Happy Birthday!

Try as she might, Mel had not been able to persuade (or even bring up the subject with) any of her friends that they might like to join her for a bit of fun, to entertain Alex for his birthday. She guessed they just weren’t as open minded as the two of them were so he would have to wait until one of them (she guessed he’d prefer Abbie) felt braver. Instead Mel decided it would be Alex’s choice how he wished to celebrate his birthday. He had not seemed that keen to celebrate it – something Mel could never understand as she personally loved being made a fuss of on her special day. It’s just once a year, she thought, and everyone deserves to be pampered. So she treated Alex to a take away curry and several beers, and then they had a relaxing snuggle in front of the box. But the real birthday treat was to come. Continue reading

Worship – Part 2

Cass had declared herself a disciple of a new religion, worshipping Michael’s cock, and Michael was all for it. She had already begun by having her head tied to a chair so he could fuck her mouth, now he had tried this he wanted more of the same and she was all too willing to show her devotion. While she was in his flat, she would show due respect and do what he chose, and he chose more of the same, at least, to start.  Continue reading