This is an ageplay story and doesn’t condone spanking kids. Katie is a fictional ageplay character whose stories make for some nice adult spanking play. Please do not read if such things offend you.

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Katie’s world was very simple: if you were good, good things happened. If you were bad, you got spanked. It was a straightforward and uncomplicated way to live and she had grown up knowing these rules from an early age. So why she persisted in bad behaviour was anyone’s business, as it had resulted in many trips over her daddy’s knee before she was even ten. Now she still found herself being hauled over his lap, his arms too strong to fight against and his hand – ouch – too hard to argue with. Many a foolish moment of bad decisions and rash behaviour had seen Katie end up with a sore bottom.

It was on one of these very occasions that Katie began to seriously regret her behaviour. Sometimes she felt like she didn’t think before she acted and so she would find herself in bed before teatime, rubbing her red behind to dispel some of the pain. Katie’s Daddy was a serious no-nonsense kind of father, who wanted to see his little girl grow up to be good and kind and all the things little girls should be. There was no doubt in his mind that Katie needed consistent discipline to help her stick to the rules. If she needed regular, sound spankings, then that is what he would give her.  It didn’t hurt him more than it hurt her; precisely the other way round. He would make sure she got a good long spanking that she would remember for a while, every time she stepped out of line.

On this one afternoon, Katie had been to the cake shop with her father. They had picked out some delicious looking cupcakes piled high with fancy icing, that Katie just could not wait to try. But wait she must, as Daddy told her in no uncertain terms that it was not tea time yet and that she could not have the cakes until then. However, at about quarter to three, two full hours before tea time, Katie’s stomach began grumbling and Katie’s mind turned to the cupcakes that were sitting in the kitchen. She knew what Daddy had said but surely if she was hungry… She went to look at the cakes. There they sat on the worktop, four fluffy, light, rainbow coloured fancies, that called out to her. “Eat us, Katie. Just one bite, Katie.”  Katie carefully opened the plastic cover. She could smell the vanilla and chocolate scented icing and inhaled deeply. Such sugary heaven! Dipping one finger carefully into the edge of the icing, Katie scooped a bit up and into her mouth – ohhh! Delicious! Delightful! Katie sucked the icing off her finger. She looked at the cake. No one could tell she’d tried it. Just one more scoop. She tried another bit. And another. Very soon there was one cake where the icing was much less than the others. Katie panicked. Daddy would see and he would know she had been eating it. She tried to make the others level so they all looked the same, by eating the same amount of icing off all of them. Very soon the cakes were looking a bit misshapen. But Katie was on a sugar rush and needed to eat more. She pulled a tiny bit of cake off at the back of one of them. Then a larger chunk fell off in her hand. Then she threw all caution to the wind and took a big bite out of it. Oh such lovely sweet goodness! In that second she heard a door slam shut and she knew Daddy was coming! Katie hastily stuffed the cake behind another one and shut the box lid, and stood in front of them trying to look innocent. Daddy came into the kitchen. One look at Katie was enough for him to see what had happened.

“Katie!,” he yelled, furious at what he saw. There stood his mischievous little daughter, hands plastered in icing, icing smeared on her face, cake crumbs down her dress… He strode over to the cakes, pushed her aside and looked at the sorry sight in the cake box.

“How dare you!” A well aimed swat landed on Katie’s backside. She yelped. “How dare you disobey me! These cakes were for tea time. Just look at them!” Katie looked. They did look a little less inviting than earlier.  Ooops…

“I was hungry!,” she wailed.

“Hungry!?” Daddy’s face was red. “I told you not to touch them! If you were hungry you should have come to me!”

Katie’s face crumpled. She was in big trouble and she knew what was going to happen next.

“I’m sorry!” She started, but sorry wasn’t cutting any ice, as Daddy grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the room. He took a straight backed wooden chair and sat firmly on it, holding Katie close by his side.

“You’ve disobeyed me Katie. And you know what happens to naughty girls who disobey Daddy.”

Katie looked at him and nodded.

“What happens, Katie?” He demanded.

“They get a spanking,” she mumbled as quietly as a mouse.

“They what? Speak up!”

“They get a spanking!” She wailed, desperately disappointed she was going to get spanked again.

“Right then, over you go.” Daddy pulled Katie over his lap and she found herself staring blankly at the kitchen floor, her heart in her mouth, not looking forward to what was about to happen.

“You’re in for a good long spanking, do you hear?” He continued, “because it seems like some little girls don’t know when to be obedient to daddy!” She wailed in protest.

“Please, Daddy! I’m sorry!”

“Oh you will be sorry, Katie,” said Daddy, “When I’ve finished with you.”

With that the spanking began. Katie’s daddy was serious about disciplining his little girl and he made sure every spanking counted. It began over her dress, just a few warm up smacks but even they made Katie react with surprise as his heavy hand hit her poor bottom. Then the white frilly dress came back up, high over her back, and she felt the cool air on her exposed legs and pink polka dot knickers. Daddy began spanking again. She felt it even more keenly as the thin pink cloth didn’t offer much protection. Daddy’s hand fell over and over again as he built up a steady rhythm, left, right, left then right, each buttock feeling it in turn. Katie knew better than to protest but she let out some cries as the smacks caught her skin and started penetrating through to the muscle.

A few minutes of spanking on her knickers and Katie felt her Daddy’s hand inside the waistband as he pulled the knickers clear of her bottom and down to her knees.

“No Daddy!” She protested, putting a hand back to stop him. As happened every time, Daddy grabbed the hand and held it out of his way on Katie’s back, and the first slap hit her bare bottom. Katie yelped with surprise, it really stung and Daddy’s hand was hard and horrid. He smacked one cheek ten times in a row then the other too, then back to the first one, and each cheek grew hot and painful under the spanking. He was clearly cross with her and Katie knew this, she had behaved stupidly and was paying the price. It did not do to disobey Daddy. Why oh why couldn’t she behave?

Daddy thought the same thing, why oh why did his daughter behave so badly? He would punish her with a sound bare bottom spanking until this lesson sank in. Her skin was turning pink now and he could feel a heat coming off her bottom that meant the spanking was finally working. He would spank her until she really could not take it any more and that meant that she would have learnt a lesson. For now though, she could have a break, and his hand could also have a rest. He rubbed the skin a little in circles, giving Katie some relief from the smacks, and he felt her body relax a little as she breathed normally again.

“Stand up,” he ordered and propelled Katie into a corner. She faced the wall where she didn’t dare look at him, her bottom on fire and her dress held up to show her red cheeks to the world. Behind her Daddy took photos of her spanked bottom, which served as a reminder for all the times she misbehaved. Katie stood still and prayed that he had finished and that there was no more to come. But she was wrong.

“Katie,” Daddy said, “turn round and come back to me.” She obeyed, looking at him meekly from her sorry eyes.

“Are you sorry, Katie?”

“Yes! Really sorry!” She squeaked.

“Sorry for what, though?”

“Sorry for being naughty.” She said.

“Yes but what exactly?” He asked.

“Sorry for … er for eating the cakes,” she tried, hoping this was the right answer.


And? There was more? She didn’t know.

“Sorry for being … er… messy?”

“Not sorry for disobeying me then, Katie?”

Katie’s heart sunk. She’d forgotten that.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said.

Daddy shook his head. “Not sorry enough yet, I don’t think” he concluded. “Go and fetch your mother’s hairbrush.”

“Daddy! No!” She protested.

“Katie! Don’t you dare argue!” Katie fled from the room and ran to find the dreaded hairbrush. She knew where it was: where it always was, up high on the dresser, the hard, wooden backed hairbrush that stung like a thousand bees and hurt more as well. She hated it. She toyed with the idea of throwing it out the window but if she did she knew something worse would take its place like the belt. She picked it up and walked back slowly. There was a yell, “Katie!” At which she ran back into the kitchen. Handing it over, she slowly took her position by Daddy’s side, resigned to part two of her punishment.

Daddy moved Katie into position and exposed her bare bottom ready for the hairbrush. The first whack made her gasp with shock and she let out a yell. Several gentle spanks followed, and Katie’s tense body relaxed a little as she knew Daddy would warm her up properly by spanking gently at first. The brush was to save his hand, she knew that, and so he spanked as he would do with his hand, softly at first, each cheek in turn, gradually building in speed and intensity. Soon he was spanking her quite hard with it, causing Katie to cry out, and Daddy watched closely as her bottom turned dark pink. He didn’t want to mark his daughter, that was too much, but a sound hairbrush spanking could still be delivered that didn’t mark. He brought it down firmly on each buttock in turn and he heard Katie’s breath become shallower, her body held tensely, her legs kicking a little, as the sting from the brush began to burn. It was her own fault, he thought to himself, this spanking; she had earned it, deserved it, brought it all on herself. Through it she would learn to be a good little girl, although he rather hoped she would not learn too quickly as that would mean no more spankings.

The end of the spanking approached as he could sense her struggling now to take the sound spanks that fell on her burning cheeks. They were red hot and giving off a heat of their own; he thought he would finish with the usual hard spanks that were designed to be remembered. Raising the brush high he whacked it down hard on her right cheek and she let out a wail; the same happened on the left cheek.

“Last ones now Katie,” and Daddy whacked 5 times hard on each cheek, causing Katie to cry out each time, but also to grit her teeth knowing it would soon be over.

There was a sense of relief in the air as Daddy put down the brush and Katie knew the spanking was over. She stumbled to her feet, and pulled up her knickers over her sore skin.

“I’m sorry Daddy,” she repeated, and he accepted this, patting her gently on her sore bottom and putting the chair back.

“Bed now Katie,” he stated. Her eyes grew round with horror.

“What?!” She said, “I haven’t had tea!”

“Bed!” He ordered.

“It’s not even 5!” She complained.

“Naughty girls who get a spanking do without tea and get sent to bed early! Is that understood? Now get to bed! Or do you want some more of this?” And Daddy picked the hairbrush back up.

“Nooo!” She wailed and knowing she had no choice, left the kitchen and went to her bedroom.

She lay in her bed, feeling very sorry for herself, rubbing the ache in her hot red bottom, wishing she had been a good little girl. She lay on her side as lying on her bottom was too sore; she would still be sore in the morning. She would feel the spanking for the rest of the week, the dull persistent ache reminding her of her foolish behaviour and the consequences.  You will be glad to hear that Daddy wasn’t all sternness and he took her something to eat when he checked on her, to make sure she didn’t go to bed hungry, but she did go to bed sorry and with a soundly spanked bottom.