The sun gleamed on the softly rippled surface of the lake. Beyond, the Cumbrian fells rose steeply on either side of the water. Alex and Mel breathed in the beautiful sight, the warmth on their backs, birdsong in their ears. Alex gave Mel’s hand a little squeeze. She squeezed back, then smiled up at him and they kissed.
“It’s lovely here,” she sighed, “you’re lovely.”
“So are you,” he smiled, squeezing her bum. “Right, let’s get this tent up!” So between them, they laid out canvas, pegged down ropes and hammered in tent poles until eventually, with evening closing in, they stood back to admire their handiwork. It was a large two-man tent, with an inner room for sleeping and an outdoor area for eating. Plenty of room for their first camping trip together.

“Good job!” said Alex, pulling Mel to his side and kissing her again. “Come on, let’s get some tea – I’m starving.”
“I’ve got a better idea,” announced Mel, taking Alex’s hand and pulling him behind her towards the tent. “Wait there.” She unzipped the sleeping area and ducked inside. Zipping it up quickly behind her, Alex was left standing outside, wondering what she was planning. He heard some rustling and then the zip was undone and a face, framed by blond wavy hair, peered out.
“Welcome to my chamber,” Mel giggled, peeling back the doorway and allowing Alex a view inside. Mel was kneeling on the airbed in her underwear, dark purple silk bra and panties, with cream lace. Alex threw himself through the doorway and began flinging off his jumper and shorts. Mel helped him, tugging impatiently at his clothes. He threw his shoes in a corner and took her in his arms, stroking her smooth, creamy skin. She released his hard cock and took it in her hand, gripping it tightly and running her finger and thumb over the swollen head. Alex gasped. With her other hand, she cupped his balls, and he joined her, kneeling on the uneven ground. She dipped her head and took the top of his cock in her mouth, licking it slowly in a circle around the head, teasing him with her tongue. She gripped his buttocks and licked again, more slowly. Alex pushed his cock into her mouth, wanting her to take it deeper, but Mel took her mouth away and sat up.
“Ah-ah” she said, reproachfully, “Not yet, my darling. All in good time.” And with that she stood up and moved closer to Alex. He stayed on his knees, admiring Mel’s smooth pussy as it came towards him. Putting out a tongue, he licked gently, much to her delight, and she moaned softly as his tongue probed deeper. She pushed against his mouth, and Alex flicked his tongue over her clit in a circle, holding Mel as she swayed with the effect and moaned loudly.
“Shh!” Alex said, but he knew that no one could hear them, they were miles away from the nearest campsite and there was no one walking the fells at this time. In response Mel gave an even louder cry as her pleasure peaked in waves like the water on the lake. It was his turn to stop. They did this to each other, working each other up to the point of orgasm, then stopping, almost cruelly, but to prolong the fun, make the other wait for his or her satisfaction.

Mel knew the game and stepped away. She had other plans to put into action. For the first time Alex noticed a camping chair lying in one corner. Mel whipped it up and opened it out, placing it firmly in the middle of the tent. There was just room for her to walk all the way round the chair. Alex wondered what she had in store.
“Sit,” she ordered, gesturing at the chair. Alex rose, fondling Mel’s peach-like breasts as he did, then sat. Out of sight behind him, Mel took something soft and put it around Alex’s eyes. A scarf? Then something tougher was wound round his ankles, and with a tug both ankles were tied firmly to the legs of the camping chair. His cock hardened and he gave up control to Mel. Finally she took both of his arms and tied them together at the wrists behind his back, so now only his hard cock was standing free, seven fat inches straining between his legs, weeping a little.
Alex wondered what was going to happen next. He felt something cold against his erection. Something solid. Then next Mel’s hot breath was on his face, her soft lips kissing his through his neat beard, her tongue seeking his, kisses full of desire which he returned. He wanted desperately for her to touch him but she was teasing him, leaving his cock solid but untouched, tracing her hands along his thighs, his torso, but ignoring his cock. He strained at his ties and groaned.
“Please, Mel,” he whispered. “Suck me.”
She did not comply. Next thing he knew, the object was back again, briefly touching his balls, then the shaft of his cock, something cold, hard, metallic even? There was a strange hissing noise and then Alex felt Mel kiss him again, but this time… there was something else, something soft… It melted on his tongue and he swallowed.
“What is it?” he asked, trying to think. It was hard to know what you were eating when you couldn’t see it.
There was another hiss but this time, the sensation was between his legs. His cock tickled as Mel covered it in something cool and light. A line from his balls right up to the head. He’d had this sensation before… of course! The hiss! Shaving cream! But Alex was already smooth, so what was it…? In answer, Mel’s hot mouth plunged down onto his cock, her tongue licking greedily, lapping it up, taking as much of his cock as she could. It dawned on him: it wasn’t shaving cream, it was cream from a can, squirty cream. He gasped with pleasure as she repeated the process, a squirt of cream, then a greedy suck, a squirt then a suck, squirt, suck, squirt, suck…. Alex was so hard now he wanted to hold Mel’s head down hard on his cock, make her take the whole thing, but he couldn’t, he was tied too tight. He pulled hard against his bonds but they would not give and he had to give up.  

“Patience, my sweet,” Mel purred. She enjoyed desserts, he thought, so cream and cock would be her perfect pudding. He heard the hiss of the can again and this time the tickling sensation was at his nipples. Mel sucked the cream off, flicking his neat nipples against her tongue. Alex sighed and wished he could touch her. He’d love to get some cream on those tits of hers, suck it off, play with them…

He frowned as he heard Mel clunking around out of reach, knocking some cans or jars together he didn’t know what, he wanted to see. Suddenly a hot hand on his thigh, close to his weeping, creamy cock. Then a new sensation. Something heavier, stickier, warmer was smeared over the head of his cock. Strange but pleasant. Another sweet treat, he could be sure. Mel’s head met his straining cock, and slowly, greedily, she licked the new food off with one long lick.

“What is it Mel?” Alex asked, smelling the air and catching the sweet, familiar scent of chocolate…
Mel answered by bringing her lips up to his and kissing him fully, pushing her tongue in and letting him taste the sickly spread that had coated his cock. Alex licked his lips.
“More cream!” he said, and she mixed the two, chocolate and cream, a little squirt into his mouth and a long cold squirt on his balls. He groaned at the mixture of warm and cold on his skin and then again as Mel’s wet tongue licked it all off with long leisurely licks. Alex closed his eyes and was floating in a heavenly place.

Suddenly the zip ripped through his thoughts and his body tensed. Was an angry farmer invading their tent? But no, it was Mel, she had pinned back the door so they had some air, and he could hear the birds again and the water at the shore.

“Someone will see!” he said as she came back to attend him.

“No they won’t!” she laughed. “But if they do, they’ll enjoy it.”
Alex’s cock stiffened at the thought, imagining the view the farmer would get if he did chance upon them. But the picture was driven from his mind as Mel straddled him on the chair and to his relief she sank her wet pussy down on to his sticky cock. She pushed down deep so that his whole cock was inside her and, as he began to rock slowly in the chair as far as restraints allowed, she began riding his cock and using it for her own pleasure. Mel’s panting and moaning filled the tent and Alex soon joined her as the two of them enjoyed this sticky pleasure. He longed to hold her round the waist and push her up and down, to grind harder against his cream-covered balls and her clit so that she would come. But she was the ultimate tease, the best at their game and she pulled up and away before he could come.
“Mel!” he groaned, “please…” but begging never helped and Mel was deaf to his desires. Instead she tightened the blindfold, and he felt something hard at his lips, something plastic… a ball gag. He tried to protest but Mel fastened the unpleasant tasting gag around the back of his head.
“We mustn’t disturb the sheep,” she joked, running a fingernail down his back, making him shiver. He loved the sharp sensation of her nails on his skin and sometimes wished she would dig harder, but didn’t know if he could take the pain. He found out: she scratched him down the back hard, all five nails; he gasped as five red lines burned his perfect skin.

She lowered herself onto his cock again, but this time facing outwards, sitting on his lap. He was desperate to push her up and down on his cock, but as the scratches on his back smarted, Mel thrust her own body up and down to give herself a good fucking, as he sat helpless in the flimsy chair, the tent shaking around them. Mel sighed and moaned and he knew she was rubbing her clit as she got near to coming. With one loud cry and a tensing of her body, Alex knew she had come and he wanted to have that relief himself.

She stood to one side of him and knelt on the tent floor. He was pulling at his ties now, desperate for her to touch him, to finish what she’d started. He heard the hiss of the cream again but this time it wasn’t directly on his body. Mel’s creamy hands were around his cock, holding the shaft tight in one hand and squeezing his balls gently in the other. She began wanking him slowly, the cream making her hands slide easily over his skin. It got faster, her hand twisting around the head, then back to the shaft and the balls, working him up, up into a frenzy. He tried to speak but the words came out muffled by the gag. Mel tugged and rubbed and squeezed as Alex got closer and closer to coming. She squirted more cream and worked her hands as Alex strained to move, but Mel was in charge, wanking him harder and faster, until, suddenly, joy and relief as his cock squirted more cream over her hands and Mel sat back, watching Alex’s face contort and then slip back into relieved delight.

She cleaned them both up, Alex still tied to his chair, then went outside and started clattering around. Alex tried to speak through his gag but Mel ignored him. He wanted to move now. As he heard the whistle of the kettle, Mel returned and released him from his bonds. They kissed silently, Alex floating on air, Mel with a wicked glint in her eye. Alex pulled on some clothes and stepped out into the evening sunlight, bringing the camping chair with him. Mel handed him a cup of tea.  He drank in the beautiful scenery and felt blissfully relaxed.
“Don’t get too relaxed out here,” she said. “I’ve not finished with you yet.”
Alex broke into a wide smile. “Tea break, Mel! And I need a biscuit!” She threw him a Tunnock’s wafer.
“Ok but when you’ve finished that tea, you’re going straight back in the tent,” she informed him. “You have a new butt plug to try,” she grinned.
Alex grinned back. It was going to be a great holiday.