Contemplating a weekend on his own Clive wasn’t worried, well he had his imagination, his right hand and his cock, what more did a man need?

Of course it would have been better to have shared it with Sarah, but as she was away visiting friends, Clive needed to quench his heighten libido. He hadn’t been with Sarah for a while, for various reasons, but he had missed their intimate moments together especially with their new toy, a bondage set comprising of a blindfold and wrist and angle straps. Sarah loved this as once she was “strapped in”, Clive’s expression, she was completely at his mercy, he had her “no holes barred” he said after one of their sessions.

So what to do?

Clive gave this question a lot of thought.

Internet porn? They both liked watching all sorts of stuff online.

That’s a start he thought, see what he can find. Clive liked a few things that Sarah didn’t, like pissing, he really would love to have Sarah piss on him while he masturbated, but that would have to wait, maybe, just maybe.

He could film some of the stuff he got up to and share the results with Sarah when they were together again, perhaps he could film himself pissing and masturbating at the same time. He had become quite adapt at that, it was such a turn on. Yes, that would be a start.

After a quick shower and a shave and a quick wank, he really was up for this, his cock hard with the thought of what was to come.

Settling down in front of his laptop, Clive checked his emails, his other email accounts. They had setup additional Hotmail and Gmail accounts to keep their internet activity anonymous and to setup accounts on some of the popular porn sharing sites.

He had the usual requests from people to be friends, he would look at those later, a few weird emails, delete those, the usual spam, send those to junk.

But one span email caught his eye. Not really spam, but one of those web cam sites were you can watch women and pay them to do stuff. But this one was different, not only a British site, he did a quick Whois search and IP look up, but it was offering a 24-hour free session.

Clicking on the link, Clive filled in the registration form, using his anonymous details, after a while he was in.

The site was split up by county, and by age groups. Scrolling through the options he settled on his county. Scrolling down the list of towns he found several women listed where he lived. Of course you have to take this with a pinch of salt as to whether they really are where they say they are.

Two where online, one of the avatars looked a bit suspect, a bit too glamourous to be believable, but the other one look normal.

Clicking on the avatar Clive waited while the connection was made, then a window popped up, a split second later a bedroom came into view.

The room was well appointed, Clive had a feeling that this was real, not a setup in a studio, the lighting was a bit harsh around the edges, the furniture wasn’t uniform but had a comfortable feel about it. A few personal items on show, nothing to give way the identity of the person or even the location.

After a while Clive wondered if this was a live feed. Looking at the controls on the video window he saw a call button.

He clicked on it. A moment later a shadow fell onto the bed as a pair of legs came into view.

The legs belonged to an attractive woman, about 45 years of age he thought, brown shoulder length hair, minimal makeup which he liked, wearing a plain white T-Shirt that emphasised her breasts, it also showed her erect nipples.

The woman’s eyes scanned the screen, flicking left and right as she read his username, his location and settling on his avatar. He had selected an image of himself naked holding a laptop in front of him, just about covering his erection.

Looking up she smiled into the camera.

She looked down as she typed on the keyboard.

His laptop sounded as the message appeared on his screen.

“Hi, my name is Jane, what’s yours?” it said.

Clive hesitated before he replied, should he use his real name? He decided to use his middle name.

“My name is Andrew.” He typed.

“Hello Andrew.” Jane typed.

Then quickly added “You will have seen from my profile that there are a few things I won’t do, hope you’re Ok with that?”

“Yes, not a problem. Let’s just see what happens shall we?” he typed.

Jane smiled as she typed, “You’re the client after all, I’m sure we can have some fun.” She winked at the camera as she typed this.

“I’m new to this, not sure what to do.” He typed.

Smiling again. “Let’s start off with you turning on your webcam, let me see what you look like.” She typed.

Clive hesitated, he hadn’t thought about that. Being seen had not crossed his mind.

Think. What do I do?

“Are you still there?” she typed.

“Not shy are we?” she typed again.

“No.” he quickly replied. “No, to both questions, just working out how to turn the camera no.” he lied as he typed.

Jane laughed as she typed. “Just click the video icon on the control panel, that will turn on the camera. You will be asked if the program is allowed to use the camera and microphone.”

Clive clicked on the icon. A small window appeared top right of the main window. He never liked what he looked like on screen, looking at himself staring back from the screen enforced that.

“Looking good.” She said

“Thank you, same here.” He typed.

Jane laughed as she said. “You don’t have to type any more, I can hear and see you.”

Clive blushed.

“Sorry.” He said. “I told you I was new to this.”

They smiled at each other over the internet.

Clive wondered if this would be, in some way two timing Sarah. No, he thought. Yes, they are in a relationship but it hadn’t been made official. Whatever that was. Official.

After a moment Jane removed her t-shirt, tossing it aside she looked down as she played with her breasts. Pinching her nipples making them harder.

Clive instinctively moved his hand to his cock and started to stroke it.

Jane looked up, licked her lips, smiled at him as if she knew what he was doing.

She can only see my head and shoulders he thought, so she won’t know what I’m doing. He saw a slight movement of his right shoulder in the little video window.

“Are you enjoying this?” she asked.

“Yes.” He said, his breathing slightly heavy.

“I thought so she said.” Winking at him.

Shit, he thought, is it so obvious that I’m playing with my cock?

Jane pushed the laptop away revealing more of herself to him. Moving her hand down to her pussy she started to stroke it through her knickers. As she did so she said. “You are making me wet thinking of you stroking your cock. Is it hard?”

“Yes.” He said without hesitation.

“Nice.” She purred slipping a finger inside the waist band of her knickers pulling it down to reveal a shaved pussy.

Clive stroked his cock quicker, increasing his breathing as he did so.

“I would love to see your cock.” She said as she licked the fingers of her other hand, then moved it down to play with her pussy.

Clive angled his laptop screen down and sat back on the sofa revealing himself stroking his cock.

“Stop masturbating.” She demanded. “I want to see your cock.”

Clive obliged. Holding his cock up straight placing his hand around the base, showing Jane all 7 inches of his throbbing cock.

“That is a big cock.” She said, a note of surprise in her voice.

“I want to put that huge cock in my mouth and have you thrust it down my throat.” She said slipping a finger inside her pussy. Clive could not only see that she was wet, but heard it as well.

“I’m so wet.” She moaned inserting two fingers into pussy.

“I know.” He said stroking his cock again.

I know, he thought to himself, what a silly thing to say, you dick.

“I want to feel that inside me, rammed in deep, so deep in hurts.” She moaned.

Clive wondered if this was for real, it seems like it, but you can never tell.

He wasn’t into too much dirty talking, it always seems so false, porn films have a lot to answer for he thought.

Jane removed her knickers to reveal a swollen pussy with very wet lips and a swollen clit.

She lightly ran the tip of her finger around her clit gasping as she did so, occasionally slipping a finger inside her pussy, each time she pulled her finger out it made a sucking noise, she was wet, very wet.

Clive played with his balls as he increased the rhythm of his strokes, staring to pant loudly now.

“Slow down.” She said. “You’re not to come yet.”

“Stroke it slowly, very slowly, I want to see it all, all of it, your big hard cock being stroked.”

Clive obeyed without hesitation, he was close, he was so turned on, hyped up for a good wank.

This continued for a while, Clive stroking his cock watching Jane finger her pussy, playing with clit whilst with her other hand she fondled her breasts tweaking her already erect nipples.

Clive was suddenly brought back to reality by the sound of shouting from the street below.

A drunken brawl Clive thought hoping whoever it was would soon move on.

It soon became apparent that this brawl was her to stay. Suddenly there was the sound of siren growing closer. The sound seemed to echo on Janes laptop as well, like feedback, she paused as she also heard the noise.

The siren got louder as it approached, they both stopped waiting for the sound to pass. It didn’t.

It stopped outside Clive’s flat window, the sound amplified by both their laptops.

Jane unconsciously looked to her right as the siren rose and fell, Clive could see a faint blue light pulsating on the ceiling of her bedroom.

Jane turned her gaze back to her laptop, as Clive looked up and saw the very same thing on his sitting room ceiling, turning his gaze back to his screen, they both started at each other.

Clive smiled.

Jane returned his smile.

It dawned on both them that they were in the same block of flats, she was above him.

He had not meet any one yet from his side of the apartment block he rented, especially the flat above his, he hadn’t even heard anyone up there, so he assumed it was empty.

Clive looked up at his ceiling knowing that Jane and her wet pussy was up there, he looked back at the screen, Jane had crossed her legs and folded her arms covering her breasts, suddenly becoming uncomfortable, of what was going to be an anonymous evening of mutual masturbation and fun.

Clive wondered what to do or say next, should he end the call, try and carry on or suggest they meet. Jane seem to be thinking the same thing.

“What shall we do now?” he asked, his cock slowly getting softer in his hand.

“Not sure.” she said holding herself tighter.

They both sat looking at each other while the siren continued outside, blue light flashing on their respective ceilings.

“We can end the call, carry on or…” he said. Not finishing the sentence.

“Or..” she asked.

“Or, I can come up to you or you come down to me.” He ventured.

Jane laughed. “I’m not sure.” She said. “I’m not sure it would be wise.”

“Why not?” he asked.

“I have never meet anyone I have seen online.” She said reaching for her t-shirt and putting it on.

“I must admit the feeling has somewhat waned.” He said playing with his now limp cock.

“Yes.” She said with slight laugh. “It was good though while it lasted.” She said.

“Yes.” He said still playing with his cock.

“Nice size, gorgeous.” She winked.

Clive felt his cock stiffen. He stroked it as it grew harder in his hand, as he did so Jane uncrossed her legs placing her hand on her still wet pussy.

Clive increased his grip on his hardening cock, his breathing getting heavy with each stroke.

Jane quickly removed her t-shirt returning were she had felt off a while ago.

They quickly got back into the rhythm of their shared arousal, the sound of the siren fading as they both quickly reached an intense orgasm.

After a while Clive cleaned himself up, his breathing returning to normal as he watched Jane slowly remove her fingers from her pussy giving her clit one last touch sending another shock wave of pleasure surging through her body.

“That’s was unreal.” Clive managed to say.

“I know.” Jane said. “Thank you for carrying on, I so wanted to see that cock of yours cum.”

“Well you can see it for real if you want to.” Clive said before he realised what he had just said.

“Well, we will have to see about that.” She said with wink.

“I hope so.” He said” You know where I am.” He added with a laugh.

“I only have to knock on the floor.” She said.

“Or we could have another online session.” He said. “Although.” He continued. “It would be nice to touch that wet pussy and that lovely clit.”

“Yes, and I can hold that gorgeous cock, would love to suck it as well.” She said unconsciously touching herself.

Before long they were both pleasuring themselves, all the while knowing how close they were to each other, but how long would it be before they got their hands on each other?