Michael had been working hard all day moving stuff out of his old house and into his new flat. He had driven back and forth from his old house and unloaded the car each time, hulking heavy boxes up the steps to his apartment. Cass had sort of made herself useful, doing the light things like unpacking the new furniture and watching him while he assembled it; he didn’t mind as long as she kept him supplied with regular cups of tea and a few kisses.

So after a well deserved leisurely snuggle in front of a film, it was two weary souls who headed to bed, to try out the new mattress.  They made love in a carefree, relaxed way, enjoying the feel of each others’ skin as they lay close together. Michael was ready to sleep and so, he thought, was Cass. He dozed off straight away. But either a mixture of excitement, too much wine, or just the strangeness of the new place had an ill effect on Cass, a delicate creature, and she could not follow him into the land of dreams. Instead, she tossed and turned and became increasingly frustrated at her own body for not going off to sleep. She decided to get a drink of water so she got out of bed. Michael turned over and made a sound.  She opened the door as quietly as she could but she wasn’t used to it, it had one of those closing mechanisms and swung to with a loud bang. It woke Michael up, but she didn’t know until she returned with her water and made the same noise.
“Cass,” he muttered, “can’t you sleep?”
She snuggled in beside him and tried to get comfy. He dozed off again, gently. But a few seconds later, she was fiddling with the pillows, trying first one, then two, then one again, so he turned over with a sigh, willing her to go to sleep.

An hour or so later, he was disturbed again, this time by Cass sitting up and blowing her nose. Not quietly, like a lady, but more like a distressed goose. Michael yanked his half of the duvet across to cover his body, which Cass yanked back again.
“Cass!” he hissed, this time more urgently. “Don’t you ever go to sleep?”
“I can’t!” she whined. “I’m all blocked up.”
He wished he could block his ears up, but he stroked Cass’s back gently and murmured to her to get some rest. Michael drifted back into his dream.

What felt like 5 minutes later, but was actually half an hour, he felt Cass nudge him gently. It woke him up.
“What is it now?” he demanded. “Go to sleep!”
“You’re snoring,” she accused him.
“No, I’m not,” he said.
“You are, and it’s keeping me awake!”
That was the last straw for Michael. Keeping Cass awake? She had been keeping him awake for the last few hours. It was intolerable.
“Keeping you awake, am I?” he counteracted. “I’ll show you who’s keeping who awake round here!” and with that he sat up and hauled Cass sideways so she was lying face down flat across the bed, over his outstretched legs and under his hand.  She squealed but she knew what was coming. With determined speed, Michael pulled her nightdress out of the way and set about spanking Cass’s firm round bottom. Naturally she protested and yelped as the smacks fell, but this spanking was going to make her think twice about disturbing him and ruining his sleep!  Cass yowled and complained, but Michael had a real point to make and he was going to make it. He skipped the warm up spanks and just went straight into hard, stinging slaps across both cheeks that left a red imprint.
“Michael!” she called, wishing he would stop. “I’m sorry!” But sorry cut no mustard once Michael had been crossed and he wanted Cass to know that the only way she would learn was after she had been given a sound spanking.

The smacks went on and on until at last his hand hurt too much to continue and Cass’s bottom was fiery pink. It was searing hot and she had tears running down her cheeks, partly from her lack of sleep, partly from knowing she deserved this for upsetting Michael’s sleep. She sat up carefully.
“I’m sorry,” she said through her tears, and leant forward to hug Michael. He stroked her back and hair and soothed the sleepless mess. But now he hoped he would be able to get some sleep.

“I need to sleep now Cass,” he said gently. “I can’t have you disturbing me again, so I’ve had an idea.” She looked at him questioningly.
“What?” she asked, nervously.
“Come with me,” he took her hand and led her into the hallway. Just near the bedroom was a small under the stairs cupboard, big enough to put things like vacuums and spare boxes in. You had to crouch to go in there.  Michael had joked about putting Cass in there as a punishment, or to keep her there for his requirements.  But until now… Michael opened the door wide and switched on the hall light. It lit up the cupboard just enough for Cass to see a large metal dog crate, just sitting in the inside of the cupboard doorway. It was big enough for say, a Labrador, and held a thin cushion, a bowl of water, and had a lockable door. Michael let go of Cass’s hand and undid the door.
“In you get,” he said. Cass looked at him in horror.
“Seriously?” she whispered.
“Come on Cass, I’m not joking,” he said, his hand on the door. “Get in. Now. You can sleep in here and that will guarantee I get a good sleep.”
Cass didn’t dare disobey him, so she dropped to her knees and crawled head first into the crate. There was just enough room to sit upright, and to turn round.  The pillow was only thin and she could feel the bars through it.  Michael leaned forward, kissed her on the head, then shut the door and secured it. Cass peered out at him through the bars, feeling like an animal in the zoo must feel, and then he closed the door to the cupboard, and everything went dark.

Cass didn’t care for the dark but she shut her eyes and curled up in a tight ball on her side in the crate. The house was very quiet, apart from some creaking noises, and she thanked her lucky stars it was a new house and there were no spiders or dark corners in here. She realised, with a throb from her burning cheeks, that she must really stick to Michael’s house rules and not disobey him when she stayed over. It was quiet and still.  She thought of something pleasant and drifted off into a brief sleep.

When she woke up, light was creeping under the cupboard doorway. It must be morning. She heard a door open and close and next thing she knew, Michael was standing at the open door, his large stiff cock in his hand.
“Good morning pet!” he joked with her. “I’m glad you’re awake!” And with that he stood flush with the cage and the doorway, and carefully put his swollen cock through the bars. It just fitted. She knew what she had to do and took the end carefully in her mouth. Now was time to make amends for last night.  Michael was in the position of power here so he took control of the pace and depth of his cock and gently thrust it in and out of her throat. She tried not to gag but to open wide and relax and take it all in. As he got faster though, she spluttered a little and he withdrew.  She knelt waiting. Michael bobbed down and opened the crate door.
“Out you come,” he ordered.
Stiff and unsupple, Cass clambered awkwardly from her crate and straightened out in the hall way. She went to hug Michael but he took both her wrists and wrapped some rope round them.
“We’re not finished,” he explained, as he kept hold of the rope.
With the other hand he pulled the dog crate slowly out of the cupboard until it was standing free in the hallway. With a firm hand he manoeuvred Cass so she was standing against the long side and then bent her over in the middle. He looped the rope through the bars and up again so that her wrists were secured in front of her on the top of the cage. Taking more rope, he stretched out Cass’s legs, one at a time, securing each ankle tightly to each side of the front of the cage.  Now Cass was splayed out across the crate, waiting for him. She could pretty much guess the next part. But before he fucked her, Michael slipped a bit gag into her mouth, something he did, or so he said, to make sure the neighbours didn’t hear too much. Then he stood behind his girl, stroked her red bottom and fingered her wet pussy. Cass, despite the humiliating set up she was in, found everything Michael did immensely arousing and she loved submitting to his tastes and desires. He was so erotic, so beautiful, to be taken by this beautiful body was all she could dream of. She felt him nudge her with his fat cock and with one push it was inside her, filling her and he began to fuck. Slowly at first, just so she wanted more, and he pushed her gently on her back so that her tits pressed against the crate bars.  Her clit was just over the front edge, where the top met the side, so the pressure was driving her crazy. Michael put his hand round and played with her for a while, producing moans so loud you wouldn’t know the gag was in. But finally he wanted to focus on his own pleasure, and grabbed both sides of the cage to get a good position to fuck her hard, deep, fast.

Cass was in heaven, tied, gagged, fucked and still with the ache of last night’s spanking, her whole body trembled with pleasure and she longed to come, this pounding, urgent cock was her focus, the crate rocked with the motion and the door made a loud rattling noise. It was an almighty racket and she smiled to herself for a moment. The neighbours would hear this and wonder to themselves just what was going on. But that to her and to Michael was even hornier and they both gave themselves up to the experience and enjoyed the moment.

Later on the sofa, Michael asked Cass if she’d enjoyed sleeping in the cage.
“I missed being beside you,” she whined, but he had had a good night’s sleep and was secretly pleased with his idea.
“Those who can’t sleep nicely sleep in the crate,” he said, “and my word is final.  We’ll get you a nice doggie collar and a lead, I think.”
“And for you,” she exclaimed, knowing that Michael would also enjoy playing at pets.
“Never mind about me for now, missus,” he growled, not wanting to admit just then that she was right.
“Ok,” she said quietly, knowing that she would be back in that crate in the very near future.