We have ways of making you talk!

Since Clive & Sarah met, their relationship had taken a new course, not satisfied with just sex, although that was amazing, they had talked about role play. Sarah was very keen on expanding their “repertoire”. Spanking had taken on a new meaning with the introduction of Katie, she was Sarah’s alter-ego and she can be a very naughty girl, this she found out to her cost when she tasted the cream from the cup-cakes Daddy had bought for them, and Daddy had punished her for it. Sarah was sore for days afterwards, but she masturbated thinking about it for several nights as well and this was as much a turn on as was the spanking. Continue reading

Role Play

It was midweek and Cass was round at Michael’s for the evening. Usually they got a takeaway, or Michael’s favourite, chips, on a Wednesday, because they were both at work all day, so Michael was confused when Cass produced a homemade meal of stew and mash.
“How have you had time to do this?” he asked, curious. She mumbled something. Cass was clearly trying to avoid the question. “Cass?” he demanded, “weren’t you at work?” He looked at her. She was blushing.
“I got sent home,” she confessed. Continue reading