After her wonderful surprise on arriving back home, Sarah wanted to repay Clive with a similarly unexpected evening. She sat, feet curled under her, deep in thought as to what he might like. She needed Clive to be out so she could plan her surprise. She decided to send him out for pizza. It’d have to go cold, there wouldn’t be time to eat it, but that was a sacrifice worth making…

When Clive came back Sarah had got everything ready. He burst through the door, pizza in his hands, and stopped short when he saw the chair in the middle of the room. Almost identical to how he’d arranged it for Sarah: a length of cord hanging from the back; blindfold and butt plug on the seat and a tube of KY gel on the floor. He laughed and looked at Sarah, who was clearly ready for action. She slipped off her gown and stood in front of him. Black lacy lingerie showed off her slim figure, fine breasts, and peach-like bum. Silky hold-ups and high heels. Clive felt his cock getting hard. Sarah stepped up to him, took away the pizza boxes and kissed him with urgency. Clive responded and let her lead him over to the upright chair. She went straight for his jeans, undoing the belt and opening the fly, releasing his cock and stroking it through the material as it grew ever harder. Clive ripped off his jumper and t-shirt and kissed Sarah again.
Once he was naked, she sat him down on the rough chair seat and knelt at his feet. She was holding the rope and quickly proceeded to tie him up, helpless. First one ankle, then the other. His arms she moved back beside him, and secured by his wrists to the chair legs. Finally she tied his legs across the thighs and under the chair seat, so he could not move. Clive felt quite powerless and watched her as she took control. Finally she put on the blindfold, kissing him again. Clive could not see what Sarah was going to do next. It was a good sensation, not knowing, not seeing. He had to trust in Sarah, give himself to her. He didn’t have a choice. He felt Sarah kneel in front of him, her breasts brushing his thighs, her silky legs against his. Finally her hot mouth took in his cock, just a little, teasing, then out again… he tried to push upwards towards her mouth, but the rope stopped him. He grunted. Sarah would be enjoying this.

Next he felt her stroking his body with something soft, he couldn’t tell what she was using, perhaps a stocking… perhaps her knickers. She pulled them lightly across his body, up his legs, inside his thighs, finally over his cock which stiffened even more. Then Clive felt material pushed against his lips. He opened his mouth a little and Sarah took pushed the garment inside. From the feel of it, Clive knew it was her knickers, probably damp knowing Sarah, he thought to himself.
As he sat there he could only guess what was happening by sound alone. Sarah was doing something – he heard the click of a tube opening – and then a short pause as she did something he could not see – there was a slight grunt from her and he could only think she was inserting the butt plug. But he couldn’t see if he was right. A hand brushed gently against his thigh. Clive just wanted her to touch his cock now, it was standing upright. Then against his balls. Light, teasing touches as she played with him, teased him, made him want her. Then a lick, a lighter than air, hardly there, that started at his balls and then travelled up his cock, up to the head, where she licked all the way round and took it into her mouth again. He tried to move but it was hopeless. Sarah took her mouth away and then he felt her legs either side, thighs pressing against the outside of his legs. Silky legs against warm skin. She came closer, her breasts pushing into his face, and a warm wetness pressed against his cock, her pussy, showing him how wet she was. She took hold of his cock, rubbing the head, feeling it weep a little, ready. Then she lowered herself onto his cock, which slid into her as she sat astride him, taking him in, using him. Then she began to fuck him, slowly at first, easing her body upwards, her hands on the chair behind him for balance, then lower again, pushing down on his cock, feeling it respond to her, getting faster, moving up, then going back down hard so she gave a grunt of pleasure, getting quicker until she was using his big cock like a dildo, fucking herself without a thought for him. He tried hard to thrust upwards but just couldn’t, which was annoying. With a sigh of pleasure, Sarah stepped off her new toy. He felt a pang of frustration as he had been close to coming. Taking the knickers out of his mouth, to Clive’s relief, she gave him a long kiss and checked his bonds weren’t too tight. She returned to her game.
Clive heard a click as the lid of the lubrication was opened and Sarah squeezed a liberal amount into her palm. He gasped as he felt a sudden cold sensation surround his cock. She started at the head then ran her hand around the cock right down to the base. He was being lubed up but for what? His cock was hard again and Sarah’s hand gripped firmly as she moved it up and down the shaft. She squeezed the balls gently, making him gasp. Clive sensed her stand up and then another short pause as she did something for herself. He couldn’t see what. Then he felt the grip of her legs as she straddled his body. But this time something was different, she was further from him, no, it wasn’t that, she was facing the other way. He felt the peachiness of her bum against his cock. Then Sarah’s hands on his cock. It nudged between her buttocks, the soft flesh either side of it as Sarah lowered her bum towards him. This time his cock didn’t meet with wet, warm pussy, but a different sensation, as he felt it press against her arse. Using her hands to help, Sarah gently pressed backwards against his cock and gasped as the large head slowly stretched her. Clive was desperate to use his hands, help his cock in but Sarah stayed in control, easing herself gently onto him, gasping as the large head entered, feeling the wide shaft inside her. Both were groaned as the cock went in deeper, Sarah holding the chair to remain steady. She began to raise and lower herself very gently. He could feel wetness dripping on to his legs from her pussy. For Clive, it was a tighter feeling and he was desperate now to fuck a little faster and to come up her bum. But Sarah was in control and he was there to please – and he was sure he was pleasing her, the sounds she was making. He too was grunting and gasping and wishing he could fuck harder, but he knew there would be time for that, for hard fucking… With Sarah’s body tightening and squeezing his cock, he came inside her, trembling all over as she slowly withdrew.
Once untied and tidied up, free to see and move again, Clive sat helpless on the chair, this time unable to move from pleasure, and Sarah sat lightly on his lap and put her arms round him.
“Ok?” she asked. He looked at her and laughed. He was more than okay…