Cass had declared herself a disciple of a new religion, worshipping Michael’s cock, and Michael was all for it. She had already begun by having her head tied to a chair so he could fuck her mouth, now he had tried this he wanted more of the same and she was all too willing to show her devotion. While she was in his flat, she would show due respect and do what he chose, and he chose more of the same, at least, to start. 

Michael led Cass to the sofa and lay her down on it. Her head rested on the arm and he pulled her gently back so that her shoulders were resting there instead and her head hung freely down over the side.

“Open wide,” he commanded and she obeyed, stretching her mouth open as far as she could. Michael knew it was a big ask for Cass to take his long, fat cock all the way down her throat, he didn’t know how the girls did it in porn films. But it was very erotic and he wanted Cass to learn. He would train her to overcome the natural reaction of gagging and to take his cock all the way without trouble. He thought that regular practice should help until she became able to take it all without complaint.

Slowly Michael approached Cass’s upside down head. Her eyes followed the head of his cock, which seemed even bigger to her as it approached at such an angle. She widened her lips a little more and he pushed the head into her warm, wet mouth. As soon as he pushed further she began to struggle, her eyes watering and her body tensing as the big fat cock filled her mouth.

“Relax, Cass,” he said, not wanting to stop so soon. Cass’s body relaxed a little and he stepped nearer, pushing the cock further in. Cass choked and reacted against it, her natural gag reflex setting in, so he withdrew a little. Spit poured out of the side of her mouth and she turned to try and clear it. Michael’s hands moved her head firmly back to the front and tried again, ever so slowly pushing his hard cock a little bit further into her throat. Cass continued to splutter, but Michael knew he had to keep going. He pushed against her struggling and forced her to keep it in. As her eye make up ran and her hands pushed back at him, he took it out and she gasped for breath, turning and wiping the spit from her mouth and recovering herself.

“Good girl,” he said, “we must keep trying. Lie back down.”

“I can’t!” she complained, looking at him with wide eyes.

“Cass,” he said firmly, “do you want to worship me?”

“Yes!” she exclaimed.

“Then you must obey me and you must keep trying. This is the only way, do you understand?”

She nodded, meekly.

“You must show your devotion. To worship me properly you will learn to take all of my cock down your throat, do you understand? All of it, up to my balls. You’ll learn not to gag, not to reject me, but to accept me, welcome me and let me use your throat and mouth.”

“Yes,” she nodded again, sure that this was the way to show her devotion. Cass lay back down and got herself into position and Michael started again. This time he thrust deep in straight away and Cass’s body convulsed as she fought against the huge cock. Michael gripped her hands so she could not push him and kept forcing the cock into her throat. Cass relaxed a little and found it easier to take him. She was slowly getting used to the feeling of being full of such a big thing. It was both arousing and hard at the same time.

Michael gave her a few seconds breathing time and then thrust back deep into her mouth. He gripped her head now and began thrusting his cock rhythmically further into her throat. He was fucking her mouth now, just like it was a nice wet pussy, feeling her respond to him, not gagging so much, feeling her want him. She gagged as he went in even further and he withdrew. But before she had had five seconds to breathe, he thrust his cock down her throat again, and held it there, as she tried hard not to react against it. She did better and as she made all manner of noises in her attempt to keep it down, he smiled down at her, this devoted cock slave, someone who clearly wanted to do everything she could to show her worship.

While Cass rested after her mouth fucking training, Michael sat and stroked his cock. He hadn’t come down her throat this time but he thought that would do for today’s mouth fucking. He had something else in mind for Cass to show her real depth of worship. Would she prove a true and willing follower? Or would she disappoint him. He hoped that she would truly show herself a dedicated worshipper.

He stood by Cass’s side. She gazed up at him, attentively. She regarded him properly, silently and with reverence, just as a devoted disciple should.

“Stand,” he ordered, taking her by the hand and helping her to her feet. She was wearing the simple white toga from before.  Since Cass had declared herself a worshipper of his cock, Michael had had something more in mind, he had begun thinking more along the lines of slave and master, where she would show her devotion to him by obedience and serving him. It was about the same thing. He produced a simple leather harness instead of the toga and helped fasten Cass into it.

“Now you will show your obedience to me and worship my cock,” he said, smiling and she looked eager to please.

From somewhere Michael produced several lengths of thin blue rope. Michael took a long piece and proceeded to tie Cass’s hands and arms firmly behind her back, so she could not move them. He then lay her face down on the bed, and slipped a length of rope around each ankle. Drawing the ankle and leg upwards, he attached this to the rope around the firmly bound arms, so that Cass had both legs fixed upwards, bent at the knees with her feet over her back. It naturally exposed her pussy which fast became wet as Cass felt so vulnerable. She knew what was coming next and was ready for it. Michael admired the sight of this helpless girl, unable to move and he teased Cass with one hand, feeling her pussy as it grew wetter still and playing with her clit as she lay there whimpering at his touch. His cock, already hard, could wait no more. He moved around behind her as she lay helpless and plunged all seven inches deep into her wet pussy. Cass let out a cry of pleasure and Michael began to fuck with deep, slow thrusts, filling her up. Cass moaned and sighed and Michael pounded her body, forcing down against the bed with every thrust.

As Cass’s moans grew louder, Michael too felt the urge to come, but he wanted to use her beautiful body a little longer, to make her feel at his command, to show her how cock worship was really done. She would worship longer, that was for sure. He stood up and she gave a little groan as he stepped away from her. “Please,” she whispered, wanting him back inside her.

“Wait,” he said, leaving her for a minute, and returning to push a ball gag into her open mouth. Cass protested a little but took the gag in and he fastened it tightly. This would keep complaints from upstairs to a minimum. He then attached a short leash to her harness collar. Michael took a butt plug he had been getting ready with lubrication and he pushed it slowly into Cass’s arse. She tensed and groaned as the thick black plug went in and Michael stroked her pussy which was by now dripping. He untied the leg restraints and Cass stretched her legs back. Now he loosely tied both ankles together so she was forced to stand with her feet close together. She stood shakily, still tied at the arms, and Michael sat down on the side of the bed. Cass stared in awe at his hard cock, and knew how she was to worship. She stood in front of him and lowered herself down onto his cock, so that she was facing outwards away from him. Michael steadied her as she began fucking him, riding up and down on his beautiful cock as he grunted with pleasure. He helped her as he came close to coming, grabbing her by her sides and pushing her forcefully down and lifting her up so that his cock plunged in her up to his balls. Cass groaned loudly with every downward thrust as he filled her up, the butt plug adding to the full sensations.

With Cass standing up now, Michael stood behind her and leant her forward. He took hold of the short leash and kept hold of it so that Cass’s head could not drop too far down. Michael entered her from behind again, keeping hold of her leash and pulling her body back and forward on his cock to fuck her. She moaned through her gag and Michael groaned too as he got closer to coming. When he was ready to come, Michael pulled out, forced Cass to her knees, and spurted hot white cum all across her face. It felt like a ritual, something cleansing, very fitting for the end of her morning worship.