“Can you turn it down?!” snapped Cass, her head in Michael’s lap as they watched a film.  Michael turned it down.
“Not that much!” she complained, “I can’t hear it now!”
Sighing, Michael adjusted the volume and reached over Cass’s head for some popcorn.  “Don’t eat it all, I’m here too you know,” she complained.
“Just stop whining will you?” he said. He’d made them dinner, got her a drink and they were now enjoying a film, or trying to, but she was complaining. Cass moved over to her own seat in a huff. She hunched her shoulders and when he put out a hand, she moved away.
“If you don’t stop complaining” he said softly, “I’ll turn you over my lap right now and give you a good spanking.”
Cass, who normally enjoyed being over Michael’s knee, didn’t answer. Her face remained sullen and she stared ahead at the telly.
“I’ll make your bottom bright red if you keep acting like a brat!”Cass turned to him.
“I thought we didn’t do the domestic discipline stuff. Spankings should be fun. I don’t want you to start spanking me for silly things.”
“Seems to me like you might need a good spanking. Teach you some manners.”
Michael studied her face, trying to guess what she was thinking. He knew she didn’t go for the whole American style discipline within a relationship. They’d watched a lot of videos and many couples actively lived a spanking lifestyle, where the woman or man got punished for various misdemeanours. Overspending, rudeness, being late, that kind of thing. They both agreed that this was not for them and their spankings were purely for arousal and fun. But Michael was beginning to wonder… He spanked because it felt amazing, because he loved that power, the ability to turn Cass’s perfect arse a rosy shade of red. But he only got to do it when she was in the mood and that didn’t always coincide with when he wanted to spank her…. But if discipline were to be introduced… then he could spank when he pleased.

That decided it.

“Right, over my knee,” he declared and without waiting for her to respond, he pulled Cass over and lifted up her dress.  She was protesting loudly but he wasn’t listening. He admired her shapely bottom and stroked the sheer material of her lacy knickers. These would have to come down. No concessions in a punishment spanking. The knickers were pulled down to her knees. She was really complaining but his cock was already hot and throbbing at the thought of what was to come. He would turn this pale, smooth skin bright red and hot to the touch. Cass was trying to sit up and get away from him but one strong arm over her back held her firm.
“I don’t want a spanking!” she wailed.
Michael drew back his hand and smacked it down hard on her left cheek. Cass screeched.
“Oww, Michael!”
He repeated it on her right cheek.
“You’re hurting!”
Michael paused, and in a firm, gentle voice, explained to Cass what was happening.
“Cass,” he began, “this is not a normal spanking that you’ve become used to. Your behaviour towards me tonight has been unacceptable.”
She listened quietly.
“I have decided I will not tolerate any bad attitude to me. No rudeness,” (smack), “no grumpiness,” (smack) “or any behaviour I find unacceptable.” Another loud smack. “From now on, I will be spanking you for anything I find unacceptable while you are in my flat. Understood?”
He gave her a quick succession of spanks.
“Oww! Yes!” she replied, “But it’s not fair!”
It felt very fair to Michael as his cock pressed hard against his shorts.
“I think you will very quickly benefit from discipline and guidance as to how I expect you to behave,” he said, settling now into a regular rhythm of hard spanks. “It clearly works for other couples and I’m sure it will work for us.” The spanks increased in intensity.
“It hurts!” she whined, “What happened to a warm-up?”
“No warm-up,” Michael explained. “Just spanks.”
There was a muffled sob from Cass as she lay draped over his knee, her pert backside absorbing smack after smack. Michael meant business and she was in no position to argue, pinned firmly down with her bare bottom under his palm.
“I’m sorry,” she said in a babyish voice, trying to appease him and end the spanking.
“Good,” he cooed. “It’s working already.”
Cass gave a dry sob as she realised he wasn’t going to stop, not until her bottom had been soundly spanked.
“Please!” she begged but the smacks kept falling and her bum stung like she had sat in nettles.

After a steady ten minutes of spanking, Michael sat her up and looked in her face. She looked properly contrite. Was it honest or was she acting, just to get out of any more?
“Now then… that’s just a taste of what lies in store. Do you understand?”
He thought he saw a flicker of defiance in her face which made him sure this was the way forward. He stood her up and admired his handiwork.
“Oh yes,” he said, “perfectly red all over.”
She grunted.
“Make me a cup of tea,” he said.
Rubbing her red bottom, she filled the kettle right up and took a clean mug from the cupboard.
“Use this mug!” he said, passing her one already in use. “And I’ve told you, don’t fill the kettle so full. You’re wasting water!”
Cass tipped half the water out and slammed the kettle back on to its base.
“Be careful with that!” he scolded.
“For Christ sake!” she snapped at him, “Make your own bloody tea!” and she turned and flounced out of the room.

Michael sat there for a few seconds, amazed at what he had seen, especially after she had just been spanked. Was she cross with him for his new regime? Or was she trying to annoy him on purpose so that she got more spankings? He could not tell with Cass, she was like a riddle. He got his answer when she came back in carrying her bag.
“I’m going home,” she announced defiantly.
Michael watched her. She was waiting for a reaction. Slowly he shook his head.
“No. You don’t get out of it that easily.”
Cass looked at him, not moving.
“Get in the bedroom.”
“I said I’m going home! I’m not going to be treated like this Michael! I’m not a child! I don’t need spanking for misbehaviour!” It all came out now, in a torrent. Michael thought more than ever that a spanking was exactly what she needed. He got up and strode over to her, taking her by the wrists so she dropped her bag, propelling her to the bedroom. She struggled at first but he was stronger. Michael pushed her in the room and onto the bed.
Cass tried getting off the bed, but he grabbed for the ties he kept under the mattress. He secured one ankle and then the next, so she had her feet together underneath her, kneeling on the bed. He took her hands, with some effort and tied them behind her back. Then he pushed her gently forward so she was resting her head on the bed and her red bottom was raised up for all the world to see.
“Perfect. I might leave you there for a bit. To think about what is coming next.”
“Let me go, please,” Cass said angrily. Which reminded Michael he needed one more thing. Fixing the ball gag in her mouth gave him freedom to continue her punishment without any interruptions. He went into the living room to consider his next move.

As he sat on the sofa, stroking his cock, he could hear Cass making noises of protest from the other room. He shook his head. He really could not tell if she was into this and playing along or genuinely fed up with him and wanting to leave. Either way, he shrugged, she was at his command now and she would be getting a good long strapping. He was fed up with her attitude and he needed to show her what would happen if it didn’t improve. He would make sure she could feel the effects for a week to come. A sore arse was a good reminder for when she felt like being feisty again. Michael stood up, loosened his belt and carried it into the bedroom.

There, helpless before him, was Cass, tied in place, her bottom vulnerable and exposed. He clinked the belt so she could hear what was in store for her. Her body stiffened. Michael would say no words nor respond to her muffled cries. He would give her the best strapping she’d ever had until her bum was one large patch of red and he thought she had learnt her lesson.

The first whack fell in a neat stripe across her cheeks. Cass yelped. Luckily the gag muffled it so the neighbours would not be round. He strapped her again. And again. He found it easy to get into a steady rhythm with the belt and pretty soon a beautiful red patch was forming across her bottom, as the belt left straight red bands across her skin. Each thwack echoed round the room and caused a cry of pain. Each thwack made her skin deepen in colour and burn. As more whacks fell, she tried to move to disperse the pain but she was tied tight.  Michael’s cock was rock solid and standing proud. He released it from his shorts and stood there naked, enjoying the feeling. Next time he would film Cass’s punishment so that he could share it online, showing others what Cass had earned herself. His cock started weeping with arousal and he thought about how afterwards he would get more satisfaction. He would fuck her while she was tied up or he would simply wank all over her hot bottom.  He was stroking his cock as he thought of it and had to stop in case he came.

Cass’s bottom was glowing now and she cried out with every stroke. He alternated the side he stood on as he didn’t want one cheek to catch more of the belt than the other. This was the best thrashing she had ever had. She needed to learn that she would not misbehave again unless she wanted more of the same.  Michael had read that the best spankings were just a little more than the spankee could take and this was certainly going to be that. He watched as her skin began to turn dark red in places, so he checked carefully to ensure they were not actual damage. The idea was never to actually harm her. Just to provide a sound thrashing. In a few places the skin looked as if it might bruise soon. Time to stop. Just a few more hard licks to get over his point.

Michael lifted the belt high and brought it down with an almighty crack. Cass yelled. Nine more slow, deliberate whacks told Cass that this was the ending.

She knew Michael was teaching her something, she had started out so angry. She never believed in domestic discipline or punishment spankings, as spankings were something arousing, but she knew Michael had really got into them and they turned him on enormously. She knew too she could be unreasonable and moody and perhaps that did warrant a spanking. As the whipping continued the endorphins made her head swim and she began to relax. The belt bit like a snake and she couldn’t keep still; instinct made her try to move out the way. But it was hopeless. She tried to accept that she needed a thrashing. She knew deep down it would do her good to behave better. As the whipping progressed she tried to enjoy the way it made her feel, helpless, hopeless, at Michael’s mercy, her bum exposed in the cool air.  She imagined his amazing hard cock behind her, felt herself getting wet. Christ the belting was getting harder and she could not take any more. Yelling helped her deal with the pain. She hoped these hard ones were the last, if she could just grit her teeth and see them through…

The relief of not feeling the belt any more was sweet, and now all she felt was a burning sensation and a dull ache in her well whipped bottom. She felt suitably punished for being sullen and disrespectful to lovely Michael, whose hot beautiful cock she longed for… her pussy was very wet and swollen and she wanted Michael to fuck her now, tied up, gagged, thrashed. But she couldn’t speak and she was so frustrated to hear Michael wanking behind her, not touching her swollen clit but stroking his cock. Then she felt hot wet cum spray her cheeks and drip down over her burning skin. Cass groaned. As he released her, he told her she was a good girl.
“Get into bed, Cass. You can recover now.”  She looked longingly into his eyes as she rolled onto her back.
“Touch me, please,” she begged.
“Go to sleep. I’ll be in later.” Michael went out of the room. Cass moaned, aware only of her very sore arse and swollen wet pussy. She realised that the very real part of her punishment would be a lack of attention from Michael’s cock. That was worse than the thrashing. She put a hand between her legs and began stroking. Michael came back into the room and saw what she was doing.
“Uh-uh,” he said, taking her by the wrist, “No, no pleasure for you. Part of your punishment,” and he took the rope again and tied her hands together. Cass wailed.
“Go to sleep,” he ordered. “You’ll be untied in the morning.”
Cass moaned; she knew she would have to wait until morning for her relief but it was exciting to be under Michael’s control. She knew that from now on she would have to behave much better unless she wanted a permanently sore bottom.