“I’m so tired, I’m going to bed,” Cass declared, yawning and leaning over to give Michael a kiss before getting up off the sofa. “Oh,” he said in disappointment, having had other things in mind for them. “I’ll be there in a bit then. I’ll see if you’re still awake.” When Michael went into the bedroom later, Cass had already fallen asleep. She woke up briefly and mumbled something as he snuggled in beside her. Michael stroked a hot hand down her naked body, hoping for a response but she had drifted off again. He smacked her bum and moved in closer to her, stroking her pussy as she lay facing away from him. She mumbled again. Michael had been stroking his cock before he came in the bedroom and it stood hard in his hand. He pushed it against her pussy, waiting for her to move her legs apart for him. Cass put a hand back and nudged him away. “I’m sleeping,” she mumbled, not fully awake. Michael was surprised and a little hurt. It wasn’t like Cass to refuse his cock. Didn’t she want him? His cock wanted her, so now what was he supposed to do? “Fine,” he muttered, not knowing what else to say and turned on his side away from her, disappointed and rather put out by her reaction. Cass meanwhile fell back to sleep. 

In the morning Michael woke first and looked over at Cass, remembering his disappointment the night before. He was still unimpressed with her reaction and decided to teach her a lesson. This was his flat and she knew she was there as his guest, and as such had to follow his rules. So he would remind her just what those rules were. He got out of bed carefully so he didn’t wake her and opened his box of toys. Back on the bed, he took Cass’s hands and held the wrists together while he bound them with silky cord. Cass began to stir. She looked up at him as he finished binding. “What are you doing?” she asked. Michael stayed silent. The action of tying her up was making him hard and she could see his beautiful big cock standing ready. To her surprise he put a ball gag into her mouth and fixed it securely behind her head. She hardly had time to object. Lying down beside her, with Cass facing away as she had last night, he let her feel the hard, fat cock ready to enter her pussy. He explained to her what was happening, calmly and firmly. “Remember what you said last night when I came to bed and I wanted you? You said no, you said you were too sleepy. Well, Cass. That’s just not acceptable. If I want your pussy, I will have it.” Michael felt her already wet pussy. “My cock was ready for you and you turned away from it. I’m going to remind you: this is my flat and the house rules are you pleasure my cock whenever I want it, do you understand?” Cass made a noise. It wasn’t clear if it was agreement. “You will not be making that mistake again, is that clear?” This time it sounded like a yes. “Whenever I want you, I’ll have you and in any way I fancy. Mouth, pussy, arse.” He smacked her arse again. “Got it, Cass?” Cass’s body gave away her response, as Michael felt her pussy getting wetter beneath his hand. She wanted it all right this morning and she was going to get it. Without further talking, Michael pushed his cock inside her and began thrusting. He lifted a leg over hers and fucked her fast and deep, with Cass gasping through her gag as he pounded her pussy. Michael pushed her on to her face and held the back of her head down into the pillow, and fucked her hard from behind, urgently and like an animal as he got more and more desperate to cum. Cass lay helpless, motionless, her hands tied tight in front of her body, her fingers straining to touch herself, and the grinding motion of Michael fucking hard set her clit on fire and she cried out in pleasure.

When Michael had cum, he left Cass lying face down while he recovered. But he wasn’t finished yet. There was plenty more he could do to make sure she knew who was boss in this flat and who was there to serve his cock when he wanted. After all she had said so many times she worshipped his cock, so worship she would and he knew how.

“Get on to your knees,” he ordered. She made surprised noises of protest at this, perhaps thinking she had earned release. “Do it!” he said, slapping her bum hard on one cheek. With a squeal, Cass shuffled her knees together and attempted to sit up, without the use of her hands. Michael helped her into a kneeling position, so her face was still on the bed, to one side, and her body sloped downwards. Her bum stuck up in the air, feet underneath. Michael continued to speak with authority, calmly and slowly so that Cass understood what was happening. “Cass,” he explained, “I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson yet.” (Muffled protests) “You know what happens in this flat if you need punishing.” (A loud groan) “I’m going to use my belt on you.” More loud groans. Cass clearly wasn’t feeling in need of a strapping. All the more reason to give it to her. Michael would strap her until her bottom was bright red and so sore that she would have trouble sitting. He loved strapping her, his aim was good, he could watch her bum turn red and afterwards he would fuck her again, as she would be sopping wet.

Cass heard Michael take up his belt, as it made that tell tale noise as the buckle clinked together. She braced herself for the first whack. It stung. Michael was a natural with it, he never missed and he built up the intensity just right so it started off lightly but he soon got a rhythm going and hit her harder and harder. The whacks fell and she gasped as the belt stung her skin. Soon her whole bottom was glowing and the sting radiated outwards. It made her skin sing with a pain that grew slowly, until her whole bottom was on fire. The belt rose and fell over and over and Michael watched as the redness covered her whole bottom, square at the edges and giving off a low heat. He knew she needed this and he wanted to make sure she felt soundly punished. Her behaviour was not something he wanted repeating and a good long strapping would make her think twice about ever rejecting his advances again. When he wanted her she would comply, whether it meant opening her legs so he could fuck her pussy, or her mouth, so he could fuck that instead. Cass was groaning now as the belt hit her already sore flesh and she must have been wanting it to stop. But Michael knew she could take a good thrashing and he intended to make her bottom very sore before he put down the belt. If Cass could feel the dull ache in her muscles the next day when she was sat down at work, she would remember who was in charge.

He upped the intensity now and whacked the belt down with his full force. Cass moaned with each whack and he knew from her tense body that she was struggling. If her hands hadn’t been tied they would have been thrown back to shield her bottom so it was perfect that they were tied tightly in front of her. He pondered that all strappings should be tied so that he could finish the job without any interruption, it was no fun her getting her hands in the way. “Ten more,” he announced and with complete concentration he delivered ten of the finest whacks he had given. Bright red lines stood out on her peachy skin and he stroked them slowly, surprised at the heat coming from them. Cass made a sound of pain, so he knew she was feeling sorry. Stroking her gently and putting the belt away, his hand reached down to her pussy. It was dripping. He played with her a little as she wriggled in pleasure, and with his other hand he stroked his rock hard cock, that was so ready for more fucking. Kneeling behind her, he thrust it in hard and grabbing hold of her waist, he pulled her body back on to his cock and began fucking.

Cass made noises of delight at Michael’s cock filling her up, pounding into her. When Michael put a hand on her clit she groaned loudly and he felt her body tense as he played with it more. It was all too much for Cass and she shuddered in orgasm as wave upon wave hit her. Michael grabbed her by the waist again and fucked a little deeper until he too was on the brink of cumming. He pulled his cock out of her and shot hot cum over her sore red arse.

Later that night, after a lazy day together, Cass pulled herself free of Michael’s arms and turned to kiss him. “I’m off to bed,” she said, standing up. She rubbed her bum, “It still stings,” she pouted, but with a smile, as she knew she’d deserved it. “Good,” Michael said, “So it should.” He stood up too. “Right, get to bed then. I’m following.” “Ooh, good,” she said smiling. “No, I’m not coming to bed yet,” he said. “Something to show you before you go to sleep this time.” Cass frowned. She didn’t know what he meant. In the bedroom, as Cass was getting undressed, Michael got out a piece of kit that both of them loved. It was a restraint harness that either of them could wear, that kept the user tied up so that they could be fucked in any position. Michael began putting it on to Cass. “You said you weren’t coming to bed,” she said. “I’m not,” he explained. “But you are, and this is what you are going to wear.” Cass looked at him with a frown but felt her pussy get wet. “I don’t understand…” “Now, every time you go to bed here, you will wear this. And then if I want to fuck you and you want to go to sleep instead, or you are already asleep, you don’t have a choice. You don’t get to say no, Cass. It’s precautions. You’ll be ready.” Cass’s eyes opened wider but she let Michael strap her into the harness. Both hands were secured near her neck and both legs were secured to each arm. She lay back on the bed. “I’m also going to put this in,” said Michael. He took out a ring-gag that fitted neatly into Cass’s mouth, forcing her to keep her mouth open. “Granted, my cock’s too big to fit through that but it’s what it stands for: your mouth will be kept open and ready for my cock should I want to stick my cock down your throat. And I think I will later.” Cass tried to speak but couldn’t as drool dripped down her chin. “I’ll be in shortly and when I want to fuck you I will. Understood? House rules, Cass. Easy to follow, even easier when you have no choice.” Cass nodded and tried to make herself comfy despite her restraints. Michael covered her with a sheet, kissed her on the forehead and left the room. Both of them were looking forward to his return.