Turn it down!

“Can you turn it down?!” snapped Cass, her head in Michael’s lap as they watched a film.  Michael turned it down.
“Not that much!” she complained, “I can’t hear it now!”
Sighing, Michael adjusted the volume and reached over Cass’s head for some popcorn.  “Don’t eat it all, I’m here too you know,” she complained.
“Just stop whining will you?” he said. He’d made them dinner, got her a drink and they were now enjoying a film, or trying to, but she was complaining. Cass moved over to her own seat in a huff. She hunched her shoulders and when he put out a hand, she moved away.
“If you don’t stop complaining” he said softly, “I’ll turn you over my lap right now and give you a good spanking.”
Cass, who normally enjoyed being over Michael’s knee, didn’t answer. Her face remained sullen and she stared ahead at the telly.
“I’ll make your bottom bright red if you keep acting like a brat!” Continue reading

The Joys of Viagra Pt1

Cass woke from a strange dream and looked at the clock. Not quite time to get up…She stretched out. Her pussy had a dull ache. It felt sore and slightly swollen. The result of last night. She smiled to herself. She and Michael had fucked for ages, longer than normal. Michael had decided that he wanted to fuck for hours on end, so he’d got himself some of those pills – and boy did they work….She would need to take it easy today. Typically though, the swollen sensation down below was making her aroused, as was thinking about the night before. Cass put a hand down and stroked her clit… Continue reading