Part 1: The first lesson

“But where are Nev and Eddie? If they’ve gone to the pub…”
Helen walked across the stage, looking up at the stairs that led off to the green room. She swept her blonde hair back from her face and stared expectantly up the steps, frowning.
“If they’ve gone to the PUB…”
A dark haired girl dashed out, looking flustered.
“Oh God, sorry!”  She looked apologetically at Helen. “Shh! The kids are asleep up here!… Can you tell Eddie to come up… No, sorry – Have you seen Eddie… No…”
“LINES!” yelled the director, a tall, striking man in his early fifties.
“I’m sorry,” wailed Patsy, as some of the other actors muttered under their breath. She was the only one who didn’t know her lines; the rest of them had worked hard to learn this play, and it was generally felt that Patsy was holding up rehearsals.
“Right, everyone take a break!” ordered the director.  “Patsy, get the kettle on.”
“Yes, Robert,” she said and rushed into the back room to get away from the cast.When the tea was ready, Patsy passed round the cups, trying to win favour by doing something right; as Robert came to take one she looked at him, her hands trembling. His steady gaze met hers and in that moment her insides flipped. His dark blond hair, his tanned arms and those beautiful hands…Why couldn’t she get her lines right and make him happy? Right now she knew he was cross with her and that she was not doing herself any favours. He took the cup of tea from her. For an all too brief moment, his fingers brushed against hers and she felt electricity shoot up her body. She looked away, embarrassed.
“Learn those lines,” he growled at her, so the others couldn’t hear, but with a firm and meaningful tone.

The run-through of scene three proved more successful, mainly because Patsy didn’t have much to say, and when she wasn’t acting she stood in the wings, watching. Her eyes were drawn to Robert, who was focused on the other actors. Half hidden behind scenery, Patsy drank in this bewitching man, who distracted her concentration.  As he strode across the stage, he glanced across at her and she looked away quickly; he had caught her looking, again.


“Want a lift?” Robert asked casually, as rehearsals ended and the others began to drift away.  Somehow Patsy had contrived to get a few extra minutes with the object of her infatuation, after rehearsals. It was a few minutes’ drive to her house but he did not seem to mind and she treasured this time alone with him. She was too nervous to speak much, or say anything of sense, and cringed inside when she heard herself talking nonsense. But tonight, before they reached her road, Robert turned left down a quiet lane and stopped the car.
“What are you doing?” she asked nervously.
“I think we need a little chat,” he said, turning towards her and looking at her seriously.  Patsy’s mind raced with worry.
“I think you know the problem, Patsy.”
She flushed, hoping he wasn’t going to fire her from the production. If he asked her why she was so nervous the whole time…
“I’ll try, I’ll really try!” she blurted out, pleading with her eyes, oh don’t sack me, please. She couldn’t bear not seeing him…
“Yes…you will try…” He considered her quietly, his face giving nothing away. “I’m going to give you something to help you focus,” he said. “Get into the back seat please, Patsy.”
Patsy’s head swam. What was he going to give her? A drug?  Homework? A kiss, please god she couldn’t cope with a kiss, that would only distract her more. She got out of the car and into the back seat. Robert did the same, in silence. With him so close to her now, she was struggling to breathe. With a sudden movement he put his arm around her waist and pulled her roughly across his knees. She found herself staring face down at the floor, her bottom stuck high up over his lap.
“If you can’t learn your lines, then you’re going to have to learn some discipline,” he told her.
Patsy’s heart leapt into her mouth. Robert had one hand on her back holding her down gently and the other was pulling her dress up!
“What are you doing?!” she squealed.
“Girls who don’t learn their lines get their bottoms spanked,” Robert said.

Part 2:  A lesson learned

As soon as the words were out he yanked her knickers down and smacked her bottom. Patsy gasped with shock as his hand stung her flesh. The pain leapt through her body like she had been burnt. She could not believe what was happening. To her horror she felt herself getting aroused by it all and grew hot with embarrassment. If Robert saw her wetness…
“Oww!” Two more loud, stinging smacks fell on her exposed bottom and Patsy flushed with shame. But this was only the beginning. Robert began to give her a proper discipline spanking, smack after smack after smack, and the heat grew in her cheeks. Her pussy became very wet, the humiliation and shame was so exciting, but she prayed Robert would not notice. The spanking went on, smack after smack on alternate cheeks, building in intensity and pain. A random thought crossed her mind, about how such lovely, delicate hands could cause such wild, searing pain. Her bottom was giving off its own heat now, and she thrust back a hand to try and shield herself. But Robert grabbed her by the wrist and held her arm tightly against the small of her back. She thrilled at his touch, his control, but really this was hurting too much now… Patsy cried out for him to stop, but to no avail.
“This will teach you, won’t it?” Robert said, as he kept spanking. For a brief and welcome moment, his hand stroked her tender skin and the light touch sent waves of pleasure through her body. But it was not for long as the smacks started again, harder this time, until she couldn’t bear them. Patsy let out a long wail and she struggled hard to get free, but Robert’s firm grip held her down and he finished the spanking with six hard whacks that made her yelp.

There was silence. Robert helped Patsy up into a sitting position and ordered her back into the front seat.  She pulled up her clothes awkwardly and obeyed him meekly. She sat in shock not knowing what to say, the all-consuming burning sensation in her bottom making it impossible to think of anything else. She couldn’t look at him although she sensed him looking at her. He started the car and they drove the short distance to her home with an electric tension in the air.  Patsy grabbed her bag to make a quick exit but Robert put out a hand and gripped her arm to stop her. The strength of his hand made her tremble.
“Now, Patsy, has that taught you a lesson?”
“Yes, Robert, it has, honest!” she spluttered.
“So tell me…” he was enjoying this!  “What are you going to do before Thursday’s rehearsal?” Was that a smile playing on his lips?
She looked at him like a little girl. “I’m going to learn my lines, I’ll be word perfect, I promise I will!”
He smiled at her mischievously, “Well, if you’re not, then next time I’ll spank you in front of the others.”
With a face as scarlet as her bottom, Patsy flung open the car door and rushed into the house.

In bed that night, her sore red cheeks kept her from sleeping, that and the endless replaying of what had happened running through her head.  The ache from her bottom spread throughout her body and set her pussy on fire. Patsy needed some comfort, so she couldn’t help but put a hand down there, and she rubbed frantically at her clit through her sopping wet knickers, as she re-lived her spanking, smack after smack.  Was Robert joking about spanking her in front of the others? It didn’t bear thinking about… but when she did think about it, she had to rub even harder and finally she came with an exquisite shudder. She wasn’t sure she could take a spanking like that again, so she set the alarm to get up early and made a vow to get those lines perfect before Thursday…

Part 3: Patsy tries to please

Thursday night came and Patsy was feeling confident that Robert would have no reason to be cross with her. She had spent all of Wednesday and Thursday learning her lines, and she was not going to let him or her cast-mates down. It had been quite a feat focusing on her lines, as every time she did, her mind wandered and the memory of her encounter made her aroused.  She had to put the script aside to relieve the growing tension within her. She was unsure what she wanted  – to learn her lines and please Robert or to test his limits? She knew if she messed up, she would get spanked again, which she wanted and didn’t want in equal measure. In the end she decided to learn the lines, in case she shouldn’t push him too far.

That evening at rehearsals, Robert was the first person she saw.  Her heart gave a leap, but he didn’t look up and didn’t say hello, just ignored her and joked with the others. She tried to hide her disappointment.  She had a lot of lines in the scene so she decided to get his attention by getting everything right.  She tried, but things went awry. Just before her cue, she saw Robert looking right at her. Her heart was pounding. She said her line and then picked up a glass. But her hand was shaking so much she dropped it and it smashed. Robert gave a snort and slammed his script shut.
“Patsy! There’s a broom in the cupboard. Clear that up.”

Patsy searched in the cupboard for the broom, feeling miserable that Robert was being so cold towards her. There was a noise and then suddenly he was there, standing close behind her and reaching past.
“Feeling nervous today are we?” He brushed her arm as he got out the broom. Fifty volts shot through her.
“I want you word perfect in the next scene, do you understand?” He closed the door, now so close to Patsy she could barely breathe.  She nodded.
“Or you know what to expect, don’t you?”
“Yes Robert” she said, barely audible.
Robert placed his hand on the small of her back, and slid it down gently over her bum. She felt like she was on fire and her pussy throbbed again.  He walked away briskly.

When it came to Patsy’s turn in the next scene she could barely concentrate. All she could see in the corner of her eye was Robert, and she missed her cue twice. The others started tutting.  She got so flustered she started saying lines from the last scene, even though she knew them at home! But it seemed to be catching as several of the others started fluffing their words too, to the point where they all started laughing.  Patsy wondered, would he consider spanking any of the others as well? Robert closed his script meaningfully and said one word,
They all started talking at once, apologising, not one of them worried that they were going to be punished…
“Cheer up Patsy!” laughed Iain, her on-stage husband. “You look scared to death!”
Robert glanced up at Patsy and she saw that little smile playing on his lips again.
“Let’s take a break and try to get your lines right in the next hour…”

To everyone’s relief, the second half of rehearsals went a lot better. Patsy concentrated so hard she had a headache, but she got nearly all her lines right. It made such a different to the team spirit and everyone noticeably relaxed.  Patsy desperately hoped she’d done enough to please Robert, but she daren’t look at him because when she did she blushed.  Robert gave his usual round-up at the end, giving everyone pointers about their performance. When he came to Patsy she was gutted that he just passed over her with, “Better,” and a little smile, but no indication as to whether better was good enough…

And then it was home time. She thought perhaps she would leave with the others and walk, but he offered her a lift in front of everyone.
“Are you sure?” she said quietly, heart in her mouth.
“Absolutely,” he said, that smile at the edge of his mouth again.
With no way out, but dying to be alone with him, Patsy followed Robert to his car.

As usual there was an awkward silence. She fiddled with her bag as he started the engine.
“That last scene was better,” she ventured.
They set off.
“Something had the desired effect!” He said, smiling.
Patsy did not reply but her pussy responded…
“Need any more motivation?” he asked, chuckling.
“No! Certainly not!” she said. She felt a bit relieved, as he was obviously happier. But as they drove along, to her horror, they were turning again into the lane where he had stopped before.

Part 4: Patsy learns something new

Patsy panicked.
“No, I don’t need any more, really I don’t! Please, Robert!”  The car stopped.
“Get in the back,” he commanded softly, and she found herself obeying him, as if in a dream. She didn’t want a spanking, not again, but to be over his knee, to feel his body against hers, she just could not resist it.
“Please, I can’t take another spanking!” she begged, her face flushing as her pussy got wetter.
“You seemed to enjoy it,” he teased and her cheeks burned to know he had seen her arousal.
“But who said anything about a spanking?” Robert whispered. “I thought you might like a little reward.”

Before the words could register, he pulled Patsy in close so their faces were nearly touching. And suddenly he was kissing her, long, urgent kisses that she had longed for, kisses she had imagined every night for so long. Her mind raced as they clung to each other. Then long-held passions flowed over as they gave in to their desire and all pretence fell away. Patsy ran her hands wildly over his body and he stroked her hair, her legs, her breasts and kissed her passionately. He reached down between her legs, touching her gently and she moaned with longing as it sent waves through her body. He pulled her hand over his crotch and she felt, with a surge of desire, his long hard cock through his jeans. Frantically she struggled with the zip and released this wonderful sight, her pussy dripping as she took his cock in her hand. Robert teased her through her sopping knickers, then pulled them aside and gently stroked her clit. It was too much, too good for Patsy and she let out a long moan. She stroked Robert’s swollen cock and he pushed her head down roughly towards it.  Slowly she licked it, the big pink head, all down the shaft, teasing him, watching him. She took the whole head into her mouth and slowly slowly took more and more in, bit by bit as far as she could. He gripped her head with his hands and moved it up and down his cock, gently at first, then more and more roughly as desire took hold. Patsy gagged a little but she wanted to please, to make him feel as she did. She sucked and teased until he was panting with pleasure, then he held her head steady and thrust upwards to fuck her mouth, urgently, desperately, roughly.

She gagged as her throat filled with cock but Robert pushed her down hard and kept control. He would decide when was enough. He fingered her pussy, her clit, feeling her tremble with longing, with desire for his cock. He would take her, fuck her, do as he pleased.

He released her head and Patsy breathed in deep but then Robert was pulling her to him, lying her down on the cramped seat, pushing one leg to the left and lifting the other high onto his shoulder. She was desperate for him and looked up in awe. He pushed inside her, gently, slowly, then as the urge took over, he abandoned control and gave way to desire, thrusting deeper and harder, lowering himself down and fucking her hard, as hard as he could. Patsy’s cries filled the car and Robert pounded her pussy, til they were moaning together. For a moment he towered above her and then she felt hot sticky cum spraying her face, landing on her nose, mouth and cheeks, running down her chin. She burst into laughter and Robert was laughing too. Relief gave way to joy, as they sank into a heap and held each other close in the dark.