This is another age play story featuring Katie and Daddy.

It was not long after Daddy had spanked Katie for disobeying him. But it was long enough for Katie to have forgotten how much the spanking had hurt. Katie’s problem was she didn’t think about the consequences of misbehaving and it was always too late once Daddy had her over his knee. Daddy, on the other hand, thought only of the consequences of his daughter’s misbehaviour and for him all naughty behaviour resulted in a good spanking. Last time he had had to use the hairbrush, not very hard, Katie had got off lightly. He also had the belt at his disposal and would invest in a paddle if his mischievous daughter did not show signs of improvement.

It was foolish of Katie not to consider this when she was with Daddy. He never took any cheek from her and he expected her to be both obedient, sweet and charming at all times. Just like a little daughter should be. But she didn’t live up to his expectations and when this happened, the only way to address this was to turn her bottom red. Perhaps Katie secretly wanted the attention he showed her when he was smacking each cheek. And perhaps Daddy enjoyed the power and authority he showed when he had Katie over his knee. Either way, it was a situation that both of them found themselves in increasingly often.

It was a rainy day and so Katie was playing indoors, drawing pictures. She had spread her drawings around the floor and there were coloured pens and crayons everywhere. Daddy was ok with this as long as she didn’t get pen on the carpet, as he was glad she was not bothering him. All that was to change though. Daddy told Katie it was nearly tea time so he asked her to put away her drawing things and to tidy up. He went to the kitchen to finish getting the tea ready.  Five minutes later he came back to check Katie was tidying up. She hadn’t moved. She was still sat on the floor, scribbling on a bit of paper.

“Katie!” he barked. “I told you to tidy up!”

Katie whined, “I’m drawing”.

“Tea’s nearly ready. Get those things put away now and don’t you dare disobey me young lady.”

“But Daddy!” Katie whined, not showing any sign of doing what she was told.

“I said now!” Daddy ordered, standing over her.

Katie moved a few crayons to look like she was tidying.

“It had better be done when I get back,” Daddy said, turning back to the kitchen.

While Daddy was gone Katie put a few pens away but then stopped and went back to her drawing. So when Daddy came back in, a few minutes later, nothing had been done. He went mad.

“Katie! Why are you still sitting there?”

She looked up and whined at him. “I’m dra-a-w-ing!” She complained.

“Do as you’re told!”

“Awwww,” she moaned, “Not FAIR!”

““I beg your pardon!?” Daddy snapped, getting angrier. “The way you’re going you won’t get any tea, young lady. You’ll be getting a spanked bottom and early bed!”

Katie whined again, but when Daddy looked at her she stopped.

“Now get this tidied up, this instant, or you’ll be in big trouble.”

As Daddy turned towards the door, who knows why she did it, maybe the threat of a spanking or the threat of early bed, but Katie took a cushion from the floor and threw it at Daddy’s back. It hit him on the head. As Daddy turned round, Katie leapt up in fright and tried to hide behind the sofa. Daddy grabbed her by the arm, pulled her out and sat down on the couch, pulling Katie over his lap in one movement. She kicked and struggled but it was too late. She was going to get a spanking.

“How dare you behave like that!” Daddy scolded, as he began smacking his daughter’s bottom.

“How dare you throw things at me!” She whined and wriggled as the smacks became harder.

“I’ll teach you to misbehave young madam. You’ve earned yourself a long hard spanking!”

Katie’s tummy lurched at the words.

Daddy’s hand fell steadily on her clothed bottom, building up a one-two rhythm as it smacked each buttock in turn. Katie stared at the floor, feeling foolish as she felt the thin material of her dress being turned back to expose her knickers. The spanking recommenced. She cried out as Daddy’s hard hand met with the thin knickers and made her poor bottom sting.

“Owww!” She wailed as the spanking became harder. All she could do was listen to the regular smack smack of the hand as it turned her bottom a light pink colour and began to make it smart and burn.

“Please Daddy!”

“You’re very naughty, Katie,” he chided, “Why won’t you behave? Little girls should want to please their Daddy!”

Katie wailed as the smacks kept coming, protesting as the cotton knickers were drawn down to her knees.

“No, Daddy, please!”

“Be quiet, Katie, you knew you would get a spanking if you were naughty. Now here you are over my knees, and you’re not getting up until this bottom is bright red!”

Katie bit her lip as she endured the spanking, knowing it was foolish to have disobeyed Daddy and really stupid to have thrown a cushion at him. That was going to earn her a bit more than a hand spanking, she knew that already.

After ten minutes of hard hand spanking, Daddy stopped spanking. Katie’s face was pink with shame and she knew her bottom was the colour to match.

“Right,” said Daddy, “Up.” Katie staggered to her feet and was propelled into a corner, to face the wall. Daddy always made her do this, to think about what she had done. It also gave her bottom a rest so that he could spank her for longer, but he never told her this. Katie stared at the wall and felt the heat in her cheeks. After a few minutes with her bottom on show, Daddy ordered Katie back to his lap. She returned slowly with a heavy heart. It could only mean one thing. Sure enough, her heart sunk as she saw the evil hairbrush on Daddy’s lap. She nearly begged to be let off it, but she saw Daddy’s face and knew arguing was useless. Silently she lowered herself over his lap. Daddy stroked the skin, feeling the hot glow, and lifted the brush. Katie yelped as the first smack landed and yelped again as each smack hit her already tender flesh.

“Owwww!” She wailed as Daddy brought the brush down. It landed five times on one cheek, building up a pain so intense she couldn’t bear it. She knew there would be five to come on the other cheek so she gritted her teeth and held her breath. But it was too much to take and she threw a hand back (which Daddy moved out of the way) and kicked her legs up. This Daddy would not stand for either and he put one leg over hers to fix them down. Katie was held tight and unable to fend off the whacks of the brush, which kept coming, one after the other. Her bottom was on fire, the heat coming off it like a radiator and her skin turned from delicate pink to deep dusky rose. It contrasted prettily with the white of her legs.

Daddy kept on spanking his daughter, determined to teach her some manners once and for all. There was no excuse for disobeying him, for being petulant and for throwing something at him! That was the last straw and Katie had earned herself the hairbrush for that alone. How dare she act like a spoilt brat. It was time he taught her a thing or two. She would go to bed with a burning bottom and it would be sore for the next week, as a reminder. With a final flurry of hard spanks, Katie was released from his grip and the spanking was over.

Katie had been struggling for the last five minutes, with the intensity of the pain and the increasing severity of the brush. She knew however there was no way out and that Daddy would spank her soundly. And now she had been spanked hard and long, she knew that she had deserved it. It had been an awful thing to do, throwing that cushion at Daddy, and she blushed at the memory.

“Now put those things away,” Daddy ordered, “and keep your dress up so your bottom is on show.”

Katie obeyed, silently, gathering together her colouring things, her red cheeks visible as added punishment. When she was done, she put the cushion back carefully on the sofa, and followed Daddy in to tea. She had to sit on the chair with her sore skin touching the hard wood, as an added reminder of her spanking. She didn’t say a word about the tough egg, or the cold chips, but ate them all up and was grateful that she had got any tea at all after such a show of bad behaviour.

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