Worship – Part 1

Cass is not a greedy girl but she knows what she likes and so when she and Michael first realised they liked each other, it was only a matter of time before they were sending messages all night saying what they’d like to do. This became photos, that were swapped discreetly to give each other a teasing look into what would become theirs to touch, kiss, and hold. Cass sent cheeky pictures of her peach-like bottom and breasts, which Michael adored, and in turn he sent her increasingly revealing pictures of himself. Cass was delighted, when he sent a photo showing his naked body and beautiful hard cock. Not only was it hard, but it was quite perfect. Cass hadn’t seen more cocks than many other girls, but she knew enough to be sure she was looking on a thing of beauty. Michael was blessed both with length and girth, namely, he had both a large and thick cock, with a rather delicious head and neat, smooth balls. Something, Cass thought, that most girls could only dream of touching. Continue reading