Try as she might, Mel had not been able to persuade (or even bring up the subject with) any of her friends that they might like to join her for a bit of fun, to entertain Alex for his birthday. She guessed they just weren’t as open minded as the two of them were so he would have to wait until one of them (she guessed he’d prefer Abbie) felt braver. Instead Mel decided it would be Alex’s choice how he wished to celebrate his birthday. He had not seemed that keen to celebrate it – something Mel could never understand as she personally loved being made a fuss of on her special day. It’s just once a year, she thought, and everyone deserves to be pampered. So she treated Alex to a take away curry and several beers, and then they had a relaxing snuggle in front of the box. But the real birthday treat was to come.

Once they had finished off a rather delicious white chocolate and raspberry birthday cake, Mel presented Alex with his present. He looked at the box, wondering what it could be. As soon as he took the lid off, a light blue helium balloon popped up out of the box and floated up to the ceiling. Alex sat back in surprise. Under the balloon were layers of silver tissue paper. He removed the first one to see what Mel had got him. There on the paper lay something black and lacy. At first Alex thought it was for him but when he lifted it up he could see it was a see through baby doll that would only fit Mel. He handed it to her.
“Put it on then!” he smiled. Mel took the underwear and slipped off her t-shirt and jeans so she could put it on. Alex reached forward and cupped her breasts as she was doing so.
“Mm… just as much for me as for you,” he said knowingly.
Mel nodded and stroked the crotch of Alex’s jeans, which was now bulging.
“Come on then, see what else you’ve got,” she said.
Mel had obviously been busy shopping online and had added to their ever-growing collection of toys from various sites. This time she had bought some new restraints, for hand to ankle, which she thought might come in useful for various positions. Alex pretended to play thick and insisted he didn’t know how they would work. Mel laughed at him and said she was only too happy to demonstrate.

Five minutes later Mel was kneeling in front of Alex, his jeans on the floor, his t-shirt ripped off, and his beautiful large cock standing up in front of her face. Mel’s hands were strapped into the new restraint on each side of her body, pulled slightly behind and held fast next to her ankles. She loved the feeling of not being able to move and Alex loved seeing her ready and willing to take his cock in her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and he pushed the head gently in. In a bit further. Mel struggled a little. In further still. She gagged a little. This was good, usually her hands would come up when it got too much and she would push him away for air, but with her hands fixed to her ankles, no such pushing could occur. Alex forced his cock further into her throat and held it there, feeling her struggle and unable to do anything about it. The feeling of power and submission made him even harder and he began to thrust back and forth in her mouth.

After 5 minutes of uninterrupted thrusting Alex pulled clear of Mel’s mouth and shot cum over her face. It dripped down her cheeks and rolled down her chin. She was helpless even to wipe it up. He grinned at her. This was a great present.

He released Mel from her restraints for a minute and they cuddled up, but pretty soon Alex was feeling horny again and needed some relief. He pulled Mel by the hand to the bedroom and sat her on the edge of the bed. In his hand were the restraints.
“Get on your knees” he ordered. She obeyed, turning round and kneeling on the bedclothes.
“Hands back,” he said as she held each hand back, again in line with her ankles.  Alex attached the restraints so she was leaning forward on her knees, bum stuck in the air, hands and arms by her side, wrists strapped to ankles.  He admired her peachy bum sticking up at him and quickly felt between her legs. Wet as ever. His cock hardened. Now he could do whatever he pleased…Taking their tried and tested butt plug, he eased this into Mel’s waiting arse before quickly plunging deep inside her pussy. She was his to fuck, bound and willing, arse in the air and as he fucked her deep and slow he caressed her tits through the lace. Mel moaned in pleasure as she was filled with his thick hard cock. She liked nothing better. He knew she’d disturb the flat above if she moaned any louder so Alex pulled away, took their ball gag from the box under the bed and strapped it in place. She made sounds of protest, which he ignored, his cock desperate to  enter her again. The butt plug came out slowly and in its place Alex pushed his hard cock. A muffled whimper from Mel. A groan of delight from him, as he gripped her sides and started to push deeper. She was trying to move but couldn’t. The restraints held her still while he fucked her arse. It was good, having someone who couldn’t move. Much easier to enjoy himself without complaints or wriggling or suchlike. His big cock stretched her wider and he gave way to impulse and started thrusting hard. She moaned but he couldn’t hear what she was trying to say, she waved her hands and feet but she couldn’t stop him from thrusting like he chose; this was great.

As Alex neared his climax, he dropped a hand round between Mel’s legs and fingered her sopping pussy. Waves of orgasm made her shudder with delight as he made her cum, and minutes later he came himself, pumping his spunk up her arse. He left her there while he went to wash himself, coming back in to see creamy white cum trickling down her leg from her bottom. Mel, helpless to even move after she had been fucked. He liked the sight, and took a few cheeky pictures on his mobile to look at later, or perhaps share online.

Once she was released, Mel kissed him hard on the lips, not needing to speak to show how much she had enjoyed being his to tie up and take. He kissed back, and fetched them both a drink, while they recovered.

“There’s one more,” Mel said, pushing the gift box towards Alex as they sipped their wine.
“Really!?” Alex said as he lifted the last bit of tissue paper. Underneath was a small black leather paddle. “Oh, shame, I could have spanked you red before I fucked your arse,” he exclaimed.
“Er…” said Mel. “It’s not for me.”
“What do you mean?”
“It’s for you. A birthday spanking. It’s traditional!”
“What tradition!?” Alex protested, not sure if he wanted to be involved.
“Look online,” Mel sighed, taking the paddle from him. “It’s traditional. Now. Get over my knee!”
Alex saw the playful sparkle in Mel’s eyes and didn’t dare disobey her. She could be quite dominating when she wanted to be.
“Now young man!” she ordered.
“Oh well at least you still think I’m young,” joked Alex, in reference to his birthday. With reluctance, he lowered himself clumsily over Mel’s lap. She stroked his bare skin and he held his breath in anticipation of the spanking to come.
“Hands first,” she said as she brought down the first slap on his cheeks.
“Oooch,” complained Alex as the surprise sting of her hand took him by surprise.
“That’s nothing,” she said, and proceeded to build up a steady rhythm of smacks, spanking each alternate cheek, making them sting under her hand.  Alex breathed in sharply and wondered how long this would last. He wasn’t used to being spanked but he felt he owed Mel her fun. She clearly loved spanking him as she began increasing the pressure and speed. His bottom stung as the room rang with the sound of smacks.
“Building up now, you’re getting redder,” she told him, keeping up the rhythm. “Naughty boys who tie people up get a good spanking.”
She kept on smacking until both cheeks felt like they were burning with a heat of their own.
“Time to try out your present.” Alex didn’t like the sound of that and braced himself for the sting of the paddle.
“Ow!” he wailed as a sharper smack landed on one side. “That hurt!”
“Nonsense,” Mel soothed as she stroked his reddened skin. “This will hurt,” she said with a wicked tone in her voice and brought the paddle down harder on his right side.
“Ouch!” Alex cried as a paddle-shaped area of skin stung like wasps.
“Owww! Mel, please!” Five more sharp smacks landed in succession and then much to his relief, Mel went back to gentler smacks.
“Oh I don’t know if I like that present,” he complained, but Mel knew he was just being theatrical.  She finished the spanking by hand, giving him 20 more on each side until his bottom was red and glowing hot, just as it should be.
“Lovely,” she proclaimed and gave it a kiss. “Happy Birthday, gorgeous.”
Alex pushed himself up from her lap and they kissed, snuggling together in a warm embrace.