Acting – A Lesson

Part 1: The first lesson

“But where are Nev and Eddie? If they’ve gone to the pub…”
Helen walked across the stage, looking up at the stairs that led off to the green room. She swept her blonde hair back from her face and stared expectantly up the steps, frowning.
“If they’ve gone to the PUB…”
A dark haired girl dashed out, looking flustered.
“Oh God, sorry!”  She looked apologetically at Helen. “Shh! The kids are asleep up here!… Can you tell Eddie to come up… No, sorry – Have you seen Eddie… No…”
“LINES!” yelled the director, a tall, striking man in his early fifties.
“I’m sorry,” wailed Patsy, as some of the other actors muttered under their breath. She was the only one who didn’t know her lines; the rest of them had worked hard to learn this play, and it was generally felt that Patsy was holding up rehearsals.
“Right, everyone take a break!” ordered the director.  “Patsy, get the kettle on.”
“Yes, Robert,” she said and rushed into the back room to get away from the cast. Continue reading