A brief encounter…

Contemplating a weekend on his own Clive wasn’t worried, well he had his imagination, his right hand and his cock, what more did a man need?

Of course it would have been better to have shared it with Sarah, but as she was away visiting friends, Clive needed to quench his heighten libido. He hadn’t been with Sarah for a while, for various reasons, but he had missed their intimate moments together especially with their new toy, a bondage set comprising of a blindfold and wrist and angle straps. Sarah loved this as once she was “strapped in”, Clive’s expression, she was completely at his mercy, he had her “no holes barred” he said after one of their sessions. Continue reading

Happy Birthday!

Try as she might, Mel had not been able to persuade (or even bring up the subject with) any of her friends that they might like to join her for a bit of fun, to entertain Alex for his birthday. She guessed they just weren’t as open minded as the two of them were so he would have to wait until one of them (she guessed he’d prefer Abbie) felt braver. Instead Mel decided it would be Alex’s choice how he wished to celebrate his birthday. He had not seemed that keen to celebrate it – something Mel could never understand as she personally loved being made a fuss of on her special day. It’s just once a year, she thought, and everyone deserves to be pampered. So she treated Alex to a take away curry and several beers, and then they had a relaxing snuggle in front of the box. But the real birthday treat was to come. Continue reading

We have ways of making you talk!

Since Clive & Sarah met, their relationship had taken a new course, not satisfied with just sex, although that was amazing, they had talked about role play. Sarah was very keen on expanding their “repertoire”. Spanking had taken on a new meaning with the introduction of Katie, she was Sarah’s alter-ego and she can be a very naughty girl, this she found out to her cost when she tasted the cream from the cup-cakes Daddy had bought for them, and Daddy had punished her for it. Sarah was sore for days afterwards, but she masturbated thinking about it for several nights as well and this was as much a turn on as was the spanking. Continue reading

Acting – A Lesson

Part 1: The first lesson

“But where are Nev and Eddie? If they’ve gone to the pub…”
Helen walked across the stage, looking up at the stairs that led off to the green room. She swept her blonde hair back from her face and stared expectantly up the steps, frowning.
“If they’ve gone to the PUB…”
A dark haired girl dashed out, looking flustered.
“Oh God, sorry!”  She looked apologetically at Helen. “Shh! The kids are asleep up here!… Can you tell Eddie to come up… No, sorry – Have you seen Eddie… No…”
“LINES!” yelled the director, a tall, striking man in his early fifties.
“I’m sorry,” wailed Patsy, as some of the other actors muttered under their breath. She was the only one who didn’t know her lines; the rest of them had worked hard to learn this play, and it was generally felt that Patsy was holding up rehearsals.
“Right, everyone take a break!” ordered the director.  “Patsy, get the kettle on.”
“Yes, Robert,” she said and rushed into the back room to get away from the cast. Continue reading

The Tourist

Arriving at the station, the train from Palermo had made good time making up for the wait Katie had had getting through customs. She always hated that part of a holiday, Airports. But she had arrived at her destination, the ancient city of Agrigento on the southern coast of Sicily. Stepping out of the air-conditioned train she felt the heat of the mid day sun hit her. She had been to hot countries before so this was not new to her. Walking quickly across the station concourse she made her way to the exit, pulling her travel suitcase behind her, her trusty travel suitcase, almost a friend you might say. They had been together since her first trip abroad, Spain. God that was a nightmare. How long ago was that? Almost 15 years ago. She vowed after that experience never to travel in a group, she liked her own company doing her own thing, seeing what she want to see. Since then her suitcase had been her only traveling companion. Continue reading

The Client

Opening the door Kay stepped into the room, looking around she quickly took in the fixtures and fittings. This will do she thought, better then she had expected.
She had been to plenty of hotel rooms but never a Travel-lodge, why she thought they would be any worse then the others she had no idea.
Kay stepped further into the room looking for items and areas of the room she could use.
Good solid chair, nice large flat seat. Her eyes continue to take in the room, to her right was a dressing table come desk, the chair in front of it, a large double bed to her left, headboard set away from the wall, good. Decent section of wall without anything on it or by it. On the opposite wall a door, must be the on-suite. This will do she thought as she placed a little black bag at the end of the bed. Continue reading