Since Clive & Sarah met, their relationship had taken a new course, not satisfied with just sex, although that was amazing, they had talked about role play. Sarah was very keen on expanding their “repertoire”. Spanking had taken on a new meaning with the introduction of Katie, she was Sarah’s alter-ego and she can be a very naughty girl, this she found out to her cost when she tasted the cream from the cup-cakes Daddy had bought for them, and Daddy had punished her for it. Sarah was sore for days afterwards, but she masturbated thinking about it for several nights as well and this was as much a turn on as was the spanking.

This was also the first session they had filmed. This gave them another outlet for their creativity, something they couldn’t very well do on stage, or in a play, but in the privacy of Clive’s flat there was no limit to what they could do.

And so it was that their latest adventure began.

They spent many evenings watching porn online, this was seen as a break from sex, only it nearly always lead to some very heavy foreplay. Sarah loved to stroke his cock while they watch and he returned by slipping a finger, or two into her pussy, so all thoughts of porn was soon forgotten as they turned their attention to each other.

During one of these viewings, Clive had mentioned he liked women in uniform, different types of uniform, military, police, nurses, the usual. So talk turned to what they could do with their limited resources but fertile imaginations. Sarah suggested tying up Clive then using him, he did point out that they had already done that when he was sent out for pizza.

“Oh, yes, forgot about that.” Sarah said, a wicked smile creeping across her lips.

They were sitting on the sofa, Clive flicking through porn sites, Sarah thinking of his cock, this had been a constant source of pleasure for Sarah. Not Clive flicking through porn sites, although that was a turn on, as it always lead to some fucking, no, his cock.

“How about you being tied up and me using your body for my own pleasure?” Clive replied breaking into her thoughts.

“What is the scenario then?” Sarah asked after a pause, her hand moving to were the centre of her thoughts lay.

“I don’t know.” he said, making it easier for Sarah to touch him. “You tied to a chair, spotlight on you, dressed in military fatigues. Blindfolded of course.”

“Of course” Sarah echoed slipping her hand inside his jeans.

“I will be an interrogator, tasked in getting secrets out of you. I can wear that long black leather coat of mine, doesn’t have to be in any time period or country, just a woman tied to a chair being questioned by a bloke.”

“Given much thought to this have we?” Sarah asked, squeezing his cock through his boxers.

“No!” Clive replied. “What gave you that idea?”

“Oh I don’t know.” She said starting to stroke his growing cock.

“What do you say?” he asked rubbing her pussy through her jeans. “Shall we give it ago?”

“Tomorrow.” She replied, unbuttoning his jeans and releasing his cock. “Tomorrow.” She repeated, leaning over him and taking his cock into her mouth. Clive moaned.

That evening after all thoughts of porn had yet again been forgotten and they were lying snuggled up together under the duvet, they planned their next role play session. Clive talked about the sort of lighting they should have, and how they could film it. Sarah was keen to know how long it would take for her to be abused by him and what sort of positions that would entail. The discussion lasted well into the night until they had a good idea what to do the next day.

The Interrogator a film by Clive & Sarah

Rachel had long given up hope of being rescued, she wasn’t sure how long she had been held captive, two days, three? She wasn’t sure. She had been blindfolded the whole time. She could just about make out voices and of people coming and going but no one had spoken to her or touched her. She felt completely alone, even though she could hear voices and she sensed that there were other people around her but being blindfold she had lost all sense of the world.

Suddenly the blindfold was removed, and she found herself looking into a very bright light that was aimed straight at her. Blinking her eyes she could just about make out the shape of a body standing behind the light.

“Do you want a drink water?” said the body.

Sarah tried to swallow but couldn’t, for the first time she was afraid. Years of training for this very moment had worked, up to now. Keep quite, try not to make them angry, do not fight against them, let them be in control.

But she had never been blindfolded for so long.

“Yes please.” she managed to say though dried lips.

The shape walked towards her, she could see that he was tall, about six feet two, wearing a long black leather coat. She couldn’t make out his face as he managed to make sure the light was behind him, so all she saw was his silhouette.

“Drink.” he said placing a bottle of water to her lips.

She gulped the water down.

“Steady, not so fast.” he said pulling the water away. He let her drink again, this time she took her time.

When she had finished he disappeared out of her line of sight.

“Who do you work for?” the man said.

“My name is Rachel and I work for UNICF as a volunteer.” she replied trying to sound convincing.

“Who do you work for?” the man asked again.

“I told you. I’m a volunteer for UNICF.” she said.

Suddenly the man appeared out of the light grab her by her face forcing her mouth open.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, squeezing her face.

Rachel couldn’t answer the question.

“So you wont talk.” he said releasing her face. He stepped behind her. She waited for what was to come, training had prepared for this, hand around the throat. But what did happen, she had not had any training for. He grab her breasts and squeezed them beneath her jacket.

After a while he slipped a hand inside the jacket and cupped her right breast in his hand, his fingers sort out her nipples. She found her nipples growing hard, her mind was on the possible out come of the interrogation not on getting turn on.

“We have other ways of making you talk.” he said, his other hand now under her jacket squeezing her other breast. Her nipples where now hard, her pussy getting wet.

“Who are you working for?” he asked again massaging her breasts, squeezing her nipples, making her wet.

“I told you.” she moaned trying to get her thoughts back on track.

He stopped. Removed his hands and stepping in front of her he quickly undid the jacket, exposing her breasts.

“Nice.” he said rubbing his cock through his trousers.

“Still not going to tell me who you are woking for?” he asked unzipping his trousers and pulling his cock out.

Rachel was enjoying this new method of interrogation, very much.

The man reached into his jacket pockets and pulled out a length of rope from each pocket. Moving behind her, his cock bobbing up and down as he walked, he tied her arms to the chair, when he had finished her caressed her breasts again, playing particular attention to her nipples. Moving in front of her, he straddled her, his cock millimetres from her mouth.

“Open.” he said.

Rachel refused.

“I said open!” he said, taking her head in his hands.

Rachel open her mouth, as she did so he thrust his cock into. Rachel did not refuse this.

Slowly he thrust his cock deeper into her mouth, she couldn’t stop him as her hands were tied to the chair. As he thrusted into her mouth he held it deep in her mouth, the head of his cock pressed against the back of her throat, she tried to breath through her mouth and push her tongue out as this helped to counter act the bodies natural gag reflex, so she heard. But his cock was so big she couldn’t help but gag on it. As she did he removed it, she coughed as air rushed into her open mouth, saliva hanging off his cock, before she had time to recover his cock was back in her throat.

He used her mouth like a pussy, fucking her deep, thrusting into her building up a steady rhythm.

Rachel tried to speak, but with mouth full of seven inches of swollen cock, it was hard, excuse the pun. Eventually he stopped, stepped away from her, her saliva dripping from his balls and cock.

He removed his shoes, trousers, socks and boxers throwing them to one side. Standing in front of her he stroked his cock using her saliva as lubrication, back and forth, back and forth, it was hypnotic. She licked her lips wanting it back in her mouth. She wished her training had been as intense, she would have failed just to have to redo the course.

“Who are you working for?” he asked again stepping towards her and straddling her again.

Rachel did not reply.

“Again. Who are you working for?” he said, his cock millimetres from her face.

She open her mouth inviting his cock to enter. It didn’t.

“I will ask you again, who are you working for?” he said, this time he slapped his cock against her cheek.

“Hey!” she said turning her head away.

“Answer me!” he said slapping her again with his cock.

“We didn’t…” she didn’t get any further as her mouth was now full of cock. He held it in her mouth not moving.

Rachel breathed slowly waiting for the thrust. But it never came.

“Suck it.” he said.

She didn’t need telling a second time. She devoured his cock, sucking as hard as she could, running her tongue up and down the length of his cock, sucking his smooth shaved balls, he moaned as she sucked hard on first the left then the right ball. Taking his cock back in her mouth she sucked him, lightly running her teeth over the head of his cock, making him moaned.

She was enjoying this very much, her pussy was so wet she was sure it was noticeable.

After a while he removed his cock, his breathing heavy, she wonder how close he was to coming, not yet she hoped, I want that inside me NOW! she almost scream the word out loud.

He stood looking at her for a moment then stepped behind the light. She wondered what would be next. She didn’t have long to wait. He stepped out of the darkness into the light, she saw he had a ball gag in his hand. Moving behind her he put the ball into her mouth and tighten up the straps behind her head. She felt him untie her arms.

“Stand up.” he said. Slowly she got to her feet, she felt unsteady, her head swimming slightly.

As she got to her feet he moved the chair around so the back of the chair was facing her, quickly he pulled her jacket off and tossed it to one side.

“Turn around.” he said moving to one side. As she turned round he bent her over the back of the chair, grab her right arm and tied it to the leg of the chair forcing her further over the back of the chair. He did the same to the left arm.

Moving behind her he tied first one leg then the other to the chair, so that she was now completely immobile, bent over the chair, her head below her hips, her arse sticking up in the air.

She wondered what was to come next. She waited and waited. She could hear him moving around. Then suddenly her body was rocked as he spanked her. Her buttocks burned.

She let out a muffled cry.

“What did you say?” he asked spanking her again.

Her words where lost with the ball in her mouth.

He spanked her again.

“Nothing to say.” he asked, she sensed enjoyment in his voice.

She could only manage to nod her head in reply.

Again he spanked her, alternating between her left and right buttocks, five on each, always the fifth harder then the other four.

He stopped, rubbing her warm buttocks through her trousers.

He repeated the spanking, this time applying ten to each buttock, again the last one harder then the others.

Rachel’s head was swimming with the pain and pleasure of the spanking, her body trembling with excitement and the release of endorphins and dopamine, the “happy” chemicals sending her to another place, she felt as if she was flying.

In her euphoric state she had not noticed that he had removed her trousers and underpants exposing her warm buttocks to the air.

The next round of spanks were on her bare buttocks, this increased the level of pleasure, she was now moving onto another plain of conscious thought, it was if she was looking down a telescope the wrong way, her mind focusing on her buttocks, everything around it blurred. Her buttocks were pin point sharp, each blow clear and fresh like the crisp frosty morning air, tingling but welcoming.

Rachel was not sure how long the spanking lasted, she was now flying so high she felt as if she was watching the whole scene from above.

She became aware of another sensation, not unlike the effects of a spanking, but this one was centred around her pussy, her very wet pussy. She tried to focus on this, pushing the other sensation out of the way, as if she was pulling back the curtains to look outside peering into the darkness to find the source of the noise, her mind like her eyes trying to adjust. The noise in this case was his cock in her pussy, fucking her.

The force of his thrusts rocking her and the chair backwards and forwards, she felt as if she was going to fall over, but each time he stopped her. His breathing was laboured as he thrust deeper into her, she felt her clit being stimulated at the same time, she knew it wasn’t his hand that was doing it, as they were both on her hips holding her steady. She searched her mind, flicking through the times she had had the same sensation, like fingers flicking over a rolodex, trying to find an address. Then her mind found it, he was wearing his cock ring. Four metal hoops on a leather strap, the largest one round his balls the other three encompassing his cock. Each time he withdrew his cock the rings around it rubbed against her clit, then again as he plunged his cock inside her.

His groin banging against her hot buttocks, another form of spanking, deeper he thrust into her, his strokes getting longer, his breathing deeper, her clit throbbing as small orgasms rippled through her body, her moans mingling with his as his own rush of endorphins were coursing through his body as he near his climax.

Then after one long deep thrust she felt him explode inside her, his thrusts getting slower and slower as he came down from his own high.

For a moment she felt the weight of his body on her, his chest rising and falling as he tried to control his breathing, then it was gone as he stood up pulling himself out of her.

He released her from her bounds helping her stand up straight, guiding her gentle onto the chair, she felt as if she could feel every fibre of the chair beneath her throbbing buttocks.

She looked up at him, his face glowing after his excursion, a broad smile on his face as he looked down at her.

Neither of them could speak, but their smiles said it all, another successful session and another story to be told and remembered.

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