The Tourist

Arriving at the station, the train from Palermo had made good time making up for the wait Katie had had getting through customs. She always hated that part of a holiday, Airports. But she had arrived at her destination, the ancient city of Agrigento on the southern coast of Sicily. Stepping out of the air-conditioned train she felt the heat of the mid day sun hit her. She had been to hot countries before so this was not new to her. Walking quickly across the station concourse she made her way to the exit, pulling her travel suitcase behind her, her trusty travel suitcase, almost a friend you might say. They had been together since her first trip abroad, Spain. God that was a nightmare. How long ago was that? Almost 15 years ago. She vowed after that experience never to travel in a group, she liked her own company doing her own thing, seeing what she want to see. Since then her suitcase had been her only traveling companion. Continue reading