the warmth of her orgasm until her body stopped trembling.

Eventually she slipped in-between the cool sheets and with Roberts image in her head she fell into a deep peaceful sleep.


In the morning Katie got up early and was down stairs as quickly as her legs could carry her. Entering the courtyard she scanned the tables, the couple with the daughter were at the same table as last night, minus a daughter, the older couple were there as well, on their own and the other tables were empty. Her heart sank when she saw that Robert wasn’t there.

Walking over to the table she had occupied last night she looked for any sign that he had been there.

The table was empty, nothing to suggest that it had been used.

Sitting down she caught the eye of the waiter.

Her breakfast of coffee, bread rolls, butter, jam and fette biscottate arrived shortly.

Katie had no idea whether Robert had eaten already. She thought, should she eat her breakfast quickly and see if he was in his room, or take her time in the hope that he comes down soon.

They hadn’t arranged a time to meet, just that he would show her around.

Katie decide on the latter.

Anyway, it didn’t matter if they don’t go out this morning.

She lied, it did matter, it mattered a lot. She wanted to see him.

Robert did not appear by the time she had finished her breakfast.

Reaching the top of the stairs she paused, should she knock on his door?

That would be to forward, but she did want to see him again, and he was so close, only a few steps down the corridor and she would there, outside his door.

Suddenly a door opened, Katie turn on her heels and quickly walked back to her room. Upon reaching the door she looked up to see who had come out, hoping it was Robert.

No it was the daughter. Why do teenagers have that look, the sort that you want to go up to them and shake them, and tell them to snap out of it. Moody bunch. Was I ever like that she thought closing the door behind her.

Grabbing her little travel rucksack she left her room and quickly went down the stairs to the courtyard, still no Robert.

Stepping out into the bright sunlight of another glorious day, Katie turned left and head down the street towards the train station. She had waited long enough for Robert to make an appearance and had decided not to knock on this door.

Her disappoint soon evaporated under the morning sun. She loved this time of day, not to hot but enough to give a hint of what was to come later on in the day. The locals were busying themselves around their shops, others walking back with the mornings purchases and others, mainly the older folk sitting at tables drinking coffee and smoking.

Arriving at the train station Katie walked passed it to the far side where she knew the bus station was. She got there just as the 70A pulled up and disgorged its passengers onto the pavement, she waited until the sign had been changed before she boarded the bus. Experience had taught her not to be to hasty boarding local transport, not until the driver was ready, then he was likely to stop for you. She shuddered thinking back to her trip to Athens, the bus driver took exception to her walking on the bus before he was ready. This resulted in him not stopping when they got back to the capital, eventual dropping off at the bus terminal, forcing her to walk back to her original starting point, a good half an hours walk through the back streets of Athens. An experience she did not want to repeat.

Stepping on board the driver smiled at her, good start she thought showing him the season ticket she had purchased from a gift shop of the way down. This allowed her to travel on all buses through out Sicily, at anytime with out having to worry about paying for it. Comes in handy if you have your purse stolen, at least you can get back to where you were staying.

Tucking the ticket in her front shorts pocket she sat three seats back from the driver, close enough to the door but far enough away just in case he wanted to talk.

The journey to the Valley of the Temples was uneventful, not many people on board, so nice and quite.

Stepping of the bus she headed for the entrance were she picked up her pre-booked two week pass.

Leaving the main entrance Katie headed for the Temple of Hera, it was a bit of a hike at just over  120 meters above sea level, but as she approached it she was struck by its magnificent, even in its ruined state it was majestic.

Climbing up the stairs to the temple, Katie imagined what it would have been like when it was built, walk up here and seeing it in its glory. Gleaming white marble columns reflecting the sun. Worshipers and priests mingling together, the smell of the incense coming from the interior temple, where only the priests were allowed to go.

She paused at the top of the steps and slowly looked around, drinking in the view. Lucky at this time of day there were only a few people here, slowly and quietly walking around the temple, just as it should be.

Walking towards the centre she paused and slowly turned around taking in the 360 degree view. Looks better then she had imagined and from the photos she had seen at the university.

Standing there she was immersed in the grandeur of the building, in her minds eye she could see the ancient greeks moving around the space, the sights, sounds and smells filling her senses to saturation point.


She smiled, they know my name, these ancient peoples know me.

“Katie, Katie?”

“Yes.” she said turing towards the sound of her name, expecting to see a bronzed young man with chiselled features wearing only a toga.

It was Robert, immaculate dressed as he was last night.

“Hello Katie, you looked as you were in a daze.” he said stepping closer to her.

“I was just taking in the view.” she said, thinking it had just improved with the arrival of Robert.

“Sorry I missed you this morning, I had to leave early to see a monument to the north of Agrigento. I’m glad Catarina gave you my message that I would here. I remembered you said it was one the temples you wanted to see first.” Robert said.

Catarina had a message for me did she. Katie would not say anything to her when she got back to the hotel.

They stood in silence looking at each other, not daring to break the moment.

Finally Robert spoke. “Like what you see?” he said.

“Yes.” she said “I do very much.”

Robert blushed.

“I meant the temple.” he said looking away and indicating the area around them.

“I know. I was teasing you.” she said touching his arm.

“I will have to keep my eye on you.” he said winking at her.

Katie shivered, not because it was cold, far from it, she was hot, not from the heat of the sun but from being so close to Robert. She was hot for him, for his body.

They spent the entire day slowly wandering around the Valley of the Temples, each passing on what knowledge they had of the different temples they saw. Lunch was take in a small restaurant five minutes from the site. After which they returned to the site and continued their tour of the temples. Finally they reached the main entrance and headed out into the dimming light of another glorious early evening.

“Do you want a lift?” Robert asked as they walked towards the bus stop.

“Yes please.” she said.

“Right this way Madam, your carriage awaits.” he said taking her my the arm and guiding her towards the carpark.

Arriving at the hotel, Robert skilfully manoeuvred the car into what she thought was a very small gap between two cars.

Stepping out of the car they walked to the front door of the hotel then on in to the courtyard.

Stopping Robert asked if she wanted a drink.

“No thank you.” she said. “just want to go and have a shower.”

“Good idea.” he said. Then realising what he said. “I meant that’s a good idea to have a shower, I will have one myself.” he said blushing again.

“You have a shower in your room and I will have one in my room.” Katie said, but secretly wanted to share a shower with him, to wash him, paying particular attention to his cock. To feel it grow in her soapy hands, stroking it as it grew harder…

“Katie. You look miles away.” he said.

“Sorry. Just thinking.” she said, the imagine of Roberts cock still strong in her head. Her pussy getting wet.

“Would you like to join me for dinner later on tonight?” he asked

“Yes that would be delightful.” she said her heart beating faster in her chest.

“I will call on you at 7.30.” he said as they move towards the door leading to the staircase.

“I will be ready.” she said.

They walked up the stairs in silence each deep in their own thoughts. At the top of the stairs they said their goodbyes and entered their doors at the same time, after one last look at each other.

Katie quickly removed her clothes, standing in front of the mirror she noticed she had caught the sun. Studying herself, she slowly run her hands over her breasts relishing the touch. Moving a hand down to her already wet pussy, she touched her clit, gently at first then more urgently imagining washing Roberts cock again as she built to an orgasm.

God I’m horny she thought coming down from the high of her orgasm, never come so quickly before just from thinking of an imaginary cock.

Turning on the shower, Katie stepped under the cool water and stood there, letting the water cascade off her, eventually washing herself paying attention to her clit again, this time she allowed herself another orgasm. Rinsing herself off, she patted herself down, not fully drying herself, but leaving enough moisture to make it easier to apply some body lotion.

Katie laid out a fresh set of clothes on the bed ready for the evening.


Taking one last look in the mirror, she liked what she saw, loose top, no bra, so if you were looking, and she hoped Robert would, he would get a glimpse of her breasts. She decided on a skirt rather than shorts, and was in two minds about knickers. But decided in the end, that as it was a public place she had better wear some, also if she got wet, best to have something to absorb her wetness. Katie made her way out of her room, down the stairs and into the courtyard to be greeted with the identical scene as last night. The only difference, was that Robert was looking at her. She felt a twinge in her pussy, getting wet already.

Sitting down she smiled at him and said.

“Not late am I?”

“No.” he replied. “I’m early.”

That’s a good sign she thought picking up the glass of wine he had just poured for her.

“Cheers.” she said, “heres to a wonderful day.”

“Cheers.” he replied, “and to the company, wouldn’t have been the same without you.”

They both drank, looking at each other.

Placing her glass on the table she round her finger around the edge of the glass.

“I had a wonderful day today.” She said. “I would like to do it again, if you like.”

“That would be very nice.” he said. “Not tomorrow, I have some business in Palermo, but will be back in the evening, so we can discuss it then.”

Katie’s heart sank, a day with the handsome Robert what will she do? I need to have him, tonight.

“That would be lovely.” she said taking a sip from her glass.

“That’s settled then, what shall have to eat?” he asked passing her a menu.

The meal seem to go slowly for Katie, conversation drifted from topic to topic, their interests, likes and dislikes. Catarina made the occasional appearance at their table, flirting with Robert, which annoyed Katie.

After coffee, they fell in to an awkward silence, either not wanting the evening to end.

Eventually they were left on their own, Catarina giving them looks that Katie felt burning into her.

“I think we had better go to bed.” Robert said, this time he didn’t blush.

“Yes, I think we should.” she said, looking for any sign of a reaction, she could see one.

Reaching the top of the stairs they both stopped not wanting the moment to pass.

“Can I walk you to your door?” Robert said breaking the silence.

“Yes.” she said. She thought rather to quickly.

Walking slowly, towards her door, she felt his arm touch hers, his hand brush hers. He had touched her hand quite a lot during the meal, purposely, she was sure.

Reaching her door, she placed her key in the locked and open the door.

“I would invite you in for a night cap.” she said “But I don’t have anything to drink.”

“I do.” he said holding up a bottle of wine. She had seen him get it, where did that come from she thought.

Closing the door behind him he stood by the door, hold in hand, just stood there.

“Come in.” she said getting the glass from the sink. “Sorry I only have the one.”

“That’s alright, we can share.” he said opening the bottle and pouring out some wine into it.

They took turns drinking from the glass, each time his hand lingered on hers longer then the last time.

Finally he held onto her hand and didn’t let go, taking the glass with the other hand he put the glass down, still holding her hand he raised it to his lips and kissed it. She felt tingles run down her arm to her pussy, that was now throbbing and dripping wet.

Stepping into her he took her in his arms and kissed her tenderly on the lips, slowly at first then with growing passion.

She could feel his cock growing as he pressed himself against her, his tongue flicking into her mouth touching hers, sending more sensations coursing through her body. His hands moved down to her bottom, squeezing each buttock in turn, his right hand moved up to her breast, swollen with passion and desire. She ground her pussy into his hard cock feeling her wetness soaking her knickers urgently wanting it inside her, thrusting into her, filling her up with his cock. Releasing her from his lips he stepped back and looked at her, she could see his cock pressing against his trousers, she reached down and touched it. He let out a little moan. She began to stock it through his trousers feeling it twitch with every stroke. He lifted her top to get a better look at her breasts, leaning forward he kissed each nipple, she continued to stroke his cock moaning herself as her nipples grew hard with every kiss. He removed her top and then his own shirt as she undid his belt and opened his fly putting her hand inside his underpants, taking his swollen cock in her hand, touching the head of this cock she found it wet. Running her hand up and down his cock he moaned louder, his breathing coming in short breaths. She felt his hand undoing the clasp at the side of her skirt, then unzipping it letting it fall to the floor. His hand moved to lightly touch her through her wet knickers, pressing against her clit making her moan. They stood touching each other for several more moments until Katie dropped to her knees and with both hands pulled his trousers and underpants down freeing his cock. It stood proud from his body, the shaft pulsating with blood as his desire for her grew. Taking his cock in her hand she kissed the tip tasting him, then licking the tip, licking around the head, down the shaft to his smooth balls, taking one in her mouth she sucked gentle, Robert almost screamed with delight. She move up his cock kissing and licking as she went, until she reached the head, then gentle she took into her mouth slowly moving it in and out, just the head in her mouth. Slowly she took his cock deeper into her mouth with each downward stroke, he moaned louder clasping her head, running his hands through her hair toward the back of her head, then suddenly plunging her head down on his cock, moving his hips backwards and forwards he started to fuck her mouth, she moaned with the surprise of his forcefulness.

She managed to release herself from his grip. Looking up at him she reached behind him with one hand and spanked him hard on his buttock, he looked at her with a mixture of pleasure and surprise.

“Again.” he said.

She obeyed.

“Again.” he repeated slapping her face with his cock, she obeyed again.

“Harder, harder.” he moaned forcing his cock into her mouth, she gagged and hit him hard feeling the heat from his buttocks, her pussy dripping wet her clit throbbing. She spanked him again this time on the over buttock as he face fucked he, slowly this time, with her other hand she put it inside her knickers and played with her clit. Seeing what she was doing he withdraw his cock from her mouth.

“Leave it alone.” he said, but she continued plunging a finger deep inside her pussy, moaning as she did.

“I said leave it alone.” he growled, she was turned on so much she didn’t care what he did to her, she want it, all of it.

“Stand up.” he demanded.

She hesitated her hand in her knickers, then slowly stood up, still finger herself as she did.

“Turn around.” he said as he pulled her knickers down in one movement. She obeyed.

She could feel his soft hands caressing her buttocks, occasionally squeezing them then a sharp sting as he spanked her. She had done a little of this before with a previous boyfriend but it never had a sexual connotation, it was just a spanking, but this was intense. She let out a stifled scream as he spanked her again. He stood beside her as he alternated from one buttock to the other, his cock rubbing up against her leg, she grabbed his cock in her hand.

“Leave it,” he said spanking her harder than before. She gave his cock one last tug before she released it and felt it against her leg.

Robert spanked her several more times then moved behind her rubbing his cock between her buttocks, as she was so wet his cock slipped easily up and down. Then she felt his cock between her legs rubbing backwards and forwards the head of his cock slipping in-between her lips parting them. She wanted to touch her clit so badly but wanted Robert to do it instead.

As if Robert had read her thoughts his hand moved around her waist and rested on her clit, he didn’t move it, he let it stay there as he continued to rub his cock in-between her legs. His finger started to rotate around her clit sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body, then either side of it always the lightest of touches, slight pressure on her clit, light touch, he repeated this, her moans seem to spur him on the pleasure intensifying with every second, her legs trembling her whole body shaking with desire, she was building up to a wonderful strong orgasm when suddenly he stopped and pulled his cock out from between her legs.

“On the bed.” he said stepping out of his trousers and removing his shoes & socks.

She walked to the bed her buttocks warm…


Laying down she saw Robert devouring her with his eyes, his cock sticking out like a flag pole, erect hard and swollen. She squirmed on the bed in anticipation of what was to follow. Robert climb on the bed and put his head between her legs, she could feel his breath on her pussy making her squirm more, then he gentle kissed her clit, her pussy, licking her lips, tasting her, his beard rubbing against her legs as he moved his head to kiss and lick every inch of her wet swollen pussy. Each kiss, each lick of her clit sent more waves of pleasure through her, she was building up to an orgasm very quickly, the last time he had stopped, but that was quickly forgotten as the new on built and built until, with a scream of pure delight she had the most intense orgasm she had experienced in a long time. It took several minutes before she was aware of her surroundings, her body slowly subsiding from the earthquake that had over takes her. She felt his body on top of her and a new sensation, inside her, his cock as he was fucking her, she had no idea that whilst she was coming down from the orgasm he had entered her and was fucking her as if his life depended on it. With each thrust of his cock he was plunging deeper and deeper until she felt him against the back of her pussy, the bed rocking with very thrust. She didn’t mind that he had started with out her realising it, as another wave of pleasure grew inside her, this time a different sensation, not a clit stimulated sensation but a pussy orgasm, his cock was stimulating her G-Spot. His breathing was rapid, his face turning red with the excursion, sweat coating his body in a thin film, his eyes open as he looked into hers, his intense look of passion only increased her desire for him, willing him to come, she had had her orgasm, now she wanted him to come inside her. She could feel his cock twitch inside her, she knew he was coming this only intensified the experience for her. They both came together and collapsed into each others arms, bathed in sweat from their excursions and the warm night air.

They lay together for several minutes each breathing deeply their bodies entwined in the dying throws of their combined orgasm.

With out saying anything they slipped under the sheets of her bed and fell into a sleep of pure contentment.


Katie awoke to bright sunlight pouring in through the window of her room. Stretching she thought back to the night before and immediately felt her pussy getting wet, how could thinking of some one get her wet so quickly. she thought as she turned over to face Robert.

But he wasn’t there, she could smell him on the sheets but he was not there, she placed her hand were his gorgeous body should have been, the spot was cold, it was as if he hadn’t been there. But he had, she had the imprint of it on her mind, she could feel his touches and caress on her body, his lips on her clit and her pussy lips. These thoughts started her pussy tingling again, pulling back the sheets she lay there naked in a pool of warm sunlight as she played with her clit, toying with herself as Robert had done last night until she couldn’t wait any longer finally sending herself over the edge with several perfectly timed orgasms, so that they felt like on long orgasm.

Once she had come down from the orgasm she lay there eyes closed thinking of Robert, his touch, kisses. No! she said to herself, I must get up other wise I shall be here all day. Not a bad idea she thought as she swung her legs over the side of the bed and walked towards the shower, would be nice to have woken up to Robert, but he must have left very early.

After showering and changing, Katie found a note stuck to the mirror, it was from Robert.

“Morning gorgeous.” it said, “Sorry I was not here when you woke (can I be here tomorrow morning?), I had to go to a meeting first thing. I will be back in the hotel by 11am and then I’m yours for the rest of the day, to do with what you like. Robert XXX”

To do with what I like, she thought putting the note in her bag, pity to waste another day of site seeing, but a day in bed with his body was something not to be discounted so quickly.

Glancing at her watch she saw that it was 10.50am.

Taking the steps two at a time Katie quickly reached the courtyard, opening the door she saw, to her disappointment that it was empty.

A door to her right opened, the one marked private, fearing it was Catarina, Katie was about to turn around and go back up stairs. But it was one of the waiters, she asked him if Robert had returned yet, he said he wasn’t sure but that he would check.

A little while later he returned saying that he wasn’t in the hotel but had left her a letter.

Taking it from him she made her way out of the hotel, she wanted to be away from prying eyes before she read it.

Finding an unoccupied table a little way down the street from the hotel, Katie sat and waited for her coffee to arrive before she read the letter. After the waiter had left her her coffee and bill, Katie opened the letter.

Reading it, it made no sense, it was just covered in numbers, symbols and what looked like latin. Turning the page she saw he had written “If you want more of the same, last night in particular, using the clues overleaf, come and find me.”

She felt a shiver run through her, shit she was turned on, this was a turn on. A game of hide and seek, but in an ancient city, perhaps the numbers and symbols refer to monuments.

Turning the page she glanced at the numbers and symbols again. She could feel her pussy getting wet with the excitement of playing the game.

The first set of numbers where “218.201 BC” followed by “Concilium PW”.

Under these was “Primum est in Romanum – Victoria fornicem”

Primum was first and of course Romanum was Roman, so the first clue was Roman, so that made 218.201 BC the Second Punic War, 218-201 BC when Rome and Carthage fought for control of the city. Victoria fornicem?

Victoria was Victory, of course, but Fornicem?


She nearly shouted it out. A Roman Victory arch dedicated to the Roman victory in the Second Punic War. She knew where that was.

Paying for the coffee she had not drunk, Katie quickly headed towards the city centre and the Pizza Fratelli Rosselli, and the Roman Arch she saw from her window the day she arrived.


Turning into the Pizza Katie took in the view, directly opposite her across the open space of the Pizza stood the Agrigento Victory or Triumphant Arch. The arch was typical of the genre a huge 20 metre high rectangular block of masonry consisting of three separate arches: one larger central arch with a shorter and narrower arch on either side. Dividing the arches were four detached Corinthian columns, each standing on a pedestal and topped with an entablature. Above the entablature, and as it were extending the columns, stood four pedestals, each carrying a statue. The block or ‘attic’ storey above the arches had an inscription in Latin, a common feature of Roman arches.

Katie walked around the arch looking for anything that might point to another clue, seeing nothing that look remotely like a clue she consulted the letter. Under the first clue there was a latin inscription, looking at the one on the arch she saw that it was the same. The inscription on the arch read “Victori spoliaque, ut transeat ex hoc archipirata”

Katie had to really concentrate, trying to recalling her school latin class, “Victori” translated to “To the Victor”. “Spoliague”, shorten to “Spolia” was “spoils”, “transeat”, transport? No, pass, no thats “ex hoc”.

This is really hard she thought, looking at the arch way as if it would magically give up the answer. She tried to imagine the scene after it was built, seeing the Roman legions marching under the arch way, through lines of waving and cheering crowds.

“That’s it.” she said aloud, “To the Victor the spoils, through this arch you may pass.”

Walking underneath the arch way she looked around looking for another clue, she stopped in the centre of the arch way, as she looked around she noticed a boy watching her. She smiled at him, he smiled back. She returned her gaze back to the letter, after the latin inscription was a circle,  coming of it, at the top and slightly off centre was an arrow. She laughed, the “Mars Symbol” for man. She looked around for a statue or inscription of a man or about a man, seeing nothing her gazed fell on the boy who was now walking towards her.

Stopping in front of her he said “Sei Katie?”

“Si.” she said.

He handed her a postcard and quickly walked away.

Before she could speak to him he had disappeared into the bright sunlight and was lost in a crowd of tourists.

Turning the postcard over in her hand she saw that it was a picture of a stone arched doorway. Looked Norman she thought, similar to the doorways she had seen on many churches in Wiltshire.

There where other smaller pictures one of which was circled, a statue of a Lion.

Turning the postcard over she saw a series of numbers. Lat Lon

GPS coordinates? Taking out her phone she called up Google Earth and typed in the numbers. After a while the map on her phone zoomed out and then zoomed in on an area of the city only a few streets away. Clicking on the “Directions” button on the screen a green line appeared connecting where she was, indicated by a red arrow to the GPS location indicated by a blue flashing dot.

Pinching the screen between her thumb and index finger she zoomed into the area of the blue dot, as the streets came into view a label appeared above the blue dot. “13th century Church of San Nicola.”

Smiling to herself, she thought that was one of the churches she wanted to see while she was here, how did Robert know?

Memorising the route she switched her phone to sleep mode and headed in the direction of the church. In her minds eye she could see the green line laid out before her as she navigated her way through the streets and crowds of tourists and locals, her senses bombarded with the sights, sounds and smells of this ancient city.

After 15 minutes Katie reached the church of San Nicola. Sitting a top three flights of stone steps the church squatted as if it was ready to jump up and make itself look taller. Off to the right was a bell tower separate from the church. Walking up the three flights of steps Katie saw that the church was built of tufa in a transitional Romanesque to Gothic style 13C. Some of the blocks of stone work looked out of place, Katie had read that a lot of the building material had been robbed from several temples, notable the Temple of Zeus and the arches from the Temple of Jupiter both located in the Valley of the Temples.

Stepping into the church, Katie immediately felt the cool air embrace her, it was a very welcome feeling after the heat of the late morning sun. Looking around she gazed at the simple Norman construction, nothing fluamboyute about its interior, simple and to the point, a place of worship nothing more nothing less. Katie like this sort of church better than the highly decorated churches. The aisle of the church was flanked on both sides by six arches that lead to six alcoves set in the walls. In front of her the aisle lead up to the alter and behind that was a very simple but colourful stain glass window depicting several scenes from the bible. Walking along the aisle, Katie could not see the Lion from the postcard. Looking at it again she tried to see if there was other clues to help her.

Katie decided to start with the alcoves against each side of the churches interior, turing to her left she walked to the front of the church and started with the one closest to the door. Walking along passed the others she could not see anything that resembled the picture on the postcard, walking across the aisle to the other side, she walked back again towards the front of the church, again nothing in the alcoves that had a Lion in it.

Puzzled, Katie stopped by the front door, looking around she noticed a small arch way set in the wall just inside the front door, beside it was an information panel saying that the arch way lead down to the crypt and some fine examples of Roman & Greek tombs.

Carefully Katie descended the steps, worn down from decades of use. Reaching the bottom Katie shivered as the temperature was at least two degrees cooler down there then in the church. Katie opened her bag and pulled out her travelling shawl, you never know when you will need one, so it was an essential travel item, especially when visiting Catholic churches. Slipping the shawl over her shoulders she moved deeper into the crypt. Either side of her where slots carved into the bedrock housing coffins, some made of wooden others of lead. These must be Roman she thought running her hand over the raised surface of one of the coffins.

Walking further in she calculated she must be underneath the alter by now, then in front of her in the gloom she saw it, the statue of a Lion. Her heart started to beat faster, was this how Howard Carter felt when he found the tomb of Tutankhamen? Not exactly, but something like it, she thought stepping closer to the statue.

Katie tried to remember all she had learnt about Lions in popular culture, particularly male lions. She knew that they have been an important symbol for thousands of years. Lions enjoy positive depictions in popular culture as creatures that appear strong, but gentle at the same time. Looking more closely at the statue she could just about make out the outline of a woman. She smiled to herself, the war goddess Sekhmet typically was depicted as woman with a lion’s head.

She had studied Sekhmet as part of her thesis, she wondered if Robert had contacted Professor Clarkson and asked him about her, that’s the only way she thought that he would know.

She recalled that in order to placate Sekhmet’s wrath, her priestesses performed a ritual before a different statue of the goddess on each day of the year. This practice resulted in many images of the goddess being preserved. Katie had never seen an actual Sekhmet statue, yes in photos but not the real thing. She reached out a hand and touched the head of the statue. She wasn’t sure what would happen when she touched it, a flash of images of priestesses performing a ritual, Sekhmet herself?

Nothing came to her, just the chill of the stone under her hand.

Why had Robert sent her here to this depiction of Sekhmet, this lion statue?

She couldn’t think of anything else that could help her to the next clue.

Then she remembered a little unknown fact about Sekhmet. To pacify her, festivals were celebrated at the end of battle, so that the destruction would come to an end. During an annual festival held at the beginning of the year, a festival of intoxication, the Egyptians danced and played music to soothe the wildness of the goddess and drank great quantities of wine ritually to imitate the extreme drunkenness that stopped the wrath of the goddess—when she almost destroyed humanity.

She had passed several bars on the way here, but nothing that she recalled that had any connection to Sekhmet, lions or Egypt. Was Robert in bar, is that the clue, wine, drinking?

She need to use her phone, there wouldn’t be any signal down here. Quickly taking a photograph of the statue and one last look at it, she made her way quickly up the stairs to the front door. Blinking in the bright sunlight she moved into the church while her eyes became accustomed to the brightness after the gloom of the crypt.

Pulling her phone out she open the phones browser and typed in a few keywords: Sekhmet, Lion, Wine, Agrigento, greek.

She hit the search button. After a while lists of websites appeared on the screen. scanning down the list nothing immediately stood out. She look more closely.

One website caught her attention, or rather its description.

“Festival of the Goddess Sekhmet; dance and music bring this long forgotten episode in Egypt’s history to live. Adult themes through out, free wine and audience participation encouraged…”

Katie knew instinctively that this is what Robert had meant for her to find. She trembled at the thought of it, Adult themes, audience participation…

Katie pressed on the website link, the phones screen filled with a warning that the content of the website was for adults only. She click on the button that read “Yes, I am 18 years and older”

The page loaded with images of naked men and women in what looked like a temple, scrolling down she read the description of what the show was about, her pussy getting wet with each sentence she read. Her brain picking out words, “Spanking”, “Domination”, “Live Sex”, “Wine”, “Orgy”.

Before she knew it she had clicked on the directions button, as before a map appeared with her location and the location of where the “Festival of the Goddess Sekhmet” was located.

Stepping out into the afternoon sun Katie felts its heat immediately, she felt dizzy for amount, was it the suns heat after the coolness of the church or her inner heat at the anticipation of what was to happen at the Festival of the Goddess Sekhemt?

She didn’t know, one thing she did know, with out a shadow of doubt, she had to get back to the hotel, shower change and get to the location of the festival.

Her mind raced with images and thoughts of what was to happen as she made her way back to the hotel. Entering the hotel she quickly ascended the stairs and entered her room, the journey back had been a blur, she had not really registered it, but she was back in her room know.

Liking off her clothes she showered, delicately not touching her pussy although it ached to be touched and she so desperately want to come.

Stepping out of the shower and drying herself she noticed an envelope on the bed, opening it she found a ticket, with the words “Admit One” and underneath it todays date printed on it. Nothing else.

She knew from the website the show started at 5pm, so she had two hours to get across town to the Valley of the Temples where the show was to be held.

Stepping out of the taxi Katie paid for the fare, she wanted to avoid the crowds on the public transport at this time of day, so she had ordered a taxi. Walking towards the entrance to the Valley of the Temples Katie showed her ticket to the woman on the door. She smiled the smile of someone who knows what Katie was there for, it was a sensual smile, Katie felt as if the woman was devouring her with her eyes.

Katie had never thought about sex with another woman, but the way she was hyped up with sexual tension one word from the woman would have Katie willing to do anything she asked.


Walking out of the main entrance Katie paused to take it the scene before her. All the temples had been rigged with lighting, not bright, but soft sensual lighting, away to her right was a large marquee were the Temple of Venus should have been, until she realised that the temple was in fact inside the marquee.

Off to her left she could just make out the Temple of Hera where she had met Robert, it to was bathed in light, but this light seem different to the others, not sensual more erotic.

Katie shivered, was it from the cooling early evening air, excitement or the anticipation of what was to come, she wasn’t sure which.

Making her way down the hill toward the marquee Katie passed several people, some where talking, others walking hand in hand, while others where kissing, in some cases quite passionately, she wasn’t sure if this was right thing to do in the Valley of the Temples. But if she could be turned on any more, this did it, she was a walking time bomb of sexual tension.

Reaching the marquee she waited in line until it was her time to enter, she handed over her ticket to the woman on the door, and there was that smile again, she felt her pussy grow wetter.

Entering the marquee Katie was struck by the sweet smell of incense, the lighting was very subdued, the air filled with sound of excited murmurs from the assembled crowd. At the back of the Temple, where the alter and inner sanctum would have stood, there was a raised stage, from it stretching out like a long finger, was a cat walk that dived the audience in two. Tables and chairs were laid out around the catwalk, several were occupied already. She looked around for Robert, but could not see him. Most of the audience where dressed casually for the evening, but others seem to be in togas, well thats what she thought. It felt as if she had stepped into a time warp, present day merging with the ancient past, she felt dizzy, must be the incense she thought making her way to what looked like a bar.

Taking her free drink from the bar maid, wont have called her that Katie thought, more like Venus come to life. The woman had a toga on, a very revealing toga, her breasts where perfect, small but well formed, white with very pink, very erect nipples. Katie could not take her eyes off them, when she did she looked straight into the woman’s eyes, who smiled at her, that smile again. Katie felt a trickle of moisture run down the inside of her leg, had she pissed herself with out knowing it, no, she knew that feeling, this was something else, this was like an orgasm, she was dripping wet.

Turning away from the bar she made her way to an empty table, she had to sit down before she fell down. Her head was swimming, her body pulsating with desire, sexual frustration, she wanted to put her hand down her knickers and touch her clit, right here right now. She was on edge.

Then a hand touched her shoulder, Katie let out a clasp, not of pain or fright but of release, a release of tension, as if the hand had turned a value and steam had poured out. She tuned her head to look at who had touched her, but who ever it was placed their hands either side of her face and stopped her. Then a voice told her not to look, but to keep looking straight ahead. She could not make out the voice, her head was swimming, she felt numb, alive.

As the lights started to fade and people sat down, she thought she heard the sound of a chair being pulled up behind her and felt a presence behind her. She so wanted to look, but the voice was so reassuring and safe, she couldn’t.

Music started somewhere in the darkness, light, melodic. Slowly a light appear on the stage, out of the gloom step a figure draped in white cloth, as the light moved around the figure it shone through the white cloth revealing the naked figure of a women, as the light came back to the front of the figure it stopped, figure and light. Slowly the light focused on her face, or rather the face of a lion.

From all around her a voice said. “Behold Sekhmet the Egyptian goddess of the sun. All powerful Sekhmet.”

Out of the darkness strode a man, a naked well hung man, muscular, his skin glistening in the light.

The voice continued, “Behold her husband Ptah, the god of creation and wisdom. Sekhmet is the daughter of the sun god Ra created when his eye looked upon the earth. Her name has passed down the ages as meaning the Powerful One”.

With that Sekhmet took hold of Ptah’s penis and started to lead him down the cat walk.

Katie felt a hand move round her from behind and cup her breast, at the same time she felt a kiss on her neck, then the voice whispered in her ear. “Do not turn round, relax, enjoy the show.”

She melted as the other hand cupped the other breast, squeezed it gently, fingers on both hands played with her nipples, her erect nipples. Focusing on the stage she could see Path’s penis was now erect. Sekhmet stopped and released his penis from her grip, walking around him she run her hands up and down his body, his penis twitched with each touch.

The voice continued, “As a sun Goddess, Sekhmet is like the scorching, searing and burning heat of the sun, she is also known as Nesert, which means flame.”

Suddenly flames shot down either side of the catwalk, round the stage, it looked as if it was on fire. Leaping on to the stage through the flames came men and women, naked except for the women who wore lion masks, they started to dance, and move about the stage, some coming down the catwalk, rotating around each other as they went. The dancers on the stage started to simulate sexual acts, sucking cock, doggy, missionary position, every conceivable sexual act you could imagine, and some Katie had not seen before. One couple had got into a position where the woman had performed a hand stand in front of the man, he grab her around the waist as she used his legs to climb up, so, upside down her head was in line with his cock and his head in-between her legs, they then simulated oral sex, she sucking his cock, whilst he licked her pussy.

Katie felt a hand on her shorts touching her pussy through the material, she moaned, kisses on her neck, tender, loving, her left breast still being massaged, her nipples pinched every so often, filling her with excitement and longing to be fucked.


On stage the simulated sex turned in to full on sex, Katie could see members of the audience acting out what was happening on stage. An expression posed into her head – Is this life imitating art or art imitating life?

Toga clad waitress walked amongst the tables delivering drinks and condoms in equal measure, tables with only women at them had vibrators placed on them. Katie had never had sex in public, she had try it outside once, but having got bitten by bugs, as she called them, she wasn’t one for trying new things. But watching the show and the audience participation she was so turned on she didn’t care anymore, she want to be fucked, here on the table, in front of everyone. She tried once again to turn her head to see who it was that was finger her and touching her breasts, but each time she tried a firm hand would stop her.

Sekhmet was now being fucked by Ptah, his huge cock sliding easily into her with every stroke, whilst the dancers on the catwalk took it in turns to there cocks or pussies licked by her. A pulsating backing track filed the air, as the beat quicker so did the tempo of the sex on stage and this seem to encourage the audience to increase their activities.

Suddenly Katie felt the hands leave her body, then in her ear the voice told her to stand up and leave the marquee, but not to look back.

Katie obeyed, slowly raising from her seat she took one last look at Sekhmet as she now engaged in double penetration whilst sucking on two cocks one after the other. The women where now licking each others pussies in a long line running down the cat walk. Katie walked uneasy towards the entrance, her pussy sopping wet trying not to look behind her, carefully negotiating the mass of bodies around her.

Reaching the entrance Katie stepped outside welcoming the cool night air as it enveloped her.

“Good evening.” the women who had smiled at her when she took her ticket said, standing in front of her finger her pussy and playing with her nipples, Katie was drawn to her, her body aching to be touched, at this moment she didn’t care who it was, male or female. Katie stood there as the woman walked towards her the woman touched Katie’s breasts and kissed her on the lips, Katie returned the kiss. The woman moved her arms around her waist as the kissing increased in intensity. Suddenly the woman slap Katie on her backside, then again harder. Katie moved away from her.

“Its not me you want is it?” the woman said smiling at her.

Katie didn’t answer, just looking at her.

“You want to be fucked, don’t you?” she said finger herself once again.

“Yes.” Katie managed to say, her eyes drawn to the woman’s fingers slowly sliding in an out of her shaved pussy.

“Go to the Temple of Hera.” She said turing around and walking into the marquee.

Katie stood there for a moment watching the woman’s firm buttocks disappear into the marquee.

Eventually Katie turned and walked toward the Temple of Hera.

Walking up the steps Katie entered the Temple, looking around she saw that she was alone, moving further into the Temple she noticed some ropes tied around one of the columns. Walking towards the column she saw that hanging from the ends of the rope where leather cuffs.

She became aware of someone standing behind.

“Take off your clothes.” It was Roberts voice.

Katie didn’t move.

“Take off your clothes.” he repeated this time slapping her hard on her bum.

Katie gasped, but didn’t move, she just stood there.

“I said take off your clothes.” Robert said punctuating each word with slap to her buttocks.

Slowly Katie removed her clothes. Finally she stood naked the cool air playing over her body as if it was trying to cool her passion.

She felt a hand caress her buttocks. Then a hard slap on each one.

“Put your hands in the cuffs.” Robert said pushing gentle towards the column.

Katie slipped her hands into the cuffs, as she did this Robert placed a cuff over her angles.

She was now bound hand and foot. Robert moved around her and disappeared behind the column. Katie felt the ropes tighten and pull her towards the column until her naked body was hard up against the cool stone. Robert reappeared from behind the column running his hands over Katie’s body, she moaned with every touch, she knew what was coming and wanted it. Anticipating the slap she tensed up her breasts pressing harder against the column.

Then it happened. First one buttock then the other, slowly at first, building up a rhythm, left then right, left then right. This continued for about a minute, each slap made Katie moan and cry out with pleasure.

Robert stopped. Katie pushed her buttocks outwards as best she wanting him to continue. He didn’t, but he did caress her warm pink buttocks. Then repeated the rhythmic slapping this time increasing the hardness of the slaps until her buttocks were glowing red her pussy juice running down her legs.

Robert again stopped, this time he didn’t caress her buttocks but stepped away from her. Katie could hear him removing his clothes. Once he was naked Robert started to stroke his cock as he continued to spank her, this time a lot harder then before, so much Katie was forced against the column, her clit touching the cool stone sending waves of desire coursing through her body. Stopping Robert pressed himself against her, she felt his cock against her hot red buttocks, he kissed her gentle on the nape of her neck sending more waves coursing through her.

“Fuck me.” she said. “Fuck me now. Please.” she implored him.

Robert didn’t answer her, but continued to kiss her, running his hands over her body, fingering her wet pussy, pushing a finger inside as far as it would go whilst his dumb played with her arse.

He continued like this for several minutes finally withdrawing his finger.

“Fuck me.” she said, louder this time. “Fuck me you bastard.”

Suddenly and forcefully he pushed his cock inside her pussy, plunging it deep in side her, his groin slapping against her red buttocks with each thrust.

His thrusting getting faster and faster as he reached his orgasm filling her pussy with his come.

He must have been as turn on as much I was she thought as he slowly withdrew his limp cock from inside.

“You made me come to soon.” he said slapping you hard on her buttocks.

“Thats for making me so horny.” he said slapping her harder.

Katie was now screaming wth pain and pleasure as she was close to an orgasm herself.

Slapping her again again, swearing at her Robert knew the effect he was having on her. Sending her over the edge as the orgasms ripped through body, one after the other, like a tidal wave. Finally he stopped as she slumped as far as the restraints would allow. She hang there spent, exhausted both physically and emotionally.

Katie felt her hands and feet being released from their restraints. Her legs gave way as she slipped to the stone floor, she knelt there until Robert helped her to her feet, holding her in his arms as he did so.

Being held by him she seem to draw strength from his passion for her, he kissed her, she returned his kisses forcing her tongue into his mouth. She loved him kissing her, he was gentle and forceful at the same time, pushing his tongue into her mouth, sucking on her tongue as it entered his mouth.

Robert eventually pulled away from her.

“Hello.” he said kissing her.

“Hello.” she said kissing him. “Thank you.” she said hugging him.

“You’re welcome.” he said returning her hug, squeezing her hard in his arms.

“That was fantastic.” She said.

“Glad you liked it.” he said stepping away from her, looking her up and down. “God you are beautiful.” he said.

Katie hugged him again as she said “I have never felt this way about a man before, you do something to me that is beyond words.”

They kissed.

Breaking away they looked at each other lost in their own thoughts.

“Lets go.” Robert said picking up her clothes and helping her dress. Once Robert had finished dressing himself they hugged again and held it for several minutes.

Slowly they parted, taking her my her hand Robert lead her out of the Temple, down the steps and headed for the exit.

The taxi journey back to the hotel was spent in silence, Katie laid her head in his lap and curled up on the backseat. She could feel his cock getting hard under her head. Turning her head she kissed his cock through his trousers. He moan.

Stepping out of the taxi Robert paid the fare and lead her into the hotel, through the empty courtyard and upstairs to her room.

Closing the door behind them Robert walked Katie to the bed and slowly undressed her, kissing each part of her as he exposed it.

Robert quickly stepped out of his clothes and joined her on the bed, they embraced, caressing and kissing each other.

Eventually they had slow passionate sex, each one savouring the other, feeling the intensity of the moment…..