Turn it down!

“Can you turn it down?!” snapped Cass, her head in Michael’s lap as they watched a film.  Michael turned it down.
“Not that much!” she complained, “I can’t hear it now!”
Sighing, Michael adjusted the volume and reached over Cass’s head for some popcorn.  “Don’t eat it all, I’m here too you know,” she complained.
“Just stop whining will you?” he said. He’d made them dinner, got her a drink and they were now enjoying a film, or trying to, but she was complaining. Cass moved over to her own seat in a huff. She hunched her shoulders and when he put out a hand, she moved away.
“If you don’t stop complaining” he said softly, “I’ll turn you over my lap right now and give you a good spanking.”
Cass, who normally enjoyed being over Michael’s knee, didn’t answer. Her face remained sullen and she stared ahead at the telly.
“I’ll make your bottom bright red if you keep acting like a brat!” Continue reading

Katie’s Story

This is an ageplay story and doesn’t condone spanking kids. Katie is a fictional ageplay character whose stories make for some nice adult spanking play. Please do not read if such things offend you.

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Katie’s world was very simple: if you were good, good things happened. If you were bad, you got spanked. It was a straightforward and uncomplicated way to live and she had grown up knowing these rules from an early age. So why she persisted in bad behaviour was anyone’s business, as it had resulted in many trips over her daddy’s knee before she was even ten. Now she still found herself being hauled over his lap, his arms too strong to fight against and his hand – ouch – too hard to argue with. Many a foolish moment of bad decisions and rash behaviour had seen Katie end up with a sore bottom. Continue reading