Clive look around the room pleased with the results, chair positioned in the centre of the room with rope hanging from the back, gag and blind fold on the seat, second set of rope with pre tied loops hanging on the door handle to the room. Camera setup in the corner to record the subsequent action.

Sarah had been away for a few days visiting friends but they had keep in touch via Whatsapp, every night they discussed what they would get up to when she returned. Clive liked his new found freedom but the thought of such a willing sexual partner in Sarah made it very hard not to want to see her and indulge in some great sex and role play. Last night Sarah had said how much she was looking forward to having his cock in her mouth, they had filmed a few sessions of Sarah getting a throat fuck from Clive, she had been hinting that it was one of her favourite videos to watch online, women gagging on a hard cock, so they had tried it and found it mutually pleasurable.

Clive’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door bell, quickly Clive turn on the camera made sure it was recording then walked to the front door. Opening it he saw it was Sarah, over night bag in hand.

“Hello sweet pea.” She said.

Clive didn’t reply, instead he grab her arm, pulling her into the hall, closing the front door behind her.

“Steady on.” Sarah said as she dropped her bag on the floor trying to release her arm.

Clive pulled her into the room, removed her jacket then quickly took the rope from the door handle, stepping behind her he slip the pre tied loop over one arm just above the elbow then pulled Sarah’s other arm behind her and tied them up.

Sarah all the while was asking what was going on, Clive didn’t speak.

Once her arms where tied behind her Clive retrieved the blindfold and mouth gag from the chair, returning to her he slipped the blindfold over her eyes then put the ball of the mouth gag into her mouth and tighten the strap from behind.

Sarah was now blind, unable to speak, and had her arms securely tied behind her.

Sarah tried to speak, but could only manage to make muffled noises of protest. Clive walked around her looking at her, he put his hand up to her face to see if she could see, she couldn’t.

All the while Sarah, her hearing heighten by not being able to see, turned her head in the direction of the slightest sound. Clive stopped behind her, slapped her lightly on the bum, she reacted to this by moving around, immediately Clive turned back to face the camera.

Clive saw that Sarah was trembling, good he thought, as he move once again around her, this time he touch her breasts and crotch, each time her reaction was intense.

Standing behind her he cupped her breasts through her jumper, Sarah moaned leaning her head against his shoulder. Quickly he un-buttoned her jeans and pulled them down to her ankles, stepping back he land several hard slaps to her bum, Sarah moaned with delight pushing her bum towards him wanting more of the same. He obliged with five slaps to each buttock in turn.

Soon her knickers went the way of her jeans. Clive moved round to the front of her lightly touching her pussy, Sarah moaned through her mouth gag. Moving back behind her he slapped her bare bum, gentle at first then slowly increased the pressure until he had built up a rhythm alternating from one buttock to the other, all the time Sarah moaned and squealed with each slap.

He continued like this until her bum was pink, then he stopped, pressing his hard cock against her warm bare buttocks, he slid his hands around her waist fingers of each hand pulling her pussy lips apart, sliding a finger in-between them he found that she was already wet, very wet. He felt her body trembling.

Slowly he fingered her clit, she pushed against his cock bending slightly at the waist, with his other hand he slipped it underneath her jumper and bra, cupping her breast in his hand he started to gentle kneed it matching the rhythm of his finger playing with her clit. He continue like this for several minutes occasional plunging a finger inside her, fucking her with it then returning to play with her clit.

Clive abruptly stopped, Sarah moaned in protest but to no available. Turning her to one side, so her side profile was facing the camera he told her get on her knees, she obliged without any hesitation. Quickly Clive removed his jeans and underpants, checked that Sarah was framed in the camera lens then stood in front of her stroking his cock. He was so aroused that he felt sure it won’t be long before he came, but that was the plan, it’s want Sarah had texted about last night, she wanted to be used by him, by his cock.

He brushed his cock against her cheek, she turn her mouth towards it trying to get it in her mouth, but that wasn’t possible with the mouth gag, she moaned with disappointment.

“Do you want my cock in your mouth?” he asked slapping her gentle on the side of her face with it, as if to make the point.

Sarah nodded.

“Are you going to be a good girl and take it. Take it all?” he asked, this time he ran the head of his swollen cock over her lips, she moaned louder.

She nodded in the affirmative.

Clive undid the strap on the gag and let it fall to the floor, Sarah opened her mouth running her tongue over her lips to moisten them, no soon had she done his then Clive pushed his cock into her mouth, taking hold of her head he slowly pushed in until Sarah gagged, then pulled it out, not to far enough for her to catch her breath. Then in again, until she gagged, out again, in.

Clive slowly started to build up a rhythm but with each inward stroke he held his cock in her mouth longer, Sarah gagging more each time, spit starting to run down her chin onto the carpet, her eyes beginning to water.

Clive continued to fuck her mouth, getting deeper with each stroke, giving Sarah enough time to recover before fucking her again, he could feel the orgasm raising, slowly at first but getting more intense with each deep thrust into Sarah’s mouth, he quicken the thrusts, not going so deep this time, he did want to stop now, he was so close, quicker he plunged his cock into her mouth, until with one last deep thrust, he came in her mouth, Sarah held her breath as she felt his cum explode in her mouth mixing with her salvia, she swallowed his cum his cock still her mouth.

Sarah was breathing hard with the excitement, just as she had imagined. Clive untied her arms and then removed the blindfold, Sarah blinked, looking up at him she smiled, licking her lips.

Clive help her up, she was still shaking, a bit unsteady on her feet, Clive gathered her in his arms and held her, she put her arms around him and held him tightly feeling his chest rising and falling.

Eventually they let each other go, Clive kissed her passionately, she returned the kiss.

Looking at her he said, “Welcome home gorgeous.”

“I must go away more often.” she said kissing him. “If thats the sort of welcome I will get.”

“Not to often.” he said embracing her. “Missed you.”

“I can see.” she replied. “Miss you as well, especially this.” she said stroking his cock. “The spanking was a pleasant surprise as well.”

“Thought you might need some foreplay.” he said caressing her warm buttocks.

“Let me get changed, Katie needs daddy to spank her, she has been having naughty thoughts on the journey home.” Sarah said pulling away from him, tilting her head down and looking up at him with sorrowful eyes, pouting her lips.

“Bring the hairbrush.” he said, as she walked past him picking her bag up on the way to the bedroom.