Cass is not a greedy girl but she knows what she likes and so when she and Michael first realised they liked each other, it was only a matter of time before they were sending messages all night saying what they’d like to do. This became photos, that were swapped discreetly to give each other a teasing look into what would become theirs to touch, kiss, and hold. Cass sent cheeky pictures of her peach-like bottom and breasts, which Michael adored, and in turn he sent her increasingly revealing pictures of himself. Cass was delighted, when he sent a photo showing his naked body and beautiful hard cock. Not only was it hard, but it was quite perfect. Cass hadn’t seen more cocks than many other girls, but she knew enough to be sure she was looking on a thing of beauty. Michael was blessed both with length and girth, namely, he had both a large and thick cock, with a rather delicious head and neat, smooth balls. Something, Cass thought, that most girls could only dream of touching.

Cass’s luck was definitely in, and she tried not to go around all day with a daft grin on her face, because it was bound to cause awkward questions. But she did feel like a lottery winner, with this beautiful, wonderful body to explore. Michael, bless him, did not realise how lucky he was, as he mistakenly thought most men had cocks the same. It took actual google research on average sizes to finally convince him he was not average. Cass smiled as she watched Michael with the tape measure and she saw the penny drop.
You might already have begun to see but Cass could get a little fixated and she felt that being obsessed with how beautiful Michael’s body and cock were was not a bad thing. But she probably went a little far when she started to worship Michael’s cock, as you might worship a god or icon. After all, Michael was more than just a body part… but he couldn’t help feeling flattered secretly.
It all started when Cass took some photos of his hard cock when they were playing around one Saturday. She asked Michael to print out the pictures, which he thought was unusual as normally they just kept them online. But he gave her a few copies.  One afternoon he got back from work to find that Cass had been over to the flat before him. In one corner of the living room stood a short pretend greek column. Something she had nicked from her art class, he thought. On top of it was more than he could really take in. There in plaster cast, was an exact copy of what looked like.. but surely could not be… his cock? He’d heard you could buy such things but, really? Balanced behind it on the column and pinned to the wall beside it were the photos he had printed out for her. Draped around the statuette was a garland of fake flowers. Beside those, a couple of incense sticks. Next to that, candles. Michael shook his head in disbelief. He knew Cass was a bit way out sometimes but this…?! It was a sort of altar, a place of worship! He threw back his head and laughed in amazement. He hoped it was a joke. But a good one. If she was that obsessed with worshipping his cock… well he could think of many ways in which she could show her devotion.

Cass wasn’t due to come round until later in the week, so Michael made his tea, had a beer to relax and then texted her. “What on earth..?” He asked, sending a picture of the altar with it. She messaged back, “I have a new religion.” He sent a laughing emoji. She continued. The new religion was worshipping his cock and she was a converted worshipper. She would bow down before the altar twice a day and on ceremonial days she would worship by kneeling in front of the cock itself. Cue many witty texts from Michael about what she could do while she was kneeling in front of him. Cass responded in a more serious tone about how she would like to worship in front of him and do all she could to please him. Michael considered before he replied. He could be on to something. She clearly wanted to please him, or his cock, or both, or were they one and the same – he was feeling confused himself now.
“Come round tomorrow.” He texted, and left it at that.
Cass arrived the next evening, bang on time. When she took off her coat, Michael was astonished and amused to see she was dressed in a loose white dress, a bit like a toga. Clearly she thought she was in some sort of Grecian or Roman cult, that worshipped the penis. But who was he to stop her!? This could only mean good news for him. He was already hard at the thought of an evening devoted purely to his pleasure. Cass began by explaining that she thought Michael’s body was so beautiful and perfect in every way that the only way she could express this was to openly worship it, desiring to fulfil his every wish and to give him every delight. Michael agreed this was perfectly okay with him, and that she should begin. Cass brought Michael a cold beer served in a bizarre goblet that she had picked up somewhere, and fruit served on a platter. Michael picked at a grape or two and sipped the beer.  He was sitting and Cass knelt in front of him on the floor. She started to stroke his legs and thighs, slowly working her way up until she was stroking around his cock, just avoiding making contact with it, teasing him, until finally he felt her hand brush it gently through his clothing, making it harden, until she was tracing the outline of his hard cock with her fingers, squeezing the tip. Gently she loosened his belt and undid the fly of his jeans, releasing the tension from around his crotch. Cass stroked from his balls up to the head and then carefully eased down the material of his pants, watching the swollen head as it met the air, already slightly wet.  Cass bent forward and took the tip into her mouth, caressing it with her tongue. Michael took a breath in. She pulled his pants clear and sat back to admire this beautiful object of fascination. His cock stood proud and strong, pulsing slightly with anticipation, the smooth balls neat and beautiful beneath, the shaft long and thick. Cass gazed at it in awe, until Michael almost laughed, but he also wanted her to worship it as long as and much as she desired. He put a hand on the back of her neck and drew her head closer to it. Cass opened her mouth wide and took the head inside.  Slowly she took it in deeper, trying hard not to gag or to pull back. Michael realised it was quite a mouthful but he knew she wanted him to help her take it. He kept his hand on her neck and pushed gently when she struggled. She started to bring her head back up, but he held it firmly. He could feel the tension in her body as she struggled to keep going. Michael pushed harder. She would take it in. She would worship now as he desired. His cock grew harder with the thought and she spluttered as it filled her mouth. Michael decided to take charge. He stood up, forcing her to shuffle backwards, held her head in both hands and slowly thrust his huge cock down her throat. Cass wanted so much to take it but was clearly having problems. But, he thought, this was her choice, her new religion, and if she were to be a devoted worshipper she would have to make sacrifices. He held her head still and thrust quicker into her mouth. Cass took it as best she could, but she was pressing hard against his thighs with her hands, trying to control it, which he thought was not acceptable.
“Hands off!” He said, swiping her hands away. She made a noise of protest. He withdrew his cock and gave her a moment’s breathing time.
“It’s just so big, but I want to take it, I really do!” She said. “Just a minute. I have an idea.” Cass disappeared for a minute into the other room and returned with something Michael had not seen before. She must have been spending money online again. In Cass’s hand was a type of O gag, one with a metal O shaped ring that fitted into the mouth to keep it open.
“Perfect,” he said, taking it and fitting it to Cass’s head. She obediently opened her mouth to fit round the ring. He looked at her. It was the most arousing sight and his cock twitched, desperate to get down her now open throat. He had another thought. Taking some of the rope they used to tie each other to various household furniture, he manoeuvred Cass until she was sitting with her back to the upright wooden chair which they normally used for spanking and bondage. She sat with her legs out in front of her, her arms by her sides and her head against the chair back.  Michael took a piece of rope and tied her to the chair around her chest, across her perfect tits, then he tried tying a piece around the top of her head, and around the back of the chair back. The idea was to keep her head still. That seemed to work, so he took another piece and loosely tied it round her neck and around the chair, so it was in no way choking her. Cass made a noise of surprise at this rather clever development. Michael then used the remaining rope to tie her hands at the wrists, one to each chair leg, so that there would be no pushing him off when he got his cock down her throat. He took a look at this new fuck toy tied to his chair, ready for his cock, and nearly came at the sight. But straddling her face, one leg either side of hers, he pushed his cock into her mouth and down her waiting throat. Noises of surprise and hopefully delighted cock worship followed, as Michael found his rhythm and began fucking her mouth without any distractions. He thrust hard down her throat and knew it was going deeper than before, hearing her struggle, but loving the sensation. His cock was solid and he needed to fuck her to get relief, and there was no way she could push him off or prevent him going deep. It was an amazing sensation and as he thrust faster and deeper, he came with a moan and Cass spluttered as hot cum went down her throat.

They had a short rest, as Michael recovered on the sofa and Cass remained tied to the chair. He would untie her in a bit once he was ready. It was simply breathing space for him to think how she might worship his cock next. Just seeing her there, cum dribbling from her mouth, unable to move, was quite arousing and it was not long before he was hard again. Perhaps Cass was right, maybe this wonderful cock of his did deserve worshipping. He stroked it himself, enjoying the pleasure it gave him, when she wasn’t there.

There would be more worshipping to come.