Worship Pt3

“I’m so tired, I’m going to bed,” Cass declared, yawning and leaning over to give Michael a kiss before getting up off the sofa. “Oh,” he said in disappointment, having had other things in mind for them. “I’ll be there in a bit then. I’ll see if you’re still awake.” When Michael went into the bedroom later, Cass had already fallen asleep. She woke up briefly and mumbled something as he snuggled in beside her. Michael stroked a hot hand down her naked body, hoping for a response but she had drifted off again. He smacked her bum and moved in closer to her, stroking her pussy as she lay facing away from him. She mumbled again. Michael had been stroking his cock before he came in the bedroom and it stood hard in his hand. He pushed it against her pussy, waiting for her to move her legs apart for him. Cass put a hand back and nudged him away. “I’m sleeping,” she mumbled, not fully awake. Michael was surprised and a little hurt. It wasn’t like Cass to refuse his cock. Didn’t she want him? His cock wanted her, so now what was he supposed to do? “Fine,” he muttered, not knowing what else to say and turned on his side away from her, disappointed and rather put out by her reaction. Cass meanwhile fell back to sleep.  Continue reading

Happy Birthday!

Try as she might, Mel had not been able to persuade (or even bring up the subject with) any of her friends that they might like to join her for a bit of fun, to entertain Alex for his birthday. She guessed they just weren’t as open minded as the two of them were so he would have to wait until one of them (she guessed he’d prefer Abbie) felt braver. Instead Mel decided it would be Alex’s choice how he wished to celebrate his birthday. He had not seemed that keen to celebrate it – something Mel could never understand as she personally loved being made a fuss of on her special day. It’s just once a year, she thought, and everyone deserves to be pampered. So she treated Alex to a take away curry and several beers, and then they had a relaxing snuggle in front of the box. But the real birthday treat was to come. Continue reading